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VEGA is a globally active manufacturer of process measurement technology. Its product portfolio extends from sensors for measuring level, limit level and pressure to equipment and software for integrating the sensors into process control systems.


  • Radar sensor VEGAPULS 69

    The VEGAPULS 69 is a sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids under different process conditions. It is ideal for level measurement in very high silos, large bunkers and segmented vessels. Thanks to the very good signal focussing a simple setup and reliable measurement is ensured. The VEGAPULS 69 can be equipped with an encapsulated plastic antenna or a lens antenna integrated in the metal flange. This enables the optimum adaption to different application areas.

  • VEGAFLEX 82 - TDR sensor for continuous level measurement of bulk solids

    The VEGAFLEX 82 level sensor measures maintenance-free light and heavy-weight bulk solids. Even in applications with strong dust generation, condensation and buildup, the sensor delivers precise and reliable measured values. The VEGAFLEX 82 is an economical and reliable solution for your application.


    The VEGAPULS SR 68 is a radar sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids even under difficult process conditions. It is particularly suitable for level measurement in high silos and large bunkers. The VEGAPULS SR 68 is an economical solution thanks to the simple setup and the reliable, maintenance-free operation.


    The VEGAMIP R61 is the receiving unit of the microwave barrier for level detection of bulk solids and liquids. Typical applications are the detection of bulk solids in silos, bunkers and crushers as well as of liquids in tubes and vessels. The non-contact measuring principle has no direct contact to the medium and enables wear and maintenance-free permanent operation.


    The VEGAMIP T61 is the emitting unit of the microwave barrier for level detection of bulk solids and liquids. Typical applications are the detection of bulk solids in silos, bunkers and crushers as well as of liquids in tubes and vessels. The non-contact measuring principle has no direct contact to the medium and enables wear and maintenance-free permanent operation.

  • PLICSLED – The new switching status display module for point level sensors

    With the new display module PLICSLED, the switching status of a sensor can be read from afar, even in strong sunlight. The module is compatible with all sensors of the plics® family with relay output: VEGASWING series 60, VEGAVIB series 60, VEGAWAVE series 60, VEGACAP series 60 and VEGAMIP series 60.

    Since external wiring is unnecessary, the time needed for installation is reduced to a minimum. Power is supplied via the relay electronics. The second relay output is used to control the switching status display. Depending on the module version, the switching status is displayed in the colour combination red-green or yellow-green.
    PLICSLED is installed directly inside the plics® sensor housing, which gives it a high degree of protection from dust and water ingress.


    The VEGAWAVE 61 is a level switch for universal use in powders and fine-grained bulk solids. The level switch detects reliably and robust the min. or max. level. The tuning fork is ideal for use either in adhesive and abrasive products as well as in bulk solids with very low density.

  • VEGAVIB 61

    The VEGAVIB 61 is a level switch for granular and coarse-grained bulk solids. The VEGAVIB 61 detects reliably and accurately the min. or max. level. The smooth surface of the vibrating rod, without corners and edges, avoids jamming of the bulk solid and is easy to clean.

  • VEGACAP 65

    The VEGACAP 65 is a level sensor for use in all industries. The partly insulated probe is ideal for the measurement of bulk solids and can be also used in non-conductive liquids such as for example oil. The proven construction ensures high functional safety.


    The SOLITRAC 31 is a radiation-based sensor with PVT rod detector for continuous measurement of liquids and bulk solids. It is suitable for level and interface measurement under extreme process conditions, with critical product features or in aggressive products. The SOLITRAC 31 is ideal for use in cylindircal vessels, reactors, autoclaves, separators and mixing vessels.

  • GSM/GPRS radio unit with accumulator and solar panel

    Self-contained level gauging and data transmission system

    A solar panel is now available as power supply for the GSM/GPRS radio unit PLICSMOBILE T61. Powering both the radio unit and the connected plics® sensor, it creates a completely self-contained system for the transmission of measured values.

    At remote locations, far from the power grid, a solar panel can now be implemented to power a complete monitoring station. PLICSMOBILE thus uses solar energy to supply the sensor and transmit data wirelessly over the mobile phone network.

    To enable the best possible operation under all light and weather conditions, two different solar panels, one with 5 W and one with 20 W peak power, are available. PLICSMOBILE’s charge regulator and intelligent energy management ensure optimum utilisation of the available solar energy.
    Mobile radio unit, sensor and solar panel are perfectly adapted to each other and form a completely self-contained monitoring station that delivers reliable measurement data all year round, without maintenance or any other kind of human intervention.

    A typical application for PLICSMOBILE T61 with accumulator and solar panel is data transmission at level gauging stations for outdoor bodies of water or deep wells, or measuring points where regular replacement of a battery involves too much work or is too expensive because of the very short measurement update intervals required.

    The visualisation software WEB-VV is the ideal tool for processing and analysing the measurement data. It enables user-friendly visualisation and data storage as well as connection to a database system.


    The FIBERTRAC 31 is a radiation-based sensor for continuous measurement of liquids and bulk solids. It is suitable for level and interface measurement under extreme process conditions, in aggressive products or critical product features. The FIBERTRAC 31 delivers precise measuring results even under hardest application conditions.

  • Adjustment software

    PACTware is based on FDT technology and therefore offers a defined interface for the integration of field instruments, communication components, remote I/O systems and interface modules. The manufacturers of these components deliver the respective optimized DTM, which supports the hardware completely, also with respect to the graphical interface.
    Despite its extensive functionality, PACTware is a simple parameterization tool for setup and diagnosis of field instruments.

  • VEGADIF 65

    The differential pressure transmitter VEGADIF 65 can be used universally for the measurement of liquids, gases and vapours. Typical applications are level measurements in pressurized vessels as well as flow measurements in combination with DP flow elements. Further applications are pressure monitorings on filters as well as density and interface measurements.


    The VEGAPULS 68 is a radar sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids also under difficult process conditions. The sensor is ideal for level measurement in high silos, large bunkers, stone crushers and in the furnace. The VEGAPULS 68 with different antenna versions and materials is the optimum solution for virtually all applications and processes. Through the wide temperature and pressure range, the sensor can be used universally and enables a simple planning.


    The VEGAPULS 67 is a radar sensor for continuous level measurement of bulk solids under simple process conditions. It is suitable for smaller silos and vessels. The VEGAPULS 67 is an economical solution through its versatile and simple mounting options. The encapsulated antenna system ensures maintenance-free permanent operation even with strong buildup.

Product news

  • Level measurement for bulk solids silos up to 30 m high – new radar sensor VEGAPULS SR 68

    VEGAPULS SR 68 is VEGA’s new radar sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids. It is especially suitable for level measurement in silos and bunkers with heights up to 30 metres.

    VEGA is well known for its innovative level measurement technology and pragmatic solutions that offer the user many practical benefits. When the wish for a reliable level sensor for measuring ranges up to 30 m arose, the company reacted quickly. Its tried and true radar technology was adapted once again to the requirements of users – a new sensor optimally covering applications in medium-height silos was the result.

    With its 30 metre measuring range, VEGAPULS SR 68 is ideally suited for a wide variety of bulk solids applications and offers the user all the advantages of radar technology at an interesting price. Uninfluenced by dust, noise and strong air currents during filling, the sensor reliably detects the level and contributes to profitable plant operation. Since even the weakest radar reflections from the surface of the bulk solid material can be detected, the sensor is employed in a broad range of applications. From plastic granulate to grain to coal – with VEGAPULS SR 68, reliable level measurement of any medium is guaranteed and fast product changes can be carried out easily without a fresh adjustment.

    The flexible sensor concept allows individual adaptation to the respective requirements of the measuring point. Antenna covers are available for dust protection and rinsing connections for keeping the sensors free of sticky bulk material. Different antenna systems with process separators of plastic and ceramic make application possible in environments over +250 °C and give the user the necessary measuring certainty for smooth operation of his production systems.

  • WEB-VV – Inventory monitoring made easy

    Reliable raw materials supply via WEB-VV

    The stocking and transport of raw materials are often the biggest cost factor for a company. When the supplier looks after the customer’s raw materials inventory (Vendor Managed Inventory – VMI), both parties benefit from the close dovetailing of their processes. VEGA supports the business model VMI with sensors for level measurement, various options for wired and wireless data transmission and a platform for making all inventory data available, the Internet portal WEB-VV.

    VEGA delivers optimal sensors for level measurement of any kind of liquid or bulk solid. The measurement data are made available by signal conditioning instruments on site or by telecommunication via standard interfaces (Ethernet, Modem, GSM, GPRS). This has advantages for both sides. The plant operator always has access to the critical data he needs for production control. The supplier, on the other hand, can retrieve inventory data regularly from a distant location and fill up stocks when required.
    WEB-VV is a user-friendly inventory visualisation and data storage system that is just as suitable for company networks as it is for worldwide measurement data logging. The data collected by WEB-VV are made available as charts, bar graphs and history diagrams. Inventory levels are actively monitored and transmitted in time or event controlled reports via e-mail or SMS. Integrating WEB-VV into planning and control systems is simple because it provides, along with the WEB services, a standardized interface to user programs and ERP systems such as SAP.

    The Internet portal WEB-VV is being used in numerous companies at over one hundred locations worldwide. The applications are running successfully in flour mills, water works and tank farms. The business model can be applied to many other application areas as well, e.g. in the food, building materials, petrochemical, environmental and recycling industries.
    VMI saves both suppliers and customers work and overhead in their supply chain, e.g. through precise monitoring and control of delivery vehicles, storage capacities and production processes.

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