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Tallpack International bv

Tallpack International bv

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Tallpack International is your dedicated supplier for end-of-line systems. From standard machine to custom made installations can be realized.
Not only can Tallpack International supply fully automatic packaging lines with machines as stretch foil wrappers, strapping machines (for PP, PET and steel strap) and stretch hood machines, we also supply manual packaging aids (strapping, wrapping).

To complete our services we can also supply the consumables for your packaging needs and keep your equipment up to date with our 24/7 service.



    ITA 24 and 25 exist in three operating versions: Full automatic, semi automatic and manual.
    The full automatic operating version tightens, seals and cuts by pressing one button.
    Al three variants can be operated with only one hand. With extra battery for more straps.

    These hand-operated devices do not require electricity and are perfect for processing PP and PET straps. The devices are light, easy to control and easy to use.

    Due to the use of special techniques and materials, these compact manual strapping machines can even be used without balancer or other suspension system. The two straps are inserted together, and two rails make sure both straps are correctly aligned. Sealing is based on innovative vibration technology.

    • tension 2,500 - 5,500 N
    • weight 3.9 - 4.1 kg
    • strap widths 13 - 19 mm
    • strap thickness 0.5 - 1.3 mm
    • strap quality PP - PET

  • Horizontal stretch wrapper in modular system

  • Tallpack International develops bagging machine for powders

    Tallpack International has developed an FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) bagging machine for bagging powders. Weighing and dosage take place via a screw/weigh system in combination with a screw transporter that enters the bag vertically and starts filling from the bottom. The bottom of the bag is shaken by an adjustable shaker during the filling process, so the product is firmly compacted; this improves the bag's filling capacity. By puffing out the seal before welding, one is able to get a perfectly closed FFS bag. The machine is able to fill bags with up to 50 kg of product.

    Tallpack International is able to offer the whole process - weighing, filling, labeling, palletisation, wrapping or stretching hooding on pallets - in turnkey format. This means customers have a single point of contact when establishing and maintaining the whole line. A single supplier means everything is quickly available and that service can be planned effectively.

  • Stretch Hood machines

    Tallpack International supplies three types of stretch hood machines for a range of applications. The Power Flex T1, the Multi Flex X1 and the Multi Flex XL. All three have specific properties for extra capacity and flexible pallet formats. The advisers at Tallpack International will be pleased to discuss your packaging needs with you, and highlight the solutions Tallpack International can offer you.

  • Tallwrapper Wrapping Machines

    To pack your products in the most efficient way, Tallpack International offers you a wide range of the best Tallwrapper wrapping machines.

    From manual wrapping up to complete automatic lines, we want that you are satisfied about your wrapped products or pallets, Our specialists can help you to find the best solution for that.

  • Strapping machines

    Tallpack International is specialist in steel and plastic strapping systems with a wide range of strapping tools and standard or “custom” made strapping machines.

    Our strapping tools and machines are applicable in all kind of industries like warehousing, distribution but also metal, brick, building, wood, corrugated, can and glass bottle industry etc.

    Your requirement and wish is our goal to satisfy. Our specialists will give the best advice for solving your problem in an efficient and economic way.

  • Strapping Machines Manual

    Tallpack International is specialist in steel and plastic strapping systems with a wide range of strapping tools and standard or “custom” made strapping machines.

    Our strapping tools and machines are applicable in all kind of industries like warehousing, distribution but also metal, brick, building, wood, corrugated, can and glass bottle industry etc.

    Your requirement and wish is our goal to satisfy. Our specialists will give the best advice for solving your problem in an efficient and economic way.

  • Grip Sheets

    Tallpack International as a specialist in this field is able to advise you and supply with the right products to avoid cargo damage and financial lost for you and your customers. Our sales managers can inform you more about this product and if you want we can setup a testing for you.

  • Tallstretch Stretch-Hood film

    The main characteristic of the Tallstretch-Hood is its elasticity with very high restoring forces. These common components guarantee a maximum stability of your packaged goods and best possible transport protection.

    Thanks to a sophisticated raw material combination and the special layer structure this film guarantees greatest possible elasticity coupled with high extensibility and interruption-free machinery clearance.

  • Tallstrap Steel Strap

    Tallpack International has a full range of high quality steel strap for use in manual tools or for use in automatic steel strapping machines.

    The strap is available in bright, blue, black and zinc coated conservation. We have basically 4 different types of steel strap Regular duty, High tensile strap, High elongation and Lashing strap. All straps are waxed to guaranty a good sliding factor in your tools or machines.

  • Tallstrap Plastic Strap

    Tallpack International has an excellent program in plastic strap for use with hand tools (hand grade) or for fully automatic machines (machine grade).

    To make the right choice for the strap in combination with your application, we can support and advise you.

  • Tallstretch

    "Tallstretch" film is specially developed for use on wrapping machines, provided with a “Powered pre-stretch” film carriage. Once using “Tallstretch” film you will realize serious cost saving per wrapped pallet and reach more stable packed pallet.

Product news

  • New generation of arm-based stretch wrappers maximises focus on market needs

    The lowest possible cost per packaged pallet, considerable film savings and more stable pallets using less m². These are the main characteristics of Tallpack International's Tallwrapper 2202 series of arm-based stretch wrappers, which not only meet the needs of the market but also comply with the norms of the future.

  • Higher load security for products on pallets

    Load securing is an important consideration for manufacturers. Every day, accidents take place due to sliding or toppling loads, or worse still, due to overturned lorries. And this results in dangerous work situations, reputation damage and an increase in costs.

    What does this mean for you?
    Up to May 2018, loaders were obligated to secure loads in accordance with clause 22 of the STVO, to prevent them from sliding, falling off or toppling over, also during emergency stops or sudden evasive manoeuvres. However, emphasis has now changed under new EUMOS norm 40509, which aims to maximise load security in the most efficient manner. It shifts responsibility to loaders and packers for the way in which pallet-based loads are safely stacked and secured. Under the new legal norm, load suppliers are obligated to deliver stable loads and provide proof of stability if necessary. It also assigns a completely new status to tertiary packaging.

  • Tallpack International demonstrates Grip Fix

    "Stacked bags on pallets Pallet-based loads can be stabilised using Grip Fix® palletising glue. Grip Fix® anti-slip glue is water-based and free of chemical solvents. The glue is not only suitable for paper bags, polyethylene bags (PE) and polypropylene woven bags (PP), but also for boxes and trays."

    Grip Fix® is applied to boxes or bags in small amounts before the package is palletised. This is done via the Bag Fix® application system. The pallet will be stable after a short drying time and this stability will be retained once products have been stacked on the pallet. The secret: high shearing force, but very low tractive force. The pallet load does not slide, but can still be easily removed from the pallet. Grip Fix® does not leave residues.

  • Clear Grip

    An anti-slip-sheet variant features a strip-based coating, making it possible to process anti-slip sheets better automatically. The amount of coating used remains the same, because of which the anti-slip effect achieved is the same too. The other variant features a polyester sheet instead of a paper one. This PET Gripsheet is watertight and airtight, crack-free, transparent, washable and, in respect to the photo paper variant, many times lighter.
    Tallpack International specialises in securing loads. Armed with the unique anti-slip materials developed by Tallpack International, the financial losses and dissatisfied customers that ensue when loads are damaged become a thing of the past. Sales representatives from Tallpack International are always pleased to advise customers on the best products for their needs and to work with them to test the best solutions for the product in question.
    In the food sector it is particularly desirable that products can cool, dry or degas on the pallet. Perforated foil has been available for this purpose for a while. Tallpack International has now developed a module for rotary table wrappers where foil is cut on the foil carriage. The same result can be achieved as well as costs being saved.
    The right combination of foil and application yields a result that makes it possible to save both time and the packaging costs incurred. Tallpack International would be only too pleased to arrange a meeting with you to discuss your options, which could also be demonstrated at its showroom in Geldermalsen. If required, a Tallwrapper can be installed on a trial basis.

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