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B+L Industrial Measurements

B+L Industrial Measurements

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69123 Heidelberg

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Electronic controllers for industrial weighing equipment and for process weighing systems, with the best support: B+L controllers for dynamic weighing machines – made in Germany – are the most versatile, extremely durable, and lead the European market in filling controllers.

In partnership with Hardy Process Solutions, we bring you reliable and efficient controllers and further components for process weighing systems. Discover the unique features of our American partner’s instruments.

Secure your success with our controllers, the right accessories, and our fast and competent support, which is always available to you.

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  • Central Weighing Terminal

    New Central Weighing Terminal

    B+L Industrial Measurement announces the release of a new user weighing terminal that works in conjunction with up to 16 filling controllers. Aimed at automated system builders the new terminal reduces costs and complexity by eliminating the need for individual user interfaces and displays at each weighing head.

    Bag filling in the 1 to 50 kilogram weight range will often utilise multiple filling heads in a linear or rotary configuration. Setting-up these heads and monitoring them usually means control panels with keypads and displays at each of the filling points. The new Central Terminal (CT) from B+L operates remotely via Ethernet meaning each filling head can be set-up and operated from the CT.

    A 7inch touch screen display enables the CT to show a graphic representation of the filling system. This makes selecting a filling head and adjusting its weight parameters very straightforward. If all the filling heads are targeting the same weight then this is entered once and sent to all the controllers saving time. If this is not the case then each filling controller can be programmed and function independently.

    IP65 front panel sealing and its ability to operate in temperatures between -10 and +60 degrees Celsius means that the CT works well in any typical filling environment. However its ability to act as a central communication hub means it can be sited outside the filling area and away from the rotating machinery if so desired.

    As a leading manufacturer of filling controllers B+L Industrial Measurements has developed this product following customer demand. Utilising this feedback and years of experience the company’s engineers have produced a product that fits this application precisely. It offers the machine builder or system integrator significant hardware cost savings and programming time. In addition it offers their customer operational benefits in the way of reduced set-up time, quicker product change-over and reduced operator training.

  • Hardy: Up to 30 channels, fast and stable - the HI 6600-Series

    The HI 6600 series is a modular system of weight processors that deliver up to 30 channels of fast, stable, high-resolution weight readings to PLCs, PACs and DSCs over a single fieldbus network. Ideal for applications that require more than one channel of weight, such as inventory tank farms, batching systems and multi-head filling machinery; each channel of the HI 6600 processes signals from up to four connected load cells then outputs the entire system’s weight data over EtherNet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP or Profibus-DP.

  • Hardy HI6500 4-channel-process weighing module

    HI 6500 series are EtherNet/IP® enabled weight processors with a Rockwell Add-On-Profile. They have a big, bright multi-channel display and deliver fast, high-resolution weight readings. They also feature alternative communication options. Weight
    processors are used as front ends to control systems or standalone for all types of general weighing applications. They measure, condition and communicate weight without any need to control.

  • Filling controller miniPond 3F

    Novel direction for bagging: miniPond 3F

    The new bag filling controller offers typical B+L accuracy in a smaller package

    Those who integrate weighing instruments from B+L Industrial Measurements in their installations, do so to ensure their weighing systems perform reliably and with high repeatability. Now the manufacturer from Heidelberg, Germany introduces the new miniPond 3F, a custom-made controller for bagging machines in the intermediate performance level. The miniPond 3F will be presented at the Schüttgut 2014 in Dortmund, Germany. The quality and reliability of the filling performance of the miniPond 3F is completely at par with that of its “older brethren” from the Minipond series, the SWA2000M and -C. With their total dedication to the filing process, and their refined filter adjustments the Minipond controllers offer unequalled accuracy and repeatability for the filling operation.
    Its “Remote Terminal” - enabling control from anywhere via an Ethernet connection, its very fast learning curve and its insensitivity to noise make the miniPond 3F the filling controller of choice for requirements below the high-speed range.
    „For machine-builders, a B+L module offers competitive advantages from the quotation all the way to a life-long low cost of ownership. We therefore developed a controller, which offers the typical B+L qualities for smaller application requirements“, is how B+L managing director Leo Baartmans motivates the miniPond 3F.
    In addition, the fast and competent B+L support is always there to assist machine builders and end users alike with detail questions.

    Starting in 1968, B+L has considerably advanced the development of microelectronics in weighing technology. As part of the Bran+Luebbe group, the company rose to market leadership with products such as DATApond and Minipond. Now an independent company again, B+L offers the proven, evolved instruments and interesting new developments.

    B+L Industrial Measurements GmbH
    Hans-Bunte-Straße 8
    D-69123 Heidelberg
    Telefon: +49-6221-772-0

  • Upgrade kit for filling controllers

    Upgrade Kit

    Second life for your filling and batching systems with the modern, pin compatible upgrade kit; for a fast and easy modernisation of your Datapond 85 to the current 2000 series models.

    Connect pins - Parametrise - Calibrate - Done!

    Your advantage:

    Second life for your filling and batching system - State-of-the-art controller wihtout expensive investment in a complete new system.

    Easy user interface - Plain text display helps the operator with
    menu navigation and error indication.
    Easy, quick upgrade - Pin-compatibility for quick and easy startup.
    Higher functionality - Extra functions of the new generation usable. (e.g. Improved controllers, printer/processor link,
    Profibus connection)

  • load cell tester LCT-Ultimate

    LCT Ultimate - The ultimate load cell tester

    The LCT-Ultimate is the most comprehensive testing device for load cells. This easy to use, hand-held device enables the scale user or technician to trouble-shoot his weighing system on-site. Within a few seconds, the LCT-Ultimate provides a clear answer to any doubts, or satisfies the operator that his load cell is faultless. It is capable of identifying just about any defect in all types of strain gage-based load cells, including the most elusive cause for load cell failure: reduced isolation resistance between the strain gages and the body or the screen.

    Strain gage load cells are used in most electronic weighing systems. They are highly sensitive devices, which can measure minute weight changes with signals smaller than one microvolt. Load cells can be damaged by a multitude of influences, such as:
    -mechanical overloading, as caused by shock loads or vibrations;
    -electrical overloads, sometimes caused by lightning
    -moisture ingress or chemical influences – corrosion
    -cable damage
    LCT-Ultimate Defects caused by electrical overloads or by moisture can go undetected for a long time, whereas they can affect the load cell performance by erratic shorts. Now, the LCT-Ultimate measures all actual values of the load cell in question, thereby pointing to the probable causes. In addition, the LCT-Ultimate can show a continuous signal reading, to check linearity and repeatability. Testing can be performed with the load cell in place, or after the load cell was removed from the system. Now, the user can verify the condition of his load cell even after it was condemned.

  • Weight controller HI4050

    Hardy HI4050 Weight Controller
    This weight controller / weight indicator acts as a front end to a PLC, PC or DCS system for most weighing applications, or as a stand-alone for simple control or weight monitoring.
    Modularity – Configure the HI 4050 weight controller to suit your applications:
    - Specify it with or without a display
    - Choose either AC or DC power
    - Add some Digital I/O
    - Select a communication network: DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, Allen-Bradley Remote I/O, Profibus, Modbus TCP/IP, or Analog
    Choose between a panel/remote mount, a DIN rail mount, and a wall mount. With a display, you choose either to panel mount the entire assembly, or to mount the controller housing assembly remotely.
    Ease of Installation – Installation is easy, with no special tools or expertise required. Just drill five to nine standard holes in your panel, and attach the front panel keyboard display. There is no rectangular cutout required. The controller housing can be attached to the rear of the panel or remotely up to 100 feet away to a DIN rail. Need to replace an HI 2151/30WC or HI 2110WI? Just drill four holes and plug the HI 4050 controller in.
    Small Footprint – The HI 4050 Series controller is designed to optimize panel space and depth is only 76.2 mm (3 in).
    Ease of Set-up – By using its embedded web server, you can access the weight controller remotely to control information, instrument parameters and diagnose problems. Front panel keys and graphic display with simple menus provide quick easy setup with process weight and parameter display.
    Accessibility – The embedded EtherNet communications port in the HI 4050 weight controller enables users to easily share data across a production facility, eliminating the time and costs associated with new network wiring.
    The HI 4050 weight controller includes Hardy's core features:
    - Expandable Secure Memory Module (SMM®-SD) to automatically store configuration data, and easily transfer it from one weight controller to another
    - C2® Electronic Calibration without test weights
    - INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN® to troubleshoot and diagnose your weighing system
    - WAVERSAVER® to eliminate surrounding vibration and obtain fast, accurate weight readings
    Available options:
    - EtherNet/IP
    - DeviceNet
    - Modbus TCP
    - Analog
    - RIO
    - Profibus

  • Weighing electronic CSC 25 IMN

    CSC 25 IMN
    Calibratable weighing electronic for automatic scales with serial host interface or Profibus

    The CSC25-IMN includes all basic weighing functions required for use for legal trade with automatic scales (Weight display, approved totalizer). The instrument supports an automatic dosing sequence for one component with coarse/fine feeding, free fall compensation and totalizing. A fast switch-off of less the 2ms provides high accuracy of the final weight.
    EC Type approval and OIML R61 up to 6000d
    Configurable weighing range multi-range or multi-interval scale
    Separate operator panel bright 7-digit weight display
    calibration and parametrizing via dialog
    4 operation modes non automatic mode (truck scale), filling, dispensing, bulk loading
    Automatic free fall compensation for coarse and fine cut-off
    Alibi Data Storage stores up to 32000 single weights or sums
    Process IO 8 outputs (24VDC/0.2A), 8 inputs (24VDC)
    Serial Interface for data and control of the automatic sequence
    Fieldbus Profibus DP
    Fast installation compact size, DIN-rail mounting, screw terminal wiring
    High reliability SMD-Technique, no battery

  • Filling controller SWA 2000-C

    SWA 2000-C
    Compact bag filling controller with Multi-Regulators
    - universal use
    - high precision and high filling speed
    - versatile assistance for initial startup, optimizing and bugfixing
    - integrated PLC function
    - simple usability with alpha numeric display
    - MID certificate
    - alphanumeric operator panel, operation and parameterizing in plain text
    - 4 languages
    - configurable weighing range, multi-range or multi-interval
    - configurable regulators functions: mass flow dependent coarse/fine correction, free fall correction (statistic / classic), batching time regulator
    - weight/material type pre-selection: 32 sets of fill parameters, selectable via inputs or dialog
    - different operation modes: filling, palleting, intake/outloading operation
    - monitoring: parameters, status, errors and filling results of the last 10 check weighings, statistic data
    - up- and download of all parameters
    - statistics: collection of check weighing data
    - 16 inputs / 16 outputs, 24VDC, short-circuit-proof
    - integrated PLC function: programmable IO via PICONTROL with STEP 5 compatible programming language
    - communication: serial interface for printer, computer link, remote terminal, Profibus DP
    - easy and fast installation: DIN rail mounting, screw terminal wiring

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