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  • ceratel® 5910 Ceramic-Feeder Hose

    ceratel® 5910 is a robust, high performance feeder hose. It was developed for feeding particularly abrasive bulk material.

    Its small bending radius (as compared with conventional feeder hoses) and its long service life predestine the feeder hose for applications where high demands with low maintenance are required.

    Ceramic plates (Al2O3) are positioned in the rubber core of the hose in such a manner that they greatly increase the abrasion resistance of the core of the ceratel® 5910 as compared with commercial rubber feeder hoses or rubber lined metal pipes.

    The excellent flexibility of ceratel® 5910 confirms the chosen design of the hose and makes ceratel® 5910 an easy to mount, very versatile and economic problem solution in process technology.

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