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RSBP spol. s r. o. provides a wide range of protection products and services in the field of fire and explosion protection and prevention. The company designs and completly solves safety of industrial plants and separate technologies from points of view of fire and explosion prevention, risk analysis, engineering, and documentation according to ATEX 137 regulation.
RSBP product range:

Explosion venting system, Explosion isolation system, Explosion suppression system, Fire protection of painting booths, Fire protection of machine tools, Fire protection for filters, Spark extinguishing system, Fire protection of information and communication centers, etc.



    In the surface finishing of products, in various industrial applications, we very often come across painting systems where there is a high probability of fire or explosion.

    Our company, RSBP, has developed the dedicated FIREPRO system for protection of paint booths. It provides a full range of all services and products associated with the protection of paint booths, from production and delivery to complete installation and servicing, and in this way it minimises fire risk, which can cause extensive damage to equipment and fatalities.


    B-FLAP I is a mechanical device designed to prevent propagation of flame and pressure between pieces of technology equipment during explosion. B-FLAP I is, together with other safety measures, a part of a system that protects technologies intended for operation in an explosion danger environment. Economical solution of protection against propagation of explosion between pieces of technology equipment is the B-FLAP I back flap.


    Explosion venting devices are protection devices intended for protection of industrial equipment with explosion danger. RSBP equipment for explosion venting is a perfect solution to lower this risk and eliminate losses that follow such explosions. RSBP explosion venting devices offer very effective and economical solution of protection against damages resulting from a powder explosion.

  • FLEX R

    The FLEX flameless device to relieve explosion is a suitable solution for installation on technological equipment inside buildings or production halls.

  • FLEX flameless explosion venting

    FLEX guarantees explosion venting in enclosed or internal spaces without propagation of flame, dangerous pressure and heat to near surroundings, therefore the equipment and technologies that are located in hard to access spaces can be protected by the flameless explosion venting without increased costs for building modifications that are usually related to installation of classical explosion relief equipment.

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