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NORO Gesellschaft für Rohrsysteme mbH

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NORO Gesellschaft für Rohrsysteme mbH – your expert partner for pipeline and distribution systems for over than 30 years

We are a mid-size enterprise and currently employ 100 people who are involved in the development, manufacture and the sales of our products.

Our product range includes a standard range of pipes, mouldings and distribution systems with diameters of 80 to 600 mm made from steel (powder coated or galvanised) and chrome-nickel steel as well as associated pipe connection elements. Alongside our catalogue range we also offer our customers made-to-measure custom products.

We regard personal consultation and the constant contact with our customers as an important component of our corporate concept. Since we operate not only on the German market, but all over the world, we are supported by our representatives. Through this intensive cooperation and the exchange of information with our customers, products are improved and new ones developed for the benefit of all customers.

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  • Pipes

    NORO pipes: Simple, but still different and versatile usable!

    Mild steel or stainless steel in 1 - 3 mm thickness.
    By default, our pipes were produced with a 6 mm wide flange edge for clamping ring connections. Fixed or loose flange connections are also possible.

    80 – 630 mm

    2000 mm | 1000 mm | 500 mm | 200 mm | 50 mm

    Surfaces (mild steel):
    ▪ Powder Coating
    In our own powder coating facility we coat our products even with
    the standard color RAL7032. On request, other colors are possible.
    ▪ hot-dip galvanized or electrogalvanized
    ▪ untreated

    Surface (stainless steel):
    ▪ chrome nickel - blasted

    In addition to our standard range, we also offer individually customized special designs. Our pipe systems can be flexibly adapted.

  • Clamping ring connection

    Clamping rings
    Diameter 80 – 630 mm for 1 - 3 mm piping
    ▪ with seal insert
    ▪ for seal rings (material: NBR | EPDM | Silicone)

    Quick release clamping rings
    Diameter 80 – 400 mm for 1 - 2 mm piping
    ▪ for seal rings (material: NBR | EPDM | Silicone | Silicone detectable | FKM)

    As an alternative for clamping rings, we have flanges.
    Diameter 80 - 630 mm

    ▪ fixed flange connection
    ▪ loose flange connection

  • Two-way valves

    Our Two-way valves are available in various versions.

    ▪ mild steel (powder coated, galvanized) or stainless steel (blasted)
    ▪ 2 - 3 mm material thickness
    ▪ 60° or 45° as symmetrical | asymmetrical | modular
    ▪ different drives

    We also manufacture according to customer requirements!

  • Rotary distributors

    Rotary distributors are used to distribute dry, granular or floury bulk materials.
    They are available as dust-proof and not dustproof design in 45° and 60°.

    Double rotary distributor and rotational pipe switches are also available .

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  • Wear protection

    Picture: Segments 45°, powder coated (RAL 7032) with wear protection

    Wear protection increases wear resistance and thus prolongs the service life of piping components. Since the conveying of abrasive bulk materials leads to high wear or even to the destruction of the piping parts, our wear protection is exactly the right choice. Wear protection liners consist of special polyurethane plates fixed to the inner walls of the piping components. These are based on a polyether with extremely high elasticity and very high tear resistance. Positive properties are, for example, suitability for food use and resistance against acids and alkalis in low concentrations.

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