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agrarzeitung solids dortmund

agrarzeitung is the leading cross-media business medium for forward-looking farmers, consultants and agricultural traders. It explains and brings to life agricultural policy, business news, market and price developments in regional and international trading centres, as well as information on professional farm management. The journalists and correspondents report impartially every day from among the regions, from Germany and from Europe. Always topical, unfailingly getting to the heart of the matter.

AT Europe

For over 50 years now, AT MINERAL PROCESSING Europe has been informing engineers in Europe on developments and problem solutions in mechanical process engineering for mineral resources. All process stages, e.g. comminution and agglomeration, screening and classification, material transport and storage, are discussed with regard especially to both technical and economic aspects. The trade magazine is printed in German and English throughout.

The bauMAGAZIN is one of the leading trade magazines for the construction industry. It is getting circulated all over Germany and German-speaking European countries with a monthly edition of 18.500 units on average. The topic preparation is effected up-to-date with product novelties, construction site reports, interviews, company portraits, business news or »on-site« appointments (»on-locations«) by our editors. Furthermore you can find the bauMAGAZIN at all important exhibitions reporting about the current news.

Brücke zu Ungarn Solids Dortmund

The Feliciter Publishing House publishes economical magazines in different languages, e.g. in German. Our German language magazine, the „BRÜCKE zu Ungarn”, in which one can read about the economical cooperations, the economy and the possibilities of Hungary. You can meet the offers of Hungarian companies, too, who could be your future business partner. Do not miss the possibility! Please do not hesitate, read our brand new and previous magazines online.

BulkInside is the leading global business resource and website for powder and bulk solids handling professionals. You can rely on BulkInside for the latest information on technology solutions, equipment and industry events, to do your job more efficiently. If you are not yet receiving our E-newsletters and are interested please join our mailing list today at


bulk-online - The Powder/Bulk Portal is the worldwide leading information center for all aspects of powder & bulk solids handling & processing. Of special interest are:
- eDirectory search engine
- News & Discussion Forums (Latest Discussions; News from Industry)
- Who is who in the community
- Bulk-Blog
- Bulk-Videos
According to this website is No. 1 of all worldwide powder/bulk portals. More information:


BULK is a professional trade journal for the Dutch speaking community in the Netherlands and Belgium. The magazine is published seven times a year, with a circulation of 6,000 copies, of which about 20% is distributed in Belgium. Bulk magazine is HOI-registered (i.e. has a certified circulation). The topics covered can be divided into three categories: Internal transport (pneumatic conveying, belt conveyors, elevators, etc.), Storage (silos, big bags, packaging, etc.) and Unit operations (grinding, sieving, mixing, etc.). The articles have a technological, application-oriented approach.

cav chemie anlagen verfahren is a magazine that provides applicationoriented and practical articles, reports, interviews and product information  about processes, systems, apparatus and components for the chemical and pharma ceutical industries. It also covers IT, instrumentation, control and automation technology, analytical technology, packaging, storage, materials flow. Topical economic and company reports together with reports from research and science complete the range of information it delivers. Website:



CEMENT INTERNATIONAL reports in comprehensive technical articles on the latest research results, new technical processes, machines, equipment and the products produced as well as practical experience with their operation and application. In addition, articles, reports and short notifications show readers the current trends in science, technology, product- and market development. As a result, the journal is a ‘must’ for all those concerned with the cement and binder industry.

CHEManager International: New Name, Same Quality, Extended Range
CHEManager International (circulation: 20,000 copies, frequency 10 issues/year) and its B2B portal supply executives of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry with in-depth information on market trends and technical developments.

Chemie Ingenieur Technik

The journal Chemie Ingenieur Technik is Germany’s premium source for chemical engineers and biotechnologists. It reflects the transfer of basic research to applications, therefore, it is highly relevant for both, academia and chemical industry. Special issues collect the state-of-the-art of current research topics. Chemie Ingenieur Technik selects and improves articles applying the peer review system which guarantees the reliability of the published information.

Chemieproduktion ist das deutschsprachige online-only B2B Prozesstechnik Portal für die chemische Industrie mit Schwerpunkt Chemieproduktion und Chemielogistik für Entscheider und Führungskräfte. Das Fachportal berichtet täglich über aktuelle Branchennews und Produktneuheiten, Case Studies, Whitepaper rund um Verfahrenstechnik, Anlagenbau, Apparate, Komponenten, Industriearmaturen, Automatisierungstechnik, Verpackung, MSR, Thermoprozesstechnik, Rohrleitung und Dichtungstechnik. Specials beleuchten die Themen Industrie 4.0, ATEX, Explosionsschutz, Powtech, Schüttgut und SPS IPC Drives.

Magazine for decision-makers: CHEMIE TECHNIK is the processing technology magazine for management and investment decision-makers working in chemical plant engineering. • Top exclusives: Every month, CHEMIE TECHNIK features practice-related technical articles and short reports by selected authors on topical subjects from more than 20 different fields. • Focus on CHEMISTRY: The subjects covered include every range of products relevant to processing, planning, construction, operation and maintenance of chemical plants. In addition, the reports provide comprehensive coverage of every development and innovation in these areas.

- i.e. technical papers and information i.a. from bulk material technology
- i.e. largest subscription circulation in its field for executives, process and chemical engineers
- i.e. official membership organ of VDI-GVC and DECHEMA

dei - die ernährungsindustrie is the leading trade magazine for the entire food and beverage industry. It offers application and practice-oriented articles, reports, information and product information about processes, systems, apparatus and components for foodstuff processing. Other themes include basic foodstuffs and additives, packaging technology, materials flow and logistics as well as the full range of measurement and automation technology and IT for this industry. Topical economic and company reports complete the coverage. Website:


EML - Erste schweizerische Fachzeitschrift für das Material-Management:



EuroBulkSystems is a dynamic bi-monthly publication, circulated to over 9000 readers - primarily users of bulk processing systems - throughout Europe. The magazine reports on the handling, processing and distribution of powders, granulates, flakes and pellets - as well as, to a lesser extent, liquids and pastes.

Profile: The only technical magazine worldwide exclusively for the sectors: Material Preparation, Compounding, Extrusion, Recycling, Calendering, Thermoforming, Conversation/Downstream Technology of plastics and rubber

Food Technologie, Magazine for Ingredients, Production and Packaging in German is the specialist publication for executives in the German-speaking part of Europe. We report on new marketing strategies and trends in sales and acquisition marketing worldwide, markets for raw materials and additives, innovative technologies, machines and processes, pioneering quality control procedures and packing technologies, as well as questions of hygiene and European food legislation. The articles discuss practical utilizations and are aimed at all commercial and technical executives.

Solids Dortmund 2015 Industriearmaturen

The German journal Industriearmaturen is the leading platform in German language for interchange of knowledge and experience between the suppliers and users of industrial valves. "Industriearmaturen" provides information on valves and their components in the chemicals and processing industries, in power generating plant and thermal process applications, in major HVAC installations, in the water industry, waste water management, in sterile applications and in industry in general.

For more than 40 years, LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK has been one of the leading technical journals for decision makers from all sectors of the food and beverage industries. The magazine is published ten times a year. The excellent reputation of LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK is last but not least the result of up-to-date, competent, comprehensive and multi-facetted coverage. LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK is a high-class source of knowledge and information for professionals with leadership responsibility in food and beverage producing companies, e.g. owners, product developers, plant, factory and production managers. The cross-media technical information service of LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK is complemented by the Internet portal as well as by newsletters on various topics.

lvt lebensmittel industrie

LVT Lebensmittel Industrie is the professional magazine for specialists and managers in the food and beverage industries and the associated packaging and machinery supply industries. The core LVT readers are the decision makers responsible for production and process technology and the packaging of foods and beverages. Top management: proprietors, managers, directors. Middle management: plant managers, technical managers, planning and design managers, purchasing, QM, packaging, logistics and marketing. Technical specialists: engineers, designers, technicians, developers and planners.


The b2b-information portal – also known as, is the leading technique and economy-news portal for industrial food processing. As the only supplier in the German-speaking European market, it offers the full range of all relevant topics for the food & beverage industry with a focus on components for production and filling plants, packaging machines, ingredients, printing and coding systems, inspection technology and quality control. The industry directory ‘Marktplatz’ completes the information range.

Solids Dortmund 2015 Maschinen & Technik

Maschinen & Technik ist eine praxisorientierte Fachzeitschrift und informiert monatlich mit wechselnden Themenschwerpunkten über Neuheiten aus der gesamten Welt der Baumaschinen, Nutzfahrzeuge sowie der Kommunaltechnik. Dem Leser wird ein breites und umfangreiches Spektrum an Informationen über aktuelle Maschinen und deren Einsatzmöglichkeiten geboten. Schwerpunktmäßig werden neue Produktinnovationen und Hintergründe aber auch Dienstleistungsideen und -konzepte zu unterschiedlichen Unternehmen redaktionell hochwertig vorgestellt.

SOLIDS Dortmund 2015 Milch News

The subjects of Milch News are all fields of dairy industry like the production of the several dairy products (yogurt, cheese, butter, whey etc.), technology, dairy lab, ingredients, hygiene, microbiological questions but also themes of marketing and ecology. The magazine is published six times a year.

Milling & Grain

Milling and Grain magazine since 1891. A monthly magazine connected to milling flour, rice, feed, grain storage and handling. Published in 4 languages: Arabic, English, Spanish and Turkish online and in print and distributed internationally. We are patrons of the Mills Archive. Regular features are news, machinery, products, events and interviews. We meet with industry on a regular basis, attending over 40 international exhibitions and conferences a year, putting us in front of those who matter. We organise GRAPAS, CropTech-FeedTech and the Global Milling Conferences.

Muehle + Mischfutter

Mühle + Mischfutter, vereinigt mit dem Österreichischen Mühlen-Markt und dem Schweizerischen Mühlen-Anzeiger, ist die Fachzeitschrift für Getreideverarbeitung und Tiernahrungs-Produktion sowie Verfahrenstechnik im Schüttgut-, Lebensmittel- und Non-Food-Bereich. Sie erscheint zweimal im Monat und bietet dem Leser ausführliche und interessante Fachbeiträge, technische Beschreibungen von Maschinen und Geräten, Veranstaltungshinweise und -berichte, aktuelle Informationen aus Industrie und Wirtschaft, von den Märkten und zu Rechtsfragen, die Vorstellung neuer Fachliteratur und vieles mehr.

Cross-sectoral, tailored to the target group and different reader/user preferences – P&A Perspektive Prozessindustrie offers sustainable information about markets and technologies in the process industry and are a source of inspiration for plant designers and operators. P&A sets a high value on integrating the disciplines process engineering & automation. The new P&A Web Magazine accompanies readers on their way into the future, both mobile and online. Elaborately designed, it highlights the current top topics – far beyond the content of the print publications. Become part of INDUSTR.COM/PuA community right now: www.INDUSTR.COM/PuA

Pharma+Food is the specialist journal for production, equipment and organization decision makers in the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries. Pharma+Food uses application reviews, technical articles, interviews, product information and brief reports to provide knowledge and information to anyone manufacturing under hygiene constraints. With its reader enquiry system, Pharma+Food reaches management and specialists, planners, decision-makers, suppliers of components and systems, and service providers in hygienic processing technology, creating direct lines of contact to investment decision-makers.

Pharmaproduktion is a quarterly trade magazine that offers application-oriented and practical articles and reports, interviews and product information in the fields of production, packaging, management and support in pharmaceutical operations. Topical economic and company reports from the pharmaceutical industry and the manufacturers of the systems and apparatus it uses, complemented by reports from research and science, add to the range of information. The title is aimed at technical management in the pharmaceutical industry and in particular at those occupying senior positions who are responsible for decisions about the sourcing of systems and components for GMPcompliant production. Website:

PROCESS delivers business and technical application-oriented information to keep industry professionals up to date with the latest developments in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. A network of cross-media channels including the trade journal PROCESS, the industry journal PharmaTEC, the international journals PROCESS worldwide, PROCESS CHINA and PROCESS INDIA in conjunction with online platforms, newsletters, databases, mobile websites, events and otherservices provides a central source of process industry information and also addresses the specific information needs of defined target groups.

SCHÜTTGUT is the leading technical journal for bulk materials handling in German language - and provides a cross-media platform for users, system & component suppliers and science. Problem-solving approaches and trends in efficient bulk materials handling are shown - across all sectors of the materials handling industries: building materials, energy, agriculture, chemicals and plastics. Competent. Opinion forming. Connective. SCHÜTTGUT website

Schuettgut-Boerse, the freight exchange for bulk materials, Agri, Recyclingmaterials, Construction and Industry. You have an appropriate vehicle but no appropriate load? YOU CAN FIND THE TYPES OF LOAD HERE: Agricultural Products, Bales, Crop/Grain, Feedstuff, Fertilizer, Liquids/Fluids, Non Ferrous Metals, Soil/Excavation, Stones/Building Rubble, Waste. Do you have a load that needs to be transported within Europe from A to B? YOU CAN FIND THE TYPES OF VEHICLES HERE: Alu-Tipper, Contruction Truck, Pump Truck, Roll-off Tipper, Silo, Skip Loader, Steel-Tipper, Tank-Truck, Tarpaulin-Truck, Walking-Floor.

SchuettgutPortal is a digtial platform formed by a website and newsletter, aimed at the bulk handling and solids processing industry in Germany. Here you can find up-to-date information on companies and products, as well as background information on the field of powder, bulk and solids handling and processing. With the search function you can find information and companies for every keyword. At this site you find information on:
• transport systems, -installations;
• (explosion) safety systems, measurement and control devices;
• storage systems: silos, big bags, bags, etc.;
• unit operations: mixing, blending, grinding, pelletizing, cooling, conditioning, etc.

SILO WORLD is the leading German information magazine for bulk material handling industries. This renowned magazine provides specialists with cross-sector information about the latest trends and solutions in bulk handling technology, mechanical and process engineering problems related to production, processing and transport of granular, coarse and powdery materials. The main topics are conveying systems, storage, processing, conditioning, dosing, process automation, energy reduction, measurement and control technologies, quality assurance and many more.  

Solids Dortmund 2015 Solids & Bulk Handling

Solids & Bulk Handling magazine is the leading title for the loose materials handling industry. Published eight times a year it is editorially independent and well-respected in the sector that it has served for over 35 years. Latest industry news can be accessed via where readers can enjoy the digital edition of the magazine.

Solids Dortmund 2015 solidsprocessing

Solids Processing Benelux is a trade magazine for the industrial processing and handling of bulk goods in the Benelux. It is simultaneously published in print and as a digital magazine. Solids-Processing Benelux is the most extensive and by far the leading trade magazine for the process industry and bulk handling in the Netherlands and Belgium. Trade magazine, e-mail newsletter and website: Magazine: 6 x /year, print 7000 copies, digital magazine: 11.000, total 18.000

The trade magazine for decision makers in the raw- and building material industry.
It has become traditional to use “Steinbruch und Sandgrube” in daily work! The independent special trade magazine for the entire german-speaking market had its centenary in 2007. The editorial demands to the direct efficiency of information for experts in the sector have remained young since the magazine was established. The trade magazine orientates itself by the respective market developments. In addition to new solutions and trends to extract and process mineral resources from primary deposits the processing of construction waste and excavated material has long been part of the coverage. “Steinbruch und Sandgrube” furthermore shows which standards are required from high-class raw materials in the course of the production of building materials. The profile is rounded off with information about transport and logistics.

Sugar Industry - SOLIDS Dortmund 2017

Sugar Industry (70% in English) is the largest-circulation international journal for the beet, cane sugar, starch and biofuels industries, with articles on technical trends in scientific research, application and policy.

VERFAHRENSTECHNIK provides current information on equipment, components and systems for the technical implementation of material conversion as well as applications in the mechanical process industry. Machinery, apparatus and equipment for material conversion are in the focus as well as special measurement and automation technology. Handling and storage equipment such as safety and environmental technology round up the spectrum. Target group: VERFAHRENSTECHNIK targets process engineers across branches in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in the pharmaceutical as well as the food and beverage industries. Website:

With more than 80 years’ experience and a readership of over 23 000 people around the world, World Cement is the leading magazine for the international cement industry. Drawing upon the expertise of cement plant operators, equipment suppliers and market analysts, World Cement provides all the information you need to stay at the forefront of the international cement industry. Environmental regulations, new technologies, greenfield and brownfield projects are all covered in this monthly magazine, which aims to serve the industry as the key platform for sharing best practice.

World Of Mining - SCHÜTTGUT Dortmund 2017

World of Mining - Surface & Underground is published by the GDMB. This international bilingual mining journal developed out of the journal "Braunkohle", which was founded in 1902 and also amalgamated with the journal "Neue Bergbautechnik" in 1993. Since 2004 World of Mining - Surface & Underground has included the mining section of the former journal ERZMETALL. The reports in World of Mining cover the entire pallet of raw material extraction through mining. This includes geology of deposits, planning of mine installations, extraction, hoisting and transport, processing and use, as well as recultivation and land rehabilitation. A main theme of the journal is brown coal mining. In addition to original specialist articles and technical reports, the journal informs readers about new developments from the industry, changes in personnel and events relevant to the sector.