'For us, SOLIDS Basel is the perfect show because we can meet our ideal customers here and, in general, there's huge business potential. In 2015 the first show day was excellent, with lots of visitors, and the second day was also good; both the quality and the quantity of the contacts were spot-on. Through the guided tours we got potential customers to our stand without having to do much of anything ourselves. That's a real plus!' Bruno Luchsinger, Ciro Graziano, both Technical Consultants/Sales, ROSTA AG, www.rosta.ch

'We've been exhibiting at SOLIDS Basel for several years. This show pays off for us; here we always make very promising contacts and win new customers. For example, two years ago we exhibited our new maintenance software, REMA CMMS, and during the show we won a large new contract. They're still our customer! In 2015 we had very good visitor traffic to our stand, on both days. The guided tours are also helpful for boosting the visibility of our products. And beyond that, the guided tours allow the visitors to get a quick, goals-oriented overview of the most important offerings of the show.' 
Alfred von Wyl, Project Director, REMA-TIP TOP Vulc-Material AG, www.rema-tiptop.ch

'SOLIDS Basel is a trade show that suits us well because it's designed for exactly our target audience. Here, we meet people from the right industries; we generate new contacts and confirm our presence in the market. As an internationally oriented supplier, we exhibit globally at more than 20 shows annually – and that includes SOLIDS Dortmund 2015. Next year we will be back at SOLIDS Basel 2016. We're already signed up!' Frédéric Dietrich, Managing Director, Dietrich Engineering Consultants sa, www.dec-group.net

'We feel well placed here at Solids Basel. As far as we are concerned, there is not any better opportunity in Switzerland for us to present our products. Because of our focus on materials handling, we have traditionally concentrated on the sectors of stones/soil and gravel, but we have also been able to expand to new tasks in other markets. At SOLIDS Basel, we often find this kind of positive stimulus. And furthermore, the quality of the visitors is very good. Most of them come to our stand with concrete questions in hand. Two days are perfect, because it's still do-able with the employee resources we have. And its location in the heart of the Switzerland-Germany-France triangle is ideal. We're thoroughly satisfied.' 
Heinz Staub, Sales Director Switzerland, AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH, www.aviteq.de  

'SOLIDS Basel is a good platform for presenting innovations; experts speak eye-to-eye with company representatives, discussing their challenges together in deep technical detail to come up with potential solutions. The show even allows us to display complex products that you cannot really sell so well by telephone. In short: we observe that in any sales interactions, people would always rather buy from another person; here, personal contacts play an important role. SOLIDS Basel is ideal for us because we can combine technical consultation with customer relationship management.' 
Martin Siegenthaler, Technical Representative, VEGA Messtechnik AG, www.vega.ch

'Thank heavens that Switzerland has a show like SOLIDS Basel! It's exactly the right size and the atmosphere is pleasant but focused. And even if slightly fewer visitors attend than one may be used to from the mega-shows in neighbouring countries, you can still make high-quality contacts, win new customers and exercise your existing networks. That's great! We've already booked for 2016.' 
Roger J. Bürki, EMDE Industrietechnik, www.emde.de 

'We've begun targeting the food sector with our products, because here the demand is higher than from pharmaceuticals. At SOLIDS Basel 2015 we made good new contacts and also met with existing ones. Personal networking is very important in our business; that's one of the reasons why SOLIDS is an ideal platform. I've already signed up for the 2016 show.' 
Paul Wirth, Prodima Mixers SA, www.prodima.ch