Shop Nordic 2016 - Kistamässan, 13 - 14 April 2016

The top retail event focusing on interior design and store concept

The 2015 inspiring seminar programme featured an impressive line-up of high-profile industry experts and innovative brands presenting helpfull tools helping you in your company growth.

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Thursday, 04/14 at 08.00 Scene 2

Tobias Rönnberg

Tobias Rönnberg

Consult at HUI Reserach and project manager för the unique data base SSCD (Swedish Shopping Center Directory) 

Breakfast seminar HUI Situation check - Shopping centers 

HUI Research Shopping Center Survey is the only continuous mapping survey on turnover and development of shopping centers in Sweden. 

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Thursday, 04/14 at 09.15 Scene 1

Jim Collin
Mall Of Scandinavia

Jim Collin

Manager ÅF Lightning, Sweden

Discover the lightning in Mall Of Scandinavia, join a guided tour in the mall together with Jim Collin. Sign up here

Lightning solutions in Mall Of Scandinavia

Jim Collin has worked as a Light Design Project Manager for Mall Of Scandinavia since 2010, started at WASP and later ÅF. Sensational lighting ensured the Mall of Scandinavia opened its doors to galvanic effect with the nordic light as starting point. ÅFs lightning team has made the light design solutions for all public areas including functional lightning in the underground garage to the extravagant lightning settings at the entrances.

Could it signal a new age of lighting-oriented retail design?

Photo: Mall Of Scandinavia by Mikael Silkeberg

Thursday, 04/14 at 9.15 Scene 3

Carin Blom Post Nord

Carin Blom

Retail Analytics, Post Nord 

The seamless buying journey

The customers’ buying patterns has been revolutionizing by internet and the development of the cellphones. Now customers can consume where, when and how they want to. The buying journey is getting more individual and unique, which is a challenge for companies. How the Swedish buying journey does looks like and where are the Swedish retail companies in this development? 

Thursday, 04/14 at 10.00 Scene 2

SHOP Nordic

Christer Olsson

Speaker, coach and inspirator.

Digital tools in your management

What does it mean to use digital tools in your management? Possibilities or threats? Listen to this seminar to develop your management skills and keep yourself updated! 

Thursday, 04/14 at 10.00 Scene 3


Matz Gustafsson


The human in the digital commerce

In the omni channel, we broaden the e-commerce services to customers. Customer ratings, availability and quick delivery are competitive means constantly evolving. How does this affect the physical store's future missions? This seminar is about the physical stores' adaptation in omnikanalen, both in hårvara and software.

Thursday, 04/14 at 10.15 Scene 1

Åsa Andreassson
Kreativa Kvadrat

Åsa Andreasson

Interior Designer Kreativa Kvadrat 

The latest interior design for retail

What are the trends 2016/2017? New meeting places and life styles destinations is being created and the stores are becoming more than just stores. Fashion and interior design is being combined with flower, art, design, workshops and restaurants. The stores inspire and surprise us with new experiences. Åsa is managing the interior design company Kreativa Kvadrat and has more than 20 years of experience in the business, especially within IKEA.

Thursday, 04/14 at 10.45 Scene 2


Vanessa Leporati Wahlund

Lecturer, leadership consultant, Insights Discovery consultant and coordinator for the future Stockholm Fashion District in Nacka Strand



Acquire gold position

Satisfied customers are buying more. They come back next time and they tell me about you and your business to their friends. Acquire gold position! And if you already have a view to developing it further. Listen to Vanessa Leporati Wahlund, sales expert who will guide you to your customers leave you satisfied and happy and with full shopping bags! Vanessa Leporati Wahlund, with its 30-year experience in the retail trained and coached sellers, managers and various types of teams for improved performance and increased personal insight.

Thursday, 04/14 at 10.45 Scene 3


Robin Pettersson

CEO at Teveo and more than 10 years of experience with digital marketing 



A deep dive into Digital marketing – How do you build customer relations online?

Robin Pettersson helps companies like Stena Line and Löfbergs with their digital appearance. He is a lecturer at IHM Business school, Handelsakademin and Nowa Academy as well as responsible for training Google and Almis in their latest investment “Digitalakademin” 

Thursday, 04/14 at 11.15 Scene 1

Magnus Agervald

Dagens Handel

Interview with Byggmax CEO Magnus Agervald

Byggmax is a finalist in Retail Awards 2016: the store of the year. Listen to the CEO when he is being interview by Dagens Handels chief editor Magnus Agervald.

Thursday, 04/14 at 11.30 - Scene 2

Annika R Malmberg Hamilton, success expert, lecturer and author

Mona Riabacke

Fil.dr. i risk- & beslutsanlys



Make the decisions you make (and how to make them better)

Thoughtful lecture about how people make decisions. Mona takes her audience on a journey into the decision-making fascinating world and guides us to wiser decisions. Making decisions is something we all do - all the time and some of those decisions is determining how well we succeed in achieving the results we set up - on the job and in life. In her lecturer Mona gives her audience a greater understanding of the importance to make informed decisions and not let our fears get in the way. With an increased awareness and a greater knowledge about ourselves, we become better prepared for tomorrow's decision - the rest of our lives.

Thursday, 04/14 at 11.30 Scene 3


Magnus Olausson

COO, Quinyx



From Spotify to retail inspirer - The new revolution will take place within HR

Magnus Olausson was hire number 37 at Spotify and he was an important part in revolutionizing the music industry. Today Magnus works as COO at Quinyx, a company that offers a modern web solution for Workforce Management

Thursday, 04/14 at 12.15 Scene 1

Oyvind Reactor Retail

Øyvind Nystad

Reactor Retail



The customer journey is the key

Øyvind Nystad, from Reactor Retail tells the audience different methodics to understand the different retail concepts. He will touch different cases, everything from Nike to Dnb to Coop, and Kronans. 

Thursday, 04/14 at 12.15 - Scene 2

Annika R Malmberg Hamilton, success expert, lecturer and author

Bengt Nilervall

Payment Manager, Svensk Handel



Tabs on your money

The cash changeover takes place between 2015 - 2017. Thus, the current banknote change is in full swing. What impact has it had on the trade? Is this the last cash changeover in Sweden? What can we expect forward in terms of cash and other payments? Bengt Nilervall, Payment Manager, Swedish Trade

Thursday, 04/14 at 12.15 Scene 3

Martin Deinoff

Martin Deinoff

CEO at Digital Innovations Lab

Digital Innovation

Our world is changing faster and faster. The digital revolution has changed the rules on the market for all players. If you want to survive the competition you have to innovate faster in order to succeed and you have to set the digital technique first.

Martin Deinoff will talk about how companies can succeed with their digital innovation by using some standard powers, and how to put the customers’ experiences first. 

Thursday, 04/14 at 13:00 - Stage 3

SHOP Nordic

Christian Lindqvist 

Creative Director at Visual Art 

Create value with Digital Signage

Digital Signage is place based digital communication boasting great potential for unique customer experiences as well as driving sales. This new screen media is gaining popularity rapidly but most companies make the mistake of focusing solely on technology. At Visual Art this premise has been successfully reversed.

By looking at the brand, customer experience and the organisation, we aid our clients in making the right investment. This process is also key to create value for both our clients and their customers. In this presentation we get unique insights on the value of place based digital communication and its great potential for the future.

Thursday, 04/14 at 13.00 Scene 2

Elliot Piper ID24

Elliot Piper

VP of Marketing, ID24

The changing face of Retail, Customer loyalty and Digital trends

Listen to the seminar with Elliot Piper, a Retail expert and VP Marketing at ID24. Elliot is working with retailers globally implementing innovative strategies and solutions to exceed customer loyalty and CRM. The changing face of retail, customer loyalty and digital trends will touch upon the various projects ID24 have with Calvin Klein, Kesko and also what´s happening in the wider space globally.

Thursday, 04/14 at 13.15 Scene 1

Mats Forsberg

Mats Forsberg


The future of retail 


Listen to the CEO of URB-IT, Mats Forsberg, when he explain and predicts the future of retail. 

Thursday, 04/14 at 13.45 - Scene 3

SHOP Nordic

Jeff Porter

 Founder of Porter Digital Signage Consulting, Digital Signage expert

Digital signage - intro and best practice

Jeff Porter is one of the industry’s leading experts in digital signage and is the founder of Porter Digital Signage Consulting.  From business planning, to sales and marketing and technology choices, Porter has been helping his clients get all the moving parts of digital signage in alignment for success.  Prior to heading his own consulting business, Mr. Porter was employed by Scala, Commodore, Bell Labs and Eastman Kodak. Jeff Porter, Digital Signage expert

Thursday, 04/14 at 14.15 - Scene 1

Jonas Arnberg Svensk Handel

Jonas Arnberg,

Cheif Of Finance at Svensk Handel 

The big retail change – how the digitalizing and new goods are changing the fundamental conditions for retail

Jonas Arnberg used to work as Chief Of Consulting at HUI research and as senior consultant at United Minds, following the development of retail for 15 years. Jonas believe retail will change for than ever the upcoming years and he will describe this change during his seminar. 

Thursday, 04/14 at 14.30 - Scene 2

Michael Cronholm HUI

Michael Cronholm

Consulting Cheif HUI Research



Retail status

What’s the status of retail in Sweden, what effects the development and how’s the future? 

Thursday, 04/14 at 15.00 - Scene 1

Jens Levin, Sitoo

Jens Levin

CEO at Sitoo

The comeback of the local store

 E-commerce and physical stores are converging and the way we are shopping is changing. First the e-commerce was a threat to the physical and local store, now it’s the opposite. Stores that combines the local with the digital are the consumers’ favorites.