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Inteqnion BV

Inteqnion BV

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Inteqnion is an innovative and dynamic company, which is specialized in design, manufacture and implementation of control systems in the processing industry.

With more than 20 years of experience in the processing industry, Inteqnion is an experienced and reliable partner, which delivers state of the art customized solutions.

The process control systems of Inteqnion are in use with producers all over the world.

Many of these systems are computer controlled and technical supported by modem or internet connection from our office in Holland.

The solutions Inteqnion provides are characterized by solidity and reliability; Inteqnion stands for quality.


  • MES software Batch Explorer

    Batch Explorer is a modern and very comprehensively software package, which is developed by Inteqnion especially for the batch processing industry. By means of the easy and synoptic menu structure, it is very easy to control your processes quickly and efficiently. Batch Explorer is already implemented in numerous of installations all over the world and has proven to be very reliable and stabile. It can be used for both small and big plants.

    The program is developed with standard software and has an open structure, which makes it easy to adjust to the customer wishes. The Siemens WinCC SCADA package is used for all visual displays.

    Batch Explorer uses the Microsoft SQL database. This software characterizes by its powerfull, professional and stable database, which is used in the most complex and demanding environments.

    Batch Explorer is build as a modular program. In this way the program can be developed and added to according to customers requirements.

    The following modules are available:

    •Weigh bridge
    •Batching (dosing / grinding / mixing)
    •Pelleting (incl. thermal treatment, boa control)
    •Bulk outloading
    •Tracking & Tracing
    •Several interfaces with recipe programs and office automation.

    Now available in Dutch, German, English, French and Russian. Programs can be printed in other languages on request.

  • SCADA Visualisation

    The SCADA system of Inteqnion enables you to visualise the production process. It will give you an visual overview of the complete plant.

    From one or more screens your operators can monitor and control the entire production process. All general settings are visualised on screen and are adjustable by mouse and keyboard. It is also possible to monitor and control specific processes on the work floor via Touch screens.

    SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. This software enables you to collect, forward, process and visualise Data from measurement and controls of machines and complete installations.

    The SCADA system is build up from one or several computers with SCADA software. The SCADA system facilitates the exchange of measurement data / information, the visualisation of information to the operator and the control of the system and the processing of measurement data into reports or alarms.

    Inteqnion uses Siemens WinCC for the SCADA visualisation and the connection of Data between the PLC and Batch Explorer (MES) software.

    Inteqnion + SCADA -> We improve your visibility of your process

  • PLC Engineering & Programming

    Machines or small components of the process are usually driven by PLC’s in industry. Inteqnion can supply you with the PLC, including the customized software. The PLC control system operated by Inteqnion, ensures you of a solution that allows your machine and/ or production process to function optimally. Of course, we can also integrate the PLC systems in a total solution with SCADA, MES (Batch Explorer) and HMI.


    PLC, SCADA, HMI and MES (Batch Explorer) programming is daily business for our software specialists, both for simple and complex solutions. Adjustment, expanding and maintenance of your existing PLC control is also possible.

    We take into account your requirements and specifications by delivering custom-made software. This enables us to offer a reliable and quality solution.

    Inteqnion uses mainly Siemens 300 and 400 series PLC’s in combination with several brands of Remote I/O.

    Inteqnion + PLC -> We improve your control over your process

  • Panelbuilding

    Inteqnion has over 20 years of experience in the engineering and building of PLC control panels As soon as all drawings are completed, we can start with the build of the control panels.

    We offer a wide range of solutions for our customers: from panels using conventional relays to panels incorporating high tech computerized automation using bus systems to communicate.

    Inteqnion offers the following solutions:

    · PLC control panels
    · MCC panels
    · HMI / Operator panels
    · Field equipment & cabling
    · Testing

    Since Inteqnion supplies panels to be used worldwide, we only use high quality components from A-brand suppliers, which are easily available globally.
    Our cabinets and individual components meet the stringent requirements written in the European EN 60.204 and IEC 60364 norms, hence safety is guaranteed.
    Before any panels leave our workshop they are always thoroughly tested for safety and functionality. Meanwhile various components like frequency converters can be tuned by us.

    Inteqnion + panel building -> We improve your control over your process

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