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Planning, development, production and sales of machines and plants within the range mixture of solids and liquid.

Product news

  • Pneumatic conveying

    In order to control and manage pneumatic conveying facilities and dosing units, JetSolutions dispose of a special Software, meeting the following requirements:
    - Reliable and user friendly system
    - Safe operation concept (fail safe!)
    - Compatible communication with existing software and/or on the customers site.
    JetSolutions offer two different pneumatic conveying systems:
    1. Positive pressure conveying
    2. Negative pressure conveying
    The positive pressure conveying is used for high capacity, large distance and difficult flowing products.
    The negative pressure conveying is used for limited capacity, average distance and for products easy to convey.
    On the next page you will learn more about the advantages of these pneumatic conveying systems.

  • New exclusive representation

    The company SixLog from Costa Mesa, California, inventor of the sterilisation process has selected us as exclusive representation for Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria and Benelux.
    JetSolutions SA is therefore your privileged partner for any questions relative to sterilisation of equipment, clean rooms, buildings and means of transport (ambulance, airplane, etc.).
    The innovative process iHP® (ionised peroxide) is at least as efficient as other sterilisation methods, such as vaporized peroxide, formaldehyde, etc. and shows the following advantages:
    • Reduced cycle time
    • Compatibility of materials
    • Excellent dispersion of ionised peroxide, possible to reach spots inaccessible by other technologies
    • No residue after sterilisation

  • New exclusive representation

    The company Concetti Group from Bastia Umbra (Italy), specializes in manufacturing weighing, bagging, closing and palletizing machinery for bulk products, has selected us as exclusive representative for Switzerland. JetSolutions is therefore your privileged partner for any questions relative to Quick Filling Units.
    • Form-Fill-Seal system CONTINUA
    Bags from 10 to 30 kg, Speed up to 800 bags/h
    • Open-Mouth bagging machines
    Speed : up to 1'800 bags/h
    • Big-bag (Jumbo bag) filling systems
    From 10 to 100 Big-Bags/h
    • Palletizing systems

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