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TBMA Europe bv

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TBMA are specialists in Powder Handling and Process Engineering for the design, supply, installation and commisioning of bulk handling components and systems.
Components and installations have been called for design and manufacture of equipment for storage, conveying, dosing, feeding, and mixing of dry solid raw materials.


  • TBMA Pneumatic conveying

    Pneumatic conveying is a TBMA speciality. In this area there are many different system possibilities. TBMA can offer you all known types of systems: dilute- and dense- phase pressure conveying systems, vacuum-conveying systems. All TBMA pneumatic conveying systems can be supplied with a "Closed loop" option which give you the opportunity to re-use conveying gasses, like for example nitrogen, over and over again.

    The TBMA range includes blowers, material handling fans, suction- and pressure units up to complete pneumatic conveying installations for various capacities and conveying distances.

  • TBMA Rotary Valves

    TBMA has more than 50 years of experience in the application of rotary drop-through and blow-through valves in the international process industry. From high demanding hygienic to heavy industrial applications and from hi-end rotary valves to simple dust locks. Also, we gladly offer our expertise if you need something out of the ordinary.

  • TBMA Pneumatic Transport

    PIAB has a remarkable program of innovative industrial vacuum conveyors that offers new possibilities for an efficient conveying of all kinds of powders, granulates and flake shaped products. Due to the integrated COAX® technology the units are very compact.

  • TBMA Sampler

    For dependable quality control, TBMA offers you a complete line of automatic sampling systems. These samplers will give you and your customer a consistent, representative product sample of what you receive in bulk, process in plant or ship. Products sampled include granules (homogeneous and non-homogeneous), flakes, powders and pellets, Automatic samplers are capable of taking accurate samples from dilute or dense phase pneumatic conveying lines, positive or negative, vertical or horizontal, tanks, silo's, bins, gravity chutes, etc.

  • TBMA RD Two Way Diverter Valve (Flap Type)

    Designed to meet the pneumatic conveying industry's requirement to route powder, pellets or granules from a product source to two receiving points with minimal pressure drop. The RD diverter valves find their application in the conveying of non abrasive, free-flowing products. RD type diverters are designed to suit simple two-way diversion in pneumatic conveying systems operating at pressures up to 1 bar.

  • TBMA Two Way Diverter Valve

    The dual channel diverter valve type TWD is designed to divert or combine solids in powder or granular form in pneumatically operated pressure (dilute, dense phase) and vacuum conveying handling systems.
    These diverter valves are used in more heavy duty applications especially in situations where short switching times are required. Dual channel diverter valves are standard designed for a max. system pressure of 2 bar.

  • TBMA Galahad Bag slitting and emptying system

    The Galahad fully automatic bag cutting and emptying system has been TBMA's optimum bulk transfer solution for cutting and emptying various types of bag materials for more than four decades.
    The Galahad ensures continuous dust-free and hygienic emptying of the bags with a residual value between 0.01% and 0.05% for smooth-running products. The system can directly fill a bulk truck or be connected to a pneumatic or mechanical transport system.
    Depending on the characteristics of the product and the design of the bags, capacities of up to 50 tonnes per hour can be achieved. The standard version is good for a capacity of 20 tons per hour.

    For smaller components, TBMA has various dust-proof bag dumping cabinets, which - mobile or otherwise - can be integrated into a Big-Bag unloading installation.

  • Big Bag Filling and Weighing System

    TBMA offers you a modular range of Big-Bag filling systems from which the basic models can be equipped with several options to obtain a complete solution for filling and weighing Big-Bags. With the TBMA modular systems unstable, poorly filled and unstackable bags belong to the past.

  • TBMA Loading Shute

    Dust-free outloading
    The outloading of bulk goods is associated with the risk of creating waste and dust as well as the danger of explosion. These risk can have a negative impact on both the environment and work safety. Furthermore it entails a considerable loss of product and extra costs for cleaning and maintenance
    TBMA can offer you an extensive range of dust-free outloading solutions suitable for any loading task like
    ship-, train-, tanker- or truck loading.
    By using TBMA / Moduflex loading chutes the dust hazard of bulk loading is reduced efficiently. A large line
    of products is available within dust-free loading systems consisting of telescopic tubes, bellow feeders, filter bellows, and specially developed equipment to suit the materials and capacities to be outloaded. It handles a large range of products from cement, lime, fly ash, plastic granules, coal up to grain, flour, sugar etc. for stockpiling, ship, road and rail tanker loading.

  • Big Bag Discharge System

    Big-Bag discharging systems are specifically designed for discharging a large variety of products from different types of Big Bags. They eliminate dust emissions, product loss or product contamination. This modular range encompasses the discharge of single or Multi-trip bags, with or without plastic liner. Also a number of unique options are available for the safe and hygienic discharge of food ingredients, pharmaceutical products and toxic materials

Product news

  • Galahad Bag emtying machine (Hessian bags)

    The “GALAHAD” has been used over several decennia for the continuous and dust free emptying of almost all single and multi-ply bags. Paper, plastic, large, small, heavy or light in weight, the “GALAHAD” cuts and empties these bags without problem. A bag emptying capacity of 50 tons per hour can be achieved dependent upon the flow characteristics of the product and the construction of the bags. The standard machine is capable of achieving an emptying capacity of 20 tons per hour.
    TBMA is constantly looking at ways to further develop the Galahad to satisfy her customers’ requirements. The modifications to allow the emptying of woven polyethylene, polypropylene and hessian sacks is a good example of this development programme. This has led to the supply of Galahad bagslitting and emptying machines for the handling of sugar (25 to 50kg bags), wheat bran (50 kg bags) & coffee beans (65 kg bags).

  • Rotary valve with air seal and intergrated flow control

    TBMA has developed this special seal, based on an air purge-seal, with a monitored gas flow.
    It prevents that product leaks out of the process;
    It prevents oxygen entering the process.
    The seal is electronically controlled and monitored and generates an alarm when a flow deviation is measured.

  • Pi-flow: Compressed air driven pneumatic conveying system of Piab.

    The piFLOW®p is designed for modularity and flexibility across many industrial segments. The piFLOW®i and piFLOW®f Series are designed for applications
    with lower sanitary demands where stainless steel 304 is sufficient.

  • S-AX dust lock ex stock delivery

    Made from GGG50 Smart-Lite ™ nodular cast iron, which is stronger and much less brittle, making it more resistant to shock loads than conventional cast iron. Consequently, this valve has a very low installation weight of only 60,5 kg (standard version).
    The S-AX is suitable for applications with a differential pressure up to 500 mbar and can be used as an autonomous protection system up to 2.5 bar for products in dust class S1 and S2. (optional)

    Need a dust lock in the short term? Let us know:

  • Moduflex: Truck and Ship loading chutes made by Cimbria.

    Cimbria has launched a new series of loading chutes, the A-serie. This serie has been developed as a result of a market demand. The A-serie, combines the properties of existing series of loading chutes with the robust design and capacities of the existing ship loading chutes with a lower weight.

  • Introduction H-AR 400

    TBMA introduces the H-AR 400.

    TBMA has developed the H-AR 400 rotary valve to bridge the gap between the H-AR 350 and H-AR 500 models.
    The H-AR 350 displaces 58 litres per revolution whilst the H-AR 500 model displaces 110 litres per revolution.
    With its rotor capacity of 90 litres the H-AR 400 rotary valve nestles perfectly between these two models.
    The H-AR 400 is available in the same executions as the other H-AR valves and can be produced in cast iron or stainless steel, or cast iron with internal coatings such as chromium, nickel or tungsten carbide.
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