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Sircatene Spa is a chain manufacturer founded in 1972.
- 4 workshops in Italy and France
- Complete range of chains and chain accessories
- «All In House» complete manufacturing process


  • Drop Forged Chains

    Reliable even under extreme conditions, Sircatene forged chains are used in many industrial sectors for conveying materials. Designed to work with heavy loads, they are resistant to wear and chemical agents.
    Over the years, Sircatene has developed significant know-how in manufacturing forged chains and so cutting-edge production and technological plants within a production facility are dedicated exclusively to it.
    The use of welding robots and qualified staff ensure accurate execution, mechanical quality well above standard and consistent performance over time.

  • Conveyor Chains

    Our range of Sircatene conveyor chains features many products created from experience, manufacturing capacity and the technological innovation of Sircatene.
    The conveyor chains are available in a wide range of versions, with solid pins, hollow pins, extended pins, with or without rollers, with deep link and different types of attachments, to find the best solution for conveying any material.
    The high mechanical quality, the use of a strong riveting system of anti-rotating flats and bushes, treatments with specific depths, ensure high chain breaking load and service life above the standard
    The chains available are made of different materials: case hardening steel, hardened and tempered steel, and stainless steel.

  • Special Chains

    Specialist Sircatene chains are designed by our technical team according to customer's requirements and represent efficient and effective solutions for transmitting power and handling of any kind of material, from the most fragile to the most resistant and heavy.
    Our highly qualified technical staff of Sircatene work with cutting-edge production facilities and a quality lab for internal testing. We also collaborate with the Politecnico di Milano and the most qualified external labs.
    The technical staff of Sircatene analyse every customer request and conduct a study to propose the best solutions, from the selection of materials, heat and surface treatments, to the complete execution of the product.

  • Traction Chains

    The range of Sircatene lifting chains comprises numerous products, both standard and customized such as Galle chains for sluice gates and dams or leaf chains for handling forging ingots that reach temperatures up to 1000°C.
    The handling and lifting solutions specifically studied by Sircatene technical staff ensure high performance and quality.

  • Scraper Chains

    Designed to convey granular and powder materials or material resulted from transformation processes, Sircatene scraper chains can be used on a regular basis in many sectors from agro-food and chemical industries to waste disposal and recycling plants.

    The chains can be equipped with different types of scrapers: bent, welded, double bent, and can be fitted with cleaners made of plastic.

    Made with a strong riveting system, pins with anti-rotation plates, and treatments with specific depths, all of which ensure performance, loading capacity and service life well above average.

    The chains available are made of different materials: case hardening steel, hardened and tempered steel, and stainless steel.

  • Transmission chains

    The mechanical qualities of Sircatene transmission chains ensure a long life of service and performance in any field of application.
    The anti-rotation flats, the strong riveting system, the treatments with specific depths and the careful selection of raw materials and the checks performed throughout the entire manufacturing process produce a high accuracy chain, with low friction, wear resistant and a service life above average.
    The models available in the catalogue are simple, duplex and triplex roller chains manufactured according to standard ISO DIN 8187; ASA DIN 8188, DIN 8164, rotary chains with offset links.
    Available in different materials, depending on the intended use, the power to be transmitted and the work conditions.
    Specific heat and surface treatments improve the resistance to wear, oxidation and corrosion.
    The chains available are made of different materials: case hardening steel, hardened and tempered steel, and stainless steel.

  • Sprockets and Wheels

    Sircatene provide wheels and sprockets for conveyor and transmission chains, and also engineer large sprockets ensuring maximum precision during mechanical processing.
    Guarantees perfect sprocket-chain fitting to create an efficient and effective, high performance driving system.
    We also manufacture sectors wheels, a high performance and effective solution with a positive impact on the maintenance of the chain system and the machinery. It’s possible to replace only segments that have become worn and so provides significant time and cost savings.

  • Manganese Wear Rails

    Manganese wear rails with central groove in steel X120Mn12

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