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Brabender Technologie GmbH & Co. KG is a leading supplier of gravimetric metering feeders (loss-in-weight feeders, weigh-belt feeders), volumetric metering feeders ( single screw feeders, twin screw feeders), weigh-batching systems, discharge aids (vibratory bin activators, bulk bag unloaders, bag dump hoppers) and flow meters for bulk ingredients.


  • Brabender loss-in-weight feeders

    Loss-in-weight feeders from Brabender Technologie are high-tech gravimetric metering feeders for bulk ingredients with good to critical flow characteristics. The product line offers solutions for virtually all kinds of bulk ingredients like powders, pellets, flakes, chips, fibers, etc. due to a variety of ingredient suited feed mechanisms like single and twin screws, vibrating trays, vibratory mass flow feeders, rotary tubes, etc. Dependable ingredient mass flow and reliable performance are ensured by efficient agitation methods like paddle-massaged flexible hoppers or stirring agitators. Brabender loss-in-weight feeders are found in all bulk solids processing industries throughout the world, for instance in plastics compounding and extrusion processes and in the chemical, detergent, rubber, adhesives, food, pet food, sugar, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, life science, ceramics, construction material and glass industries.

  • Brabender metering feeders

    Metering feeders from Brabender Technologie are gravimetric and volumetric dosing feeders for high-accuracy metering of bulk ingredients with good to critical flow characteristics. The metering feeder line comprises fully digital loss-in-weight feeders, stable weigh-belt feeders and a comprehensive variety of volumetric single and twin screw metering feeders with paddle-agitated flexible hoppers ("Brabender FlexWall®Plus Feeders") or stirring agitators for dependable ingredient flow. All volumetric metering feeders are also available as gravimetric loss-in-weight feeders in combination with digital scale systems. Brabender metering feeders are used in bulk ingredient processing industries throughout the world, e. g. in plastics compounding and extrusion and in the chemical, rubber, adhesives, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, life science, food, pet food, sugar, detergent, ceramics, roof tile and glass industries, to name just a few.

  • Brabender bulk bag unloaders

    Brabender bulk bag unloaders "BagMaster" for lined or unlined bulk bags feature a unique discharge mechanism. A free-standing mounting base made of closed rectangular structural steel accommodates a paddle massage mechanism with two paddles, on which the bulk bag rests. These paddles work in opposite directions and agitate both the bag outlet and the bag bottom. The paddle movement promotes reliable discharge and complete emptying also of the bag corners. An optional quick connect docking system allows dust-tight connection and tautening of the bulk bag or liner outlet spout. For off the bag bulk material metering, Brabender bulk bag unloaders are available with built-in metering feeders. If mounted on load cells, such units allow gravimetric continuous or batch-wise loss-in-weight metering. Load cell mounted versions are also applied to monitor the bag filling level.

  • Brabender bin activators

    Bin activators "BAV" from Brabender Technologie are vibratory discharge bottoms for silos and bins and are indispensable wherever difficult to handle bulk materials have to be discharged. Particularly if silo diameters are large but outlet cross sections are small, dry solids with flow characteristics from poorly flowing to floodable and with particle sizes from fine to coarse are discharged in an equally dependable manner. The working principle (vibrating discharge cone with intergrated baffle support supended from a silo-welded flat ring by horizontally flexible hanger arms) promotes uniform mass flow and first in - first out discharge without bridging, ratholing, material compaction or particle deterioration. The product line includes models with diameters from 600 to 3000 mm for small-size bins to huge silos. Brabender bin activators are available made of mild steel or stainless steel. Options include pressure-resistant, temperature-resistant and explosion-proof versions.

  • Brabender FlexWall®Plus Feeder

    The Brabender FlexWall®Plus feeder is a universal, super compact screw-type metering feeder for virtually all kinds of bulk ingredients even with poorest flowability, featuring a trapezoid design and a paddle-massaged flexible polyurethane hopper. The feeder is available as a fully digital loss-in-weight feeder with a built-in digital load cell with two vibrating wires ("DigiMASS-2") or as a volumetric metering feeder. The trapezoid design with divergent walls and the paddle principle ensuring full agitation of the entire ingredient compartment induce free mass flow and an optimum screw filling level without ingredient deterioration. To suit a variety of ingredients, the paddle agitation amplitudes can be varied. Single and twin screws are interchangeable. The unique design of the Brabender FlexWall®Plus feeder permits easy disassembly and cleaning. The polyurethane hopper features a lip, which seals to the upper edge of the stainless steel housing, and can easily be removed for wet cleaning. The super compact trapeziform design allows to configure up to 6 feeders or more around a central point of discharge in an extraordinarily space-saving manner. Suitable support structures can be supplied. Operation, service and maintenance do not require lateral feeder access so that the units can be placed closely side by side. For backward screw exchange from the rear feeder end a version can be supplied featuring a slewable motor. All gravimetric feeder versions are available as "intelligent" weigh feeders with integrated control and regulation electronics for control networks (field bus, Ethernet) connected either to Brabender touch screen operating units or directly to customers' host or PLC systems.

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