Shop Nordic 2016 - Kistamässan, 13 - 14 April 2016

The top retail event focusing on interior design and store concept

The 2015 inspiring seminar programme featured an impressive line-up of high-profile industry experts and innovative brands presenting helpfull tools helping you in your company growth.

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Wednesday, 4/13 kl.7.30 - Scene 2

Thomas och Åsa

Åsa Tönne and Thomas Brenemark

Breakfast meeting marketing managers 

Breakfast seminars with the marketing managers

Listen to Thomas Brenemark when he talks about his experiences in daring to start a new business. He gives advices on how to have the courage to be the person you want to be and have the business and brand you have dreamed of. 

Also hear Åsa Tönne, the experienced communicator that got cancer, when she gives words of wisdom and inspiration for the life we get to live. 

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Wednesday, 4/13 kl. 09.00 - Scene 1


Aleksander Fonn Naess

Marketing Director – Coca-Cola Enterprises Sverige




Adapting to a changing retail environment


Celebrating 130 years this year, the Coca-Cola brand is as relevant today as it was when it was first introduced to Sweden in 1953. With the fast changing consumer habits, new trends, new products and the effect this has on our shopper behavior – what steps does Coca-Cola make to adapt to the changing retail environment?

Wednesday, 4/13 kl. 09.15 - Scene 3



Lars Welin



Predictions for the future  

Today there is a lot going on in the retail industry in Sweden. During this seminar, Icanyheter will guide you through the current state of the retail chains as well as predicting the future. What retail chain will be the winner 2016? 

Wednesday, 4/13 kl. 09.30 - Scene 2


Pia Karlsson

Founder and owner PIA Consultant, Security Consultant of the Year 2014


Pia Karlsson, Security Consultant of the Year in 2014, provides you with knowledge that reduces wastage and increases profitability by capitalizing on existing resources in the store. Using simple methods, knowledge, joy and imagination, you can create a safer working environment in the store whilst safe wastage. Get the knowledge of how the seminar with Pia. 

Wednesday, 4/13 kl. 10.00 - Scene 1

SHOP Nordic

Jeff Porter

 Founder of Porter Digital Signage Consulting, Digital Signage expert

Content is king! Digital signage best practice

Jeff Porter is one of the industry’s leading experts in digital signage and is the founder of Porter Digital Signage Consulting.  From business planning, to sales and marketing and technology choices, Porter has been helping his clients get all the moving parts of digital signage in alignment for success.  Prior to heading his own consulting business, Mr. Porter was employed by Scala, Commodore, Bell Labs and Eastman Kodak. Jeff Porter, Digital Signage expert

Wednesday, 4/13 kl. 10.15 - Scene 2

SHOP Nordic

Christer Olsson

Speaker, coach and inspirator.

Digital tools in your management

What does it mean to use digital tools in your management? Possibilities or threats? Listen to this seminar to develop your management skills and keep yourself updated! 

Wednesday, 04/13 at 10:15 - Scene 3


Matz Gustafsson


The human in the digital commerce

In the omni channel, we broaden the e-commerce services to customers. Customer ratings, availability and quick delivery are competitive means constantly evolving. How does this affect the physical store's future missions? This seminar is about the physical stores' adaptation in omnikanalen, both in hårvara and software.

Wednesday, 04/13 at 11.00 - Scene 1

SHOP Nordic

Klara Wistam

WorkShop The Retail Agency 

Secure your retail concept

 Understand your current time and future. What trends should you know within retail to secure your content for success? Klara Wistam from the WorkShop retail agency will guide you to an exciting future full of possibilities. 

Wednesday, 04/13 at 11.15 - Scene 3

Martin Deinoff

Martin Deinoff

CEO at Itch Digital Innovations Lab

The Digi-Physical world    

Before we got to choose between the physical or digital world. Moving between these worlds was a tough job and meant a lot of problems. Today, our society is developing towards a merge of the digital and the physical. Martin Deinoff will explain how marketing, sales and offers will get effected by the digi-physical world and that we now have to get used to robots, cyborgs and digital assistants.

PS. During the lecture, Martin will make insert a chip in someone in the audience and create an upgraded customer 2.0. 

Wednesday, 04/13 at 11.15 - Scene 2

Maria Smith ICA

Maria Smith

Manager Environment and corporate social responsibility at ICA

How can we help our consumers live more healthy and environmental friendly?

How can you help your customers live a environmental friendly and healthy life? How can you help them make the best choices while buying food? Listen to ICA’s examples what challenges and possibilities today’s companies are facing.

Wednesday, 04/13 at 12.00 - Scene 1

Alastair Dalziel Pow

Alastair Kean

Group Development Director at Dalziel-Pow, brand- and retail design, London

What makes an engaging brand?

We live in an age where brands increasingly battle for attention as they face greater and more diverse competition across the globe. With this in mind, the thriving brands of tomorrow are those that are now focusing more on ‘why’ they do what they do and ‘how’ they do it, while striving to deliver this story in ever more captivating ways. From this session you will learn why engaging consumers through unique brand experiences is more important than ever and explore some core themes that make an engaging brand and contribute to the thriving brands of tomorrow.

Wednesday, 04/13 at 12.15 - Scene 3


Yaroslav Shevchenko

Aroma Marketing Sverige™  

Scent Marketing in practice

To experience the customer in the store plays a crucial role in purchasing behavior is nothing new for either the marketing director of a large international company or the owner of a local merchant. Working with sound, light, taste tests, and more to capture the customer's attention and create a sensory experience. It most often forget to take the picture's scent. But how important is it and what can a scent experience to bring in a retail environment? Where does the phenomenon of scent marketing from and how does one succeed in scenting the right way? All this and much more will be touched in a learning seminar on scent marketing and how it works.

Wednesday, 04/13 at 12:15 - Scene 2

Rusta - Göran Westerberg
Ann Carlsson, Apoteket

Dagens Handel

Interview with Göran Westerberg, CEO Rusta and Ann Carlsson, CEO Apoteket

Rusta is expanding and keeps opening new stores in both Sweden and Norway. Listen to Rusta’s challanegs and success story in the interview with Ylva Åkesson from Dagens Handel. 
This interview is followed by Ann Carlsson, CEO apoteket. 

Wednesday, 04/13 at 12:45 - CONFERENCE ROOM

Åsa Andreasson
Kreativa Kvadrat

Åsa Andreasson

Kreativa Kvadrat

 Visual Merchandise VIP Lunch

 Listen to Åsa Andreasson, manager of the interior design company Kreativa Kvadrat having more than 20 years of experience in the business, especially within IKEA. Register to the lunch seminar here.

Wednesday, 04/13 at 13:15 - Stage 3

SHOP Nordic

Christian Lindqvist 

Creative Director at Visual Art 

Create value with Digital Signage

Digital Signage is place based digital communication boasting great potential for unique customer experiences as well as driving sales. This new screen media is gaining popularity rapidly but most companies make the mistake of focusing solely on technology. At Visual Art this premise has been successfully reversed.

By looking at the brand, customer experience and the organisation, we aid our clients in making the right investment. This process is also key to create value for both our clients and their customers. In this presentation we get unique insights on the value of place based digital communication and its great potential for the future.

Wednesday, 04/13 at 13:30 - Stage 2

Susanne Einhorn

Susanne Einhorn

Inspirator and Sales Expert 

Happy clients and happy sales people - Make your store a selling dream factory 

Listen to 5 hot tips on how you can get improved and measurable result. Enjoy pictures and stories from the success expert Susanne Einhorn. 

Wednesday, 04/13 at 14:00 - Stage 1

Scott Bedbury

Scott Bedbury

Retail Expert

Retail Strategy

Scott Bedbury kommer att diskutera hur man bygger ett framgångsrikt varumärke från grunden. Han kommer att dela strategierna och de kreativa koncepten som gjorde Nike framgångsrikt där Just Do It-kampanjen som leddes av Scott, redogörs. Frågor som diskuteras är:

  • Hur hittar man de mest värdefulla kundinsikterna?
  • Hur skapar man kreativa varumärken som inspirerar hela organisationen?
  • Hur blir man en framgångsrik storyteller med en röst som fungerar över flera kulturer? 


Wednesday, 04/13 at 14:15 - Stage 3

Anders, HL

HL Display

Anders Lautmann, Manager Sweden  

Automatic front feeding solutions reduces working hours and increases sales

The majority of purchasing decisions are made in the store. Unfilled shelves and holes in the shelf is not wanted. The store staff spend much of their time refilling and front facing while wage costs going up. What is automatic front feeding solutions in terms of labor savings and increased sales? How can the time better be used? What is the payoff time (ROI) out of investment in automatic front feeding solutions? For real?

Anders Lautmann, Country Manager Sweden from HL Display will go through this topic and show examples and case studies. Peter Norell, Hypermarket, Coop Forum Värmdö, participates and talks about why he has invested in automatic front feeding solutions in the store and how he takes advantage of the reduced working hours.



Wednesday, 04/13 at 14.30 - Scene 2


Annika R Malmberg Hamilton

Success expert, lecturer and author

Lighter Fluid - The art to be on fire without burning up 

How can you reach success? Learn how to be in charge of how people see you. Listen to the success expert, speaker, and author Annika R Malmberg Hamilton inspiring session at the event. 

Wednesday, 04/13 at 13:00 - Stage 1


Jens Nordfält

Dean of the Center for Retailing at the Stockholm School of Economics

Client's decision-making shop

Jens North Field, Doctor in-store marketing and expert on shopping behavior from the School of Economics in Stockholm a lecture about how the customer decides to shop. With the experience of Blantyre ICA, IKEA mixed with foskningsresultat shows Jens on how you can better understand customers and get them to make the decision you want them to take - a purchasing decision. Jens Nordfält, Dean of the Center for Retailing at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Wednesday, 04/13 at 15.00 - Scene 3

Helena Schmidt

Helena Schmidt

Marketing strategy, retail developer and consultant 

Retail secrets – how to sell more to more people

How can you build a successful retail concept and brand? What can we learn from other markets? Helena Schmidt discusses the truth and myths and shares her intentional experiences. 

Wednesday, 04/13 at 15.15 - Scene 1

Sarah Page

Sarah Page

Creative Director & Partner at Household 

Building great, experiential retail brands customers love and come back to

How can retailers create market-leading experiences in-store? Household and food wholesaler Musgrave Group answered this question for two of Ireland's biggest brands: SuperValu, the market-leading supermarket, and Centra, the leading convenience retailer. Hear how Household and Musgrave responded to the changing food culture with pioneering retail destinations that really connect with customers, communicating a clear expression of the brand in retail to drive breakthrough sales growth.    

Wednesday 13/14 at 15.30 - Scene 2


PEO Eriksson,

CEO, Daymaker

How to create a better customer experience

Daymaker are experts in customer meetings and is the Nordic leader in measuring, analyzing and helping its customers improve their customer relations in different channels. The selected method can test Daymaker help their clients to go from insight into customer interaction to focus and concrete action in order to create change. Daymaker can help all companies and organizations that meet customers in industries such as retail, service, sales and public service. Daymaker working with the service throughout the entire customer cycle - from the entrance to the checkout counter.

Wednesday, 04/13 at 16.00 - Scene 1

SHOP Nordic

Ola Sars 

VD & Founder Soundtrack Your Brand (Spotify Business)

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How Spotify Business makes the music as a competitive advantage for stores

  • More than 85% of the Nordic customers believes that music are important and sees themselves as music fans
  • Music effects the brand and the shopping experience – there are proof of that music has a positive effect on sales
  • Spotify Business is the only platform in the world that can make sure you play the right music, at the right time for the right people! 


Wednesday, 04/13 at 16:00 - Stage 3


Jens Nordfält

Dean of the Center for Retailing at the Stockholm School of Economics

How digital signage affects customer behaviour 

Jens North Field, Doctor in-store marketing and expert on shopping behavior from the School of Economics in Stockholm a lecture about how digital signage affects customer behaviour. With the experience of Blantyre ICA, IKEA mixed with foskningsresultat shows Jens on how you can better understand customers and get them to make the decision you want them to take - a purchasing decision.

Wednesday, 04/13 at 16.15 - Scene 2

Fredrik - Ung Cancer
Ung Cancer

Fredrik Sandevärn 

Market and event director at Ung Cancer 

Fuck Cancer

The charity organization Ung cancer works for young adults between the ages 16-30 that has cancer. They aim to improve the conditions for the target group and change the perception of cancer. The organization is founded through Ung Cancer’s web shop and the selling of the colorful pearl bracelet. Ung Cancer is very active in social media and has more than 20 000 followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Fredrik Sandevärn at Ung Cancer will share his thoughts and tips on how companies can strengthen their brand by corporate social responsibility. 

Wednesday, 4/13 kl.17.00

After fair party

After fair with Soundtrack Your Brand

Join the after fair party jointly held with Soundtrack Your Brand, official supplier of Spotify for business. Enjoy networking, food, drinks and live music! 

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