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The company MIX® s.r.l. is active in the RESEARCH, PLANNING, PRODUCTION OF MACHINES AND COMPONENTS for the bulk solids handling of different kinds of powders, though not providing any complete plants.

When established in 1990, MIX® prime objectives were simply “To design and manufacture mixing systems suitable for the treatment of different products”. The recruitment of a combination of high-experienced staff and qualified engineers enabled MIX® to quickly confirm itself as a worldwide supplier in the mixing and blending market place. In view of the positive trend, of the further expected growth of the business and the continual rooting into international market places, MIX® has enlarged in 2007 its main location in Cavezzo, and now has over a 10.000 square meters (out of total 20.000 square meters), with new technologies for planning and manufacturing.
Supported by a constant research and development programme MIX® has successfully introduced a wide range of top quality products at competitive prices. The innovative designs of many standard products provide simple solutions to many of current material handling problems. Today many companies working in sectors such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial, building, ecology, laboratory and feedstuff are utilising the MIX® product ranges in many different application fields. MIX® s.r.l. has established a close cooperation with the leading industries in many market’s sectors; an important advantage coming from this cooperation is the receiving of exact information from the Customer. Once the information has been analysed from MIX® staff of process engineers, the same information is developed in order to provide the Customers with a better product / service. Moreover, MIX® s.r.l has also designed an innovative range of accessories and product solutions for the different requirements of most applications, and has enlarged its product division:

Mixing Division:
Mixers, Stirred bunkers, Granulators, Reactors, with a volumetric capacity from 2,6 to 26.000 litres, in batch or continuous process with ploughshares, MIX® paddles, ribbons, paddles. These machines, supplied in carbon steel, wear resistant material, AISI 304, AISI 316, are suitable for mixing, granulation, homogenization drying processes also with the presence of chemical / physical reactions under vacuum or pressure conditions, with the aid of either an external heating or cooling jacket.

Filtering Division:
dust collectors and relevant accessories for the environmental dedusting, pneumatic conveying in pressure, vacuum conveying. The dust collectors are available with sleeve, cartridge, cartridge SKYFILTER® and pocket filtering elements, with pulse air jet cleaning, with shaking and with vibrator cleaning systems.

Interception Division:
Butterfly valves, Slide valves (complete with manual, motor driven, pneumatic actuators) and Pinch Valves.

Safety Division:
Level indicators with Membrane or with Paddle / Manholes / Pressure relief valves, XILOMIX® Silo control systems and accessories for silos.

Extraction Division:
Discs / Pads / Nozzles for aeration / Control sets for aeration systems

Conveying Division:
Manufacturing of XIMIX® Loading bellows for tank trucks, open trucks and crowds, and relevant accessories.

The achievement of the industrial patents, the numberless patents pending registered in Italy, and the enrolment at the Italian Department for National Research (502811 WU) repay the efforts of MIX® for the achievement of its results.

All MIX® products are supplied with their Manufacturer Declaration 98/37/EC and its Business Management System is in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 (VISION 2000) standard. The products can be built besides in conformity to the European Directives ATEX 94/9/EC (technical files deposed at the TÜV NORD CERT), and to the Directive 97/23/EC PED.



    MIX developed a new range of industrial mixers equipped with fully extractable rotor shaft. This innovative solution enables the operator to easily access any point inside the mixing chamber and allows to obtain the complete cleaning of the mixing wall and the rotor shaft. Mixers belonging to this range have a maximal geometrical capacity of 13.000 liters, are equipped with heat exchanger, side choppers and nozzles for liquid injection and are suitable for operating in ATEX zones. These features make the new mixers appropriate for many uses in several fields of application in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, where cleaning of the equipment at each change of recipe holds a great importance.

  • MIX® Mixer \"MXC2400\"

    MIX Srl has recently brought into the market a new Mixer/Dryer for flavouring, with useful volume of 1750 liters, for batch/drying processes at 80-90°C. Mixing tools are ploughshare-shaped, complete with their small plates against product’s settlement and side scrapers. Parts in contact with product are made of polished stainless steel AISI 304.

    This mixer is equipped with heat-exchanger (inlet mouths and outlet mouths for the exchange liquids), and mixing chamber and end-plates are insulated. Inlet spigot is equipped with a butterfly valve with its pneumatic actuator. Round discharge spigot, that rebuilds the mixing chamber, is pneumatically operated. Inspection hatches are complete with silicone gasket, hand-wheels to retard opening, mechanical locking devices and safety limit-switches. hat retard the opening, mechanical locks and safety limit-switches. Gear-reducer is compact. This mixer is equipped with MIX seals with aluminum outer body. These seals are composed of: chromium-plated and ground wear-ferrule to protect the rotor-shaft, fluidized packing-seals, and one adjustable stuffing box.

    Every mixer is supplied with its Declaration of conformity in compliance with the 98/37/EC Directive, while MIX SRL system of Business Management complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (VISION 2000) standard according to the certification plan no. 2432-A.

    This mixer can be also manufactured in compliance with 94/9/EC (ATEX) Directive. MIX SRL company is an important benchmark, as shown from the results we have obtained: now MIX SRL takes its place among the leading industries of mixers and mixing systems.

  • SKYFILTER® Filter "SFCA"

    As an actual solution to the problem of the dust being continually emitted into the atmosphere and the actual detrimental effects that can arise for both humanity and the surrounding environment, MIX have introduced a new type of filter named SFCA.

    The SFCA filter is supplied with a pulse air jet cleaning, air tank, impulse valves and air distribution manifolds in aluminium. One of its main advantages is the hinged cover, which enables:
    - extraction of the cartridges from the top side;
    - simple and quick maintenance.

    The special “SKYFILTER™” cartridges are suitable for different kind of powders. This innovative high-performance filter, is able to cut down the level of pollution while improving the efficiency and the filtering quality. It has been projected by the company MIX s.r.l for the application on silos with different kinds of powders and its compact and solid structure makes the installation simple, whether in existing or in new plants.

    Since ever MIX s.r.l ITALY takes great care over the details both in the planning and in the manufacturing phase. This is believed to be essential to obtain a final product with a good ratio between purchase and operational costs.

    • High air permeability: 3400m³ / m²
    • Filtration Speed: > 1m / min'
    • Low flow resistance: < 700 Pa (70 mm H2O)
    • Utilization time of the filter media: > 30.000 working hours
    • Reduction of the cleaning cycles
    • Saving of compressed air
    • Low structural stress
    • Saving of the working costs

  • XIMIX® Loading Bellows

    Every Company that makes storage systems for powder or granular products has to face the problem of homogeneous and constant extraction of the products. The Company MIX Srl has developed a specific range of components in its Extraction Division to improve the discharge of powdered products.

    SCH - SCS - SCK: with predisposition for the connection to an existing dedusting plant;
    SCL - SCV - SCP: with filter included.

    Loading bellows are often used under the outlet cone of silos – hoppers – pneumatic and mechanical conveyors – weighing systems – and so on. MIX loading bellows, with their system of conveying through a double flexible sheating, or through inner pipes in steel and outer sheating, are available in different versions, according to the products to be conveyed.

    Thanks to their innovative conceiving and to their different characteristics, MIX loading bellows can be used in several industries: Food– Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Cosmetic - Building - Ecology – Industrial - Laboratory - Animal Feeds. It’s a product complete with the Declaration by the Manufacturer 98/37/EC (former 89/392/EEC) produced by a Company which lists RESEARCH - QUALITY - SERVICE as primary objectives.

    - Efficiency and reliability for a long time;
    - Modularity and targeted research of components;
    - Solution with telescopic pipes, an advantage over other solutions because:
    - there is a limited stream of product towards the filter,
    - helps the product's discharge,
    - reduces wear,
    - ensures a correct extension or retraction of pipes,
    Correct placement of the travel.

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