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Rubitec AG

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4431 Bennwil

From the beginning our activities were focused on the close-to-customer
performance of engineering assignments in plant design
and mechanical engineering.
In 1995 we started developing, designing and
producing of high-tech products for the chemical
and pharmaceutical industries, which are now
serving all over the world to the satisfaction of our

On 1st January 1988 rubitec was founded as a sole
proprietorship. It was transformed into a joint stock company on
1 January 1990.
In the autumn of 1998 we built new office, production and
assembly premises to meet the growing space requirements.


  • SmartDock Advanced

    Contained system to dock and undock big bags
    Big bags have many advantages. No cleaning or checking of cleaning is required; there is no empty container transport and no maintenance on inlet and discharge units. However, one sticking point has always been that it is very difficult to fill and empty big bags without causing the release of a significant amount of dust. The docking and undocking procedure was complicated and could scarcely be performed single-handedly. SmartDock provides a solution to this issue.

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