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NNZ, a multinational packaging specialist for agricultural and industrial markets


  • NNZ the packaging network


    NNZ is your packaging specialist and distinguishes itself through its service, quality and personal approach to its customers.
    With strategically located subsidiaries in different countries we can fulfil the different needs of our customers in respect of purchasing, logistics, warehousing, sales and co-creation requirements.
    With this approach, our Industry unit in the Netherlands successfully completed several projects together with customers in food, seed and chemicals. As a result, our customers benefit from a higher efficiency in the process and corresponding cost savings!
    To name a few projects; we optimized the fabric weight of the customer’s FIBC for the application, realized 100% pallet utilization with a specially developed FIBC, taken over the stock planning from the customer and reduced the number of SKUs.

    We are looking forward to talk to you and review the possibilities for your company.


  • FIBC

    The FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) or Big-Bag is made from woven PP fabric and used for transport and storage of industrial products and agricultural products.


  • PP woven bags

    PP woven bags are ideally suitable for applications where strong and costefficient packaging is requested.

    NNZ is able to supply standard polypropylene woven bags aswell with and without liner. We can supply you with woven polypropylene blockbottom bags with open top or valve, also known as AD*Star bags (Power-Block), an economically attractlve alternative to 3-ply paper bags, offering additional stability and strength.


  • Paper bags

    NNZ develops and supplies a wide range of high quality paper bags for agricultural and industrial customers.
    The portfolio includes block bottom bags with handle and window (film or net), crossbottom and pinchbottom bags for the food and non-food market. PE film and special coatings are recommended for products which require protection against moisture. Reclosable systems with zippers are optional.


  • Film packaging

    NNZ offers a broad portfolio of mono- and multilayer film materials for agricultural and industrial markets.The materials are available as flatfilm, single bags or bags on the roll.


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