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Automation and Measuring Systems

Since 1968, the MSR division of KELLER is the specialist for intelligent automation solutions and non-contact temperature measuring technology.

The core business of the IAS (Intelligent Automation Solutions) business unit is the automation of processes for bulk materials in flour mills and compound feed plants and in the food, building materials and chemical industries. Modular software solutions control the entire production process from the receipt of the raw materials to the shipment of the finished product.

Its ITS (Infrared Thermometer Solutions) business unit develops, manufactures and distributes pyrometers and systems solutions for non-contact temperature measurements for industrial applications for temperature ranges between -30 °C and 3500 °C. The pyrometers are used in many fields, including the steel, foundry, glass, cement and chemical industries.


  • Process Control System - CellaControl

    Powerful, comfortable and worldwide proved

    CellaControl is KELLER IAS‘s solution for process control applications at industrial plants.
    CellaControl, with its modular and scalable architecture, allows you to achieve end-to-end, secure process control of automated industrial processes.
    CellaControl is based on the WinCC platform, consisting of function blocks and HMI elements for seamless integration with SIMATIC S7.
    Whether you require automation of material flow operations or wish to control complex batch processes, CellaControl provides a comprehensive process control solution for numerous industries.
    CellaControl gives you flexibility and efficiency so that you can get the most out of your production equipment.

  • Truck Loading Management - CellaLoad

    The electronic silo truck loading management system (LMS) CellaLoad offered by KELLER IAS is an efficient guidance system for vehicles and for reliable loading control on the factory premises, and it also includes driver self-loading.

    The LMS system was designed for detection, visualisation, logging and evaluation of the vehicle data and movement sequences. The integrated access manager can be configured according to the instructions provided by the factory security team to ensure an ideal traffic flow within the factory.

    Vehicles and persons are allowed access to the factory premises and buildings either by RFID transponder or by order code given by CellaLoad.

  • All-over Data Integrity, Traceability - CellaTrce

    Traceability, All-over data integrity

    New Food safety regulations and certifications have induced food and animal feed processing plants to tightly monitor and maintain records of their products at all stages of production, starting with the raw material supply up to distribution of the end product.
    Feed and foodstuff manufacturers must be able to trace the final product all the way back to the supplier of the ingredients that went into it.
    In addition to standard silo management, CellaTrace can document the entire processing operations up to and including bulk loading and packing of the final product.
    The system keeps records of newly produced semi-finished and end products which consist of various raw materials.
    The system consists of a database server based on MS-SQL and several terminal stations such as the dispatch office, laboratory, silo storage and the control station of the plant.

    All stations are connected to the server via Ethernet and thus can access the same database.

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