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M.C. TEC is a growing source for a wide range of instrumentation and measurement solutions for the industry. With our long-term experience in our chosen field we offer more than just instrument sales. A strong commitment to service and support means our customers choose us with confidence, knowing we can help them get the most from their investment.
Our dedicated support team provide installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair services. Whether just certification of instruments or in depth maintenance contracts, M.C. TEC’s time-served engineers are VCA safety certified and fully committed to providing the required service. Whether at your factory site or in our fully equipped workshop, service is not simply another department, it is our way of thinking.
Our product range includes instrumentation for measuring material properties, colour, radiation, moisture, refractive index and much more. Expert advice from our experienced sales advisors will ensure your requirements are met with the best options available on the market today.
At M.C. TEC service is not a department, it is our way of thinking!


  • UR24 Process Refractometer

    The UR24 digital refractometer is a stand-alone unit designed for simple installation in-line or in a tank or vessel. It continuously measures concentration and displays and outputs the result in °Brix or % concentration. It also features a user programmable scale for specific applications. The UR24 will signal to the process when concentration is outside of specifications or has reached its target end point.

  • XRF elements analyzer

    The Genius III XRF comes in various Models. The Genius XRF can be calibrated to work for various applications. Mineral Exploration and Surveying, Alloy Analysis, Precious Metals Analysis, ROHS/WEEE Analysis. For further information, please view our brochure or request a quote.

  • Concentration measurment in-line

    For moisture (concentration) measurement in liquids, a microwave or radio frequency technique is the best way to measure the concentration or dry substance. The microwave technique is based on the principle that microwaves are absorbed by water. This technique for concentration measurement is very suitable for liquids and slurries like milk, molasses, coffee solutions, creams etc.

  • Moisture Sensor RF

    The technique used for moisture measurement based on radio waves uses the principle that radio waves are damped and shifted in phase by different materials. This is due to the fact that every material has its own dielectric constant (electrical conductivity). This method is called RF (Radio Frequency) technique.
    We supply handheld meters, on-line and at-line process sensors. We also supply a system for measuring the complete moisture profile of boards. Applications for our radio frequency systems are found in producing building materials like gypsum boards, wood boards, fibre plates and also in the food industry - for example caramel measurement.

  • Radiation Measurement

    Our radiation measuring instrumentation is used in various markets. In the recycling, waste, environmental and metal industry our handheld meters and portal monitors are used to detect and search for radioactive sources and contaminations. Our instruments comply with all European regulations.
    Research institutes, hospitals, government and the nuclear industry are other important markets where our personal dosimeters, handheld meters, spectrometers and portals are used. For detecting radioactivity and accurate dose rate measurements we supply equipment for accurate, fast and reliable measurements.

  • Paper Testers

    For quality control and for determining material properties we offer a full range of testing instruments. For example tensile testers, thickness meters, fibre analysing equipment and many more.
    Within this range of instruments the category for the evaluation of pulp, paper and packaging has an important place. We have a comprehensive catalogue available with information about all the possible tests for this industry.

  • Moisture Sensor NIR on-line

    For moisture or dry substance determination of powders, granulates and solids, the NIR measurement technique is often the most practical method for fast analysis. This technique is based on the principle that a specific wavelength of infrared light is absorbed by water. Within seconds our laboratory and at-line instruments determine the moisture percentage of a product. Our on-line sensors measure directly real-time continuously and makes direct process control possible.
    In addition to moisture measurement, this technique is also capable of measuring for example fat/oil and protein levels in a product. The most common applications are found in the food, wood, paper, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, but in many other industries we have solutions when it comes to moisture measurement and control.
    Our systems are based on two different NIR techniques. The first one is a filter based technique where a pre-defined set of NIR filters are used to measure at fixed wavelengths. The second technique is a full spectrum measurement. We are able to advise which technique and instrument is the best solution for your application.
    For complete profile measurements over the width of a web we use a scanning system. The scanning system can carry sensors to measure moisture, base weight, ash, colour, opacity and formation.

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