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  • Big-Bags (Flexible intermediate bulk container FIBC)

    Big Bags (FIBC) are used for bulk loads of between 500 and 2000 litres. Thanks to their sizes they are efficient and easy to handle. They are widely used for the storage, transportation and handling of powdered, flaked or granular material, fertilizer and wheat, shredder recycling products or construction materials such as sand and cement.
    The bags are made from coated or uncoated cloth and can be stuffed with an inner liner. You can have them as a one way or multi usable bag. Big Bags can be printed. Made of 100% PP, they are safe for food stuff and can be recycled.
    Big-Bags are supplied with a filling valve or a skirt, closed bottom, emptying valve or with a full opening bottom. They come with 4, two or one lifting loops.
    Against building up of electrostatic charge during filling and emptying operations we also supply conductive bags of the type C and D.
    We are also able to supply UN coded bags should your packaging material require an UN Certificate for the storage and transport of hazardous and toxic products.
    The most simple and cost effective solution for the transport of flowable materials are our Liqui-Drums or Liqui-Bags.


  • Bags, woven polypropylen

    We supply woven Polypropylene bags (PP - Bags) for the packing industry with the following specifications: uncoated, with coating on the in and or the outside, with a draw string, with a inner liner even coloured, with eyelets, gusseted and as a valve bag. Depending on the product you wish to fill into the bag, we will deliver tighter or less tight bags. At your request we will UV stabilize the PP -Bags.
    Most of the PP - bags are circular woven into a tube and then closed with a single or double stitched bottom. The bag can also have a top hemming.
    The standard colour of the cloth is mostly white. Should you use a bigger quantity we can match the colour you like. With a print on the bag (multicolour and on one or both sides) you easily convey your advertising message.


  • Bags, paper

    The food industry and the agricultural sector are using paper bags, as well as the chemical, the construction or the textile industry. Paper bags are inexpensive and mostly recyclable. We produce all kind of paper bags, like cross bottom bags, sewn bags with or without gusset, valve bags and bags with PE - coated layers or with liners in LD-PE as well as HD-PE or aluminium, bags made from recycled or other special paper. If the paper bags are treated with an anti slip product, they can be stacked very easily. We can print the bags up to six colours giving you an effective advertisement advantage.


  • Bags, jute

    Still today, the jute bag is irreplaceable for certain applications or uses, as in the agricultural sector, the chemical industries or in the construction business. For a certain time now, we produce special jute bags which meet the highest requirements of the food industry for the filling of cacao, coffee, or nuts. The jute bags can also be printed in several colours on one or two sides. We have many standard sized bags in stock. Our own sewing department can produce specially designed bags within a very short time.


  • Bags, Net / Raschel

    Our Raschel or net bags are available in many different colours and sizes. They are mainly used in the agricultural sector. They are also very handy and an inexpensive packaging possibility for smaller and mid−sized construction parts.
    Taking the colour of the bag you may determine its content. If the bag is equipped with a label you can inform your customers on a simple and effective way.
    Many of our clients use today automated filling stations. We are the supplier of Raschel bags on rolls in different sizes and colours. We can weave a handle into the bag. We keep many standard sizes in stock. Specialities will be produced for you in a very short time.


  • Drums, flexible for liquids

    Our LiquiDrum is the ideal packaging possibility for flowable products up to 225 litres. Unfilled it is completely collapsible and thus very effective for transportation and storage.
    The LiquiDrum is an octagonal drum made from polypropylene cloth with reinforcing and stabilization panels put into the inside pockets. With only a bit of handling the LiquiDrum unfolds to a solid container. The inside liner is used once; the outside of the LiquiDrum is reusable. As a standard the LiquiDrum comes with a folded liner. Next to food grade liners we can supply different filling and emptying systems.The LiquiDrum is handled either standing on a palette or by the two handles on the drum


Product news

  • Flexible packaging? Ask us!

    The TEAG Textil-Emballagen Ltd. was found in 1914 as an individual company and in 1934 has been transformed to a limited company. From a repair shop of used jute bags we have grown to a renowned specialist for small and large sized packaging materials, cloth and non wovens. In the course of time, not only new methods but also new materials were developed or invented. In the 1960ies and 70ies it was the Poleofines and in the 80ies glass and paper that were giving us new impulses. The developments are far from being finished and on the basis of our very good and personal relationship with our customers and manufacturers we actively support the R&D by our producers. After all these years, jute is still a very important part of our business and here also we continue to invent and develop new uses for this product. Thanks to our offices in the EU and the representations in India and Bangladesh we can guarantee shortest delivery times for all products, even if we do not have them in our vast warehouse.


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