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KREISEL – Innovation by tradition

We are an international plant manufacturer and specialist with many years of experience in handling bulk materials
of all types and for removing dust from processes. By ambitiously advancing our products, we consistently focus on
the needs of our customers and make a committed contribution to saving resources. (


  • Ceramic Rotary Valves

    KREISEL wear-resistant ceramic rotary valves are characterised by high performance, high throughput and increases in service life by
    a factor of 10 to 20 compared with steel valves depending on the material to be conveyed.

    KREISEL ceramic rotary feeders have a
    high availability, cause
    lower maintenance costs and
    lead to significant cost savings.

  • Rotary Valves

    KREISEL rotary valves are produced in a wide range of versions
    for theoretical volume flows of up to 2,700 cubic metres per hour. They have proven themselves for many years in process engineering systems for environmental and bulk material technology in many sectors. Rotary feeders are used to deliver bulk materials with constant volume flow rates from containers to connected system components or conveyor systems, and for metering. For example, they are used under filters and cyclones, to extract bulk materials from air conveying circuits with minimal pressure loss. Via mixers, dryers and mills, they are used for volumetric metered feed of the bulk material in continuous mixing and processing processes with an air seal, and also as a thermal shield.

    Special designs
    Blow-through rotary valves
    Cutter feeders
    Self-cleaning rotary valves
    Tangential rotary valves

  • Two-way distributors

    KREISEL two-way distributors are used to direct the flow of bulk material optimally.

  • Slide gates

    KREISEL slide gates are used as locking, metering and safety components in process engineering systems in all industry sectors.

  • Double Flap Gates

    KREISEL double flap gates are used for continuous delivery of flowing, dust-based, granular and coarse bulk materials – while simultaneously sealing process and vacuum chambers.

  • Pressure Vessels

    KREISEL pressure vessels allow maximum charging of the transport gas with the conveyed product at lowest transport speeds.

    KREISEL pressurised gas transport means
    -Gentle transport of the conveyed product
    -Low pipe wear
    -High availability of the conveyor system
    -Minimal energy requirements
    -Low maintenance

    Manufacturing range
    -SingleFeed (Single pressure vessel systems)
    -TwinFeed (Twin pressure vessel systems)
    -DoubleFeed (Two-storey pressure vessel systems)

    KREISEL is a TÜV-approved manufacturer of technical welded products for container construction in accordance with AD 2000 Leaflet HP0.

  • Recuperators/heat exchangers

    KREISEL recuperators pick up waste heat from production,
    return it to the process in a circuit or for other energy uses. The specially-developed type K radiation recuperators generate optimal high combustion air temperatures and reduce fuel consumption significantly. Designed and built for the respective application, they are primarily used in the Glass industry for recuperative heated glass melting furnaces, Ceramics industry, Metallurgy and in other Energy-intensive industrial sectors.

  • Filter Systems

    KREISEL filter systems separate the bulk material dispersed by the conveyed medium in the conveying process. They ensure that the emissions remain far below the limits. Depending on the application and space available JET bag filters can be used as collecting or bunker-mounted filters. As a result of the modular design of the filters up to 200,000 cubic metres of air can be cleaned for dust removal each hour.

  • Cyclone Separators

    Cyclone separators according to the KREISEL standard are characterised by their simple structure, low energy requirements and great reliability. They are suitable for use in all industry sectors. The separators can be used individually, in batteries or combined with other dust separators. They can also be used as pre-separators or as spark guards. Components of the cyclone separators:
    -Rotation-symmetrical upper section with inlet spiral and immersion tube
    -Conical lower section
    -Dust funnel with connection for dust removal units
    -Gas outlet for removal of the purified gas

  • Pneumatic Conveyance from KREISEL

    KREISEL pneumatic conveyor systems deliver bulk materials of all kinds. Conveyor distances over 1,000 m and conveying rates of more than 100 t/h can be implemented. All conveyor systems are customised and energy-optimised. Rotary feeders, pressure vessels, jet conveyors or screw valves are used as feed-in units. KREISEL filtration systems separate the material at the reception point.


    The KREISEL DOME VALVE® is a pilot-controlled safety valve. It is used at counter pressures being higher than those for standard valves. Thus they have a positive influence on the planned operating pressure and the system design. The KREISEL DOME VALVE® as a gas-tight isolation valve in pressure vessels was developed in Krauschwitz. The benefits arise from the cross-section being available to 100% in the opening condition. When opening or closing the dome valve, any relative motion between calotte, dome and pneumatically controlled sealing is exlcuded. The sealing is inflated by means of control air and pressed to the dome. Particles of bulk material smaller than 2mm are effectively retained. The KREISEL Dome valve tightly seals against high differential pressures.

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