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Easyfairs Logo for download

You can download the Easyfairs logo in different varieties. The use of the Easyfairs logo needs to conform with guideline of usage.

Term of use:
Logos and other materials are available for download for third parties, but exclusively for use in connection with SOLIDS Basel 2016: i.e. in reference to own participation or in support of journalistic coverage. The logo is an integral unit and may be used only in the form provided here.
The logo must not be redrawn, deformed or changed in any way and has to correspond to the original draft, which is provided. Other materials are also protected by copyright and may only be used in the above described manner and without any changes.


If you have any questions relating to Marketing and PR please contact:
Ms Ina Sunkel
+41 (0)61 58 808 54
+49 (0)89 127 165 127

If you have any questions relating to operations please contact:
Ms Claudia Huber
+49 (0)89 127 165 210