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F & D Waegetechnik Waagenbau GmbH (Germany, Country Brandenburg) has been standing for user-friendly solutions in weighing and measuring since 1990. We offer our costumers reliable services in connection with construction, assembly and maintenance of weighing and batching equipment and operate on a worldwide scale proved by the impressive and constant growth in our share of the export market. As a repair and servicing company approved by the German Office of Weights and Measures, we offer our customers an all-in service from one-stop shop: We develop, produce, repair and calibrate and are, of course, certified in conformity with DIN EN ISO 9001. The standard is always determined by the specific requirements of our customer specifications, a conversion, customisation of a serial model or service.


  • Mini bagging machine SHORTY I

    The machine consists of a scale with a maximum capacity of max. 6 kg, a base frame with integrated hopper, a manual bag clamp and a continuously adjustable bags- or cans support.

    With the aid of the holding device, the bags are held in position.

    The filling material is semi-automatically promoted with the metering screw into the hopper.

    The frequency-controlled metering screw is automatically switched off on reaching the switching point of a preliminary course in fine flow and upon reaching the desired weight.

    The electronic weighing system compares the desired and actual values, adjusting the set constantly dribbling value. The controller thus guaranteeing an accurate filling process.
    An agitator ensures an even flow of material even in floury and bridging media.

    Controller IT 3000 Fill:

    Compact stainless steel housing, 20-parts LCD display, backlit weight display 14 mm operator dialogues as plain text display, numeric keypad with function keys,
    Input possibility of product-related parameters,
    Storage of up to 9 products with target and tolerance range.
    High and low control by inverter.


    Bulk: flour and baking mixes

    Bulk weight: 0.5 kg / dm ³

    Flow characteristics: dry, free-flowing due

    Capacity / Graduation: 6 kg / 2 g

    Theoretical capacity: up to 15 kg / minute

    Parts in contact: Stainless steel

    Bag outlet: outlet dm 80 mm, manual bag clamp

    Power supply: 400 V, 50 Hz

    Paper bags: 0.5, 1, 2.5 and 5 kg packs

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