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Pipe- and distributing systems in a modular design for
bulk-goods, dust-extraction, outgoing air. D=60- 1600 mm,
powder-coated, galvanized and stainless steel.
ORIGINAL JACOB in larger diameters as a special requirement.

Quality evolution over 90 years
JACOB is the No.1 for modular pipework systems in Europe. Conveying pipe systems for bulk good handling and dust extraction as well as ventilation plants for environmental techniques are the two large scopes for JACOB pipe systems. A simple and fast assembly, innovative developments and high quality standards guarantee the leading position of JACOB within all industries requiring metal pipework in manufacturing processes. Customers are from the food industry, e.g. coffee, cocoa, chocolate, tobacco, sugar, the grain processing, the chemical, pharmaceutical and plastic industry, the car industry, feed mills, the chip industry, machinery, the paper industry or also the industry for building materials.

About 40 representatives in Europe and overseas ensure the proximity to the customers and a continuous growth of the market leader. Subsidiaries in France, Italy, Great Britain and the US are members of the JACOB GROUP.
The headquarters of the worldwide group is located 45 minutes drive west of Hanover in the picturesque town of Porta Westfalica, Germany. Here is also the largest production plant of the group with about 300 employees. The pressing routes and our state-of-the-art laser manufacturing allow mass production with in-house developed tools as well as precise special constructions.
Europe`s largest warehouse of this kind - with more than 6,000 square meters - guarantees fastest availability of all standard items.
More than 5000 different items, worth € 10 million, are always available.
Fast production, right from our semi-finished products store.
Serial production with fully automatic laser welding systems.
Powder coating plant with quality standard electrostatic conductive + FDA approval.
EC 1935/2004 plus FDA - Serial production with most modern and precise, self-developed tools.


  • More Options - The multi-way distributor for optimal transport

    When it comes to handling foods, care is key. JACOB’s FOOD GRADE range sets new benchmarks to optimise your production processes. For example, with its multi-way distributor designed specifically for hygiene-sensitive products, such as powdered milk. As a result, each of its components coming into contact with the product complies with FDA regulations as well as EC 1935/2004, reliably transporting your product to its destination. The system features an extremely high degree of flexibility and can be customised to suit your exact needs. A wide variety of measurement and sensor options are also available for integration.

    Performance options
    • In accordance with EC 1935/2004 and FDA
    • Pneumatic conveying up to 3 bar possible
    • Linished, passivated or electro-polished surfaces (surface roughness < 0.8 μm)
    • ATEX version
    • Integration of measurement and sensor systems as required (pressure sensor, temperature sensor, filling level indicator, flow meter, rotary encoder, pressing control/position control, safety sensor, inspection flap, moisture sensor)
    • Backlog shut-off devices (e.g. pinch valve, ball valve)
    • Joint connections (e.g. hygienic coupling, Triclamp)
    • Interior monitoring with camera
    • Control with bus system

  • More variety - custom colour and surface variants

    The new variety of modular pipework systems from JACOB.
    Choose from over 3000 RAL special colours or take advantage of our textured and high-gloss effects. We now also offer many more functions. Whether UV protection, interior spray mist protection or, from a minimum order quantity, electrostatic conductivity: Simply customise our pipework systems based on your company’s needs.

    More colours
    • Choose from over 3000 RAL special colours
    • Exterior coating thickness approx. 80 μm
    (primer and final coating)
    • Powder-coated
    • Permanent temperature load of -60° C to +120° C

    More options
    • Textured and high-gloss effects
    • UV protection
    • Electrostatic conductivity (depending on amount)
    • Interior spray mist protection

  • Seals with built-in-safety

    The new JACOB DETECTABLE DESIGN line provides increased safety, for example in food production. All products in the DETECTABLE DESIGN line can be detected with customary metal detectors and comply with EC1935/2004 regulations, as well as FDA standards. Should they or even just parts of them accidentally find their way into your production process, for example during assembly, they can immediately be located by a metal detector and removed. Miniscule metallic particles render non-metal elements such as seals, rubber covers and compensators detectable. Look for the DETECTABLE DESIGN sign.

Product news

  • Press Release FOOD GRADE and DETECTABLE DESIGN exclusively in the serial range

    JACOB ROHRSYSTEME will be presenting its new range for hygiene-sensitive products at the SCHÜTTGUT 2015 trade fair. The added value lies in its dual conformity for contact with food and in its detectable seals.
    All components of this pipe system are food grade in accordance with both the European directive EC 1935/2004 and the American FDA. This applies for stainless steel pipes and fittings as well as for the sealing materials used. Seals are also available as metal detectable and visually detectable.

    The assembly-friendly pull-ring connections available include vulcanised sealing rings, which as a result of this are more resistant to tearing and to chemicals than conventional, bonded variants.

    Thus, this modular pipe system represents increased safety in conveying food or other particularly hygiene-sensitive products through the production chain, including in sectors such as the chemical and pharmaceuticals industry. JACOB is the first manufacturer that offers a complete system with these performance characteristics in its range of products.

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    Increased safety through the FOOD GRADE and the DETECTABLE DESIGN series – innovations in the pipe system range are aimed at particularly sought-after performance criteria in hygiene-sensitive production.

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