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EMDE – 30 years’ experience and customer proximity and sensitivity for your specific applications. That is our recipe for success for the future of the company.
Five German production companies stand by our “Made in Germany” quality commitment for all services the company offers. EMDE representatives in Europe, and in some cases also beyond, ensure rapid and competent advice on a global basis.
High quality and professional advice, honesty and reliability have the highest priority in our corporate policy.
We express this self-imposed obligation through our clear commitment to Germany as a home base and a much higher-than-average training quota of approximately 20%. We conduct training very actively to retain qualified trainees in all company areas.

Top quality and professional competence – in a variety of fields:

Bulk materials technology
Plant and components for conveying, dosing, mixing, filling and emptying bulk materials.

Control systems
Control systems production and electrical installations for complete solutions and plant optimisation.

Drilling technology
Drilling equipment for exploratory, anchor, geothermal and large-pile drilling.

LSR mould construction
Injection moulds for silicone articles; specifically for medical care articles.

Mechanical and plant engineering
Dimensioning, design and production of torque tube equipment and process columns, vacuum drum filters

Wind power components
Towers and large cast parts for wind energy plants.

Large cast parts for general mechanical engineering, machine tools, pumps and compressors.

Contract manufacturing
Large part processing for rolling works, carousel turning, drilling works and welding of complex components.


  • Fully automatically operated Big Bag Filling station

    Long time desired – now it comes true! : The fully automatically operating Big Bag filling station for 4-loops Big Bags. After a long lasting development phase for years the system is now ready for market and it gets more and more interest in the market. Considering a little special configuration nearly each type of Big Bag can be filled by this solution.

  • Pressure and suction conveying

    Longer conveying distances can often only be realised with pneumatic pressure or suction conveyor systems.

    Our pneumatic conveying systems
    - Pneumatic container conveying systems as dense flow or slug conveyors, partly with bypass pipe for blowing in conveying air along the conveying pipe.
    - Low and medium pressure conveying systems with feed locks or injectors
    - Conventional suction conveyor systems with feed locks or injectors


  • Container, octabin and barrel filling/emptying stations

    Emptying bulk materials containers, octabins and barrels requires tailor-made systems.


  • One-handed sack clamp

    The robust sack clamp stands out for its ease of use, simply installation and low purchasing cost. It is possible to open and close it with just one hand due to the robust double-articulated mounting. The closing force is adjustable.

    Product features:
    • 1.4301 stainless steel
    • 1.4571 stainless steel
    • Replaceable sealing insert, also optionally available with electrical conductivity
    • Standard sizes from 150 to 600 mm
    • Special sizes available on request


  • Inflation hose

    The inflation hose guarantees dustproof sack and big bag filling nozzle connections. The container to be filled is securely connected in the docking area without folds forming.

    The sack or filling nozzle is securely attached; the dustproofness during filling is then guaranteed. The clamping force is sufficient to fix the filling nozzle area so securely that it is possible to twist the sack to close it or to attach a closing clip.

    An additional counterholder is not required here. The inflation hose is available in natural rubber quality and conductive EPDM quality for the Ex area. A specially developed inflation hose ensures constant pressure and absolute dimensional stability. An evacuation valve ensures fast and complete de-aeration of the inflation hose.


  • Volumetric and gravimetric dosing screws

    The manufacture of quality products requires even dosing within extremely narrow tolerances. Leave it to us to achieve this, even with materials with the most problematic bulk properties.

    Free-flowing powders and granulates are dosed very precisely and purely volumetrically. The desired flow volume is set or changed by the screw speed. Gravimetrically controlled dosing is, however, essential for documenting dosing quantities.

  • Single screw mixers

    The single-screw mixer is designed for purely batch-related mixing processes.

    The mixing equipment mixes batches quickly and evenly using an external mixer which brings the material towards the centre of the mixing trough and a small concentric helix.


  • Compensators

    Clean workplaces and reproducible product quality are of the greatest importance, and are a prerequisite for long-term employee and customer retention. A small component such as the EMKOM compensator, can play an absolutely decisive role in attaining these goals when handling dusty bulk materials.

    Often, “unclean” product-carrying weighing system facilities mean that frictional connections form which influence the scale and falsify the weighing result.

    Many so-called compensators are much too stiff or even permeable; they certainly do not compensate for oscillations or external forces. Especially with materials which are a hazard to health, this leads to safety-relevant aspects which urgently require attention.
    The EMKOM silicone compensator permanently and reliably eliminates these weak spots. The many benefits with regard to permanent elasticity, aging resistance, suitability for use with foodstuffs, temperature resistance and the highest flexibility, make it an essential weighing technology component. In addition, it is a popular choice as vibration decoupling for dosing channels,and as a connecting element between system components.

    The bellow-shaped compensator possesses excellent mechanical properties for decoupling vertical oscillations. The level compensator has the advantage that two different pipe diameters can be connected together. For Ex-protected gas and dust areas we offer electrically conductive compensators with the corresponding manufacturer’s declaration. Due to the extremely flexible tensioning strap it is possible to connect different pipe diameters of the nominal size by means of a tensioning strap.


  • Control systems

    Your system only achieves the maximum of efficiency with a perfectly synchronised control system. With our own control system manufacture at EMDE we offer a full range of services for both system solutions supplied from plant construction and also for your new systems and for the modernisation of existing systems.

    We support your projects from planning and design through switching cabinet production to electrical installation, commissioning and service via remote connection. To manufacture the control system we make use of well-known manufacturers in line with our house standard, or to customer specifications.

    The motor designs or the specification of the weighing system, the determination of the location of the control system are performed in close collaboration with the project manager and the mechanical design department. This minimises interfaces and provides you with an all-round worry-free package including the CE conformity declaration.

  • Processing screws

    In addition to pure transportation tasks, EMDE processing screws take on a variety of integrated process-technical tasks such as dosing, mixing, cooling or heating, separating and sieving, stuffing, discharging and washing. These functions can be partly combined with each other.

    Heating and cooling screw conveyors for controlling the temperature and drying of bulk materials and sludges are calculated and dimensioned with calculation programmes in accordance with requirements.

    Function description
    A water-glycol mixture normally serves as a cooling medium; heat transfer oil or low-pressure steam and also electrical heating with a cable are used for heating. The liquid media reach the worm shafts and augur wings through one- or two-way sealing heads. The highest possible temperature differences can be achieved along a short stretch in conjunction with temperature control of the screw trough. The guaranteed process parameters can be partly verified by means of corresponding preliminary experiments in the technical centre.

    Further application areas for EMDE processing screws are solids/liquids separation, grading and control sifting and drying and thickening.


  • Loading system

    Almost all end products are produced in a variety of variants. There are specific recipes for each application.

    This requires flexible storage of individual components and a production batch change which entails as little cleaning as possible. The patented dosing and loading system complies with these requirements.

    The central core component of the dosing system is a shuttle on chain conveyors which can be moved horizontally in two levels and which is filled gravimetrically with the individual components of a production batch in a controlled manner by a dosing container. The tower takes care of the vertical transport of the shuttle.

  • Big bag filling stations

    The big bag is constantly increasing in significance in bulk materials handling. The flexible handling of even bulk freightrequires the use of ever more powerful systems for dust-free filling of big bags.

    Technical data:
    - Filling weights between 100 – 2.000 kg per big bag
    - Filling performance up to 60 big bags @ 1 to per hour using asingle-bag filling system.


  • Big bag emptying stations

    Use of big bags in the bulk materials sector is constantly increasing. Dust-free emptying, fast and secure handling and an ergonomically ideal design for the emptying stations have priority for this application.

    EMDE big bag emptiers are produced in four different basic variants. Each variant offers the customer optimum benefits for the respective application. Your specific requirements are the basis for the design of the emptying system. The type-defining selection criteria include product-specific flow properties, such as grain size, flow properties, bulk material weight and consistency.
    Further important dimensioning criteria are the number of containers to be emptied per hour, local circumstances and finally the customer’s concrete needs. Various additional accessories are necessary to always configure the ideal solution for the customer due to the varied configuration of big bags (FIBCs), starting with the dimensions, the material, the emptying nozzle dimensions and the number of loops.

  • Sack emptiers

    The classic container for storing and transporting bulk materials is still the sack. For product quantities of 1 to 100 sacks per batch, the manually operated sack emptying system is still the most economic variant.

    Product properties

    EMDE sack emptiers offer ergonomically optimised, manual handling of the container by four different basic types:
    1. EMDE sack emptiers
    2. EMDE sack chutes
    3. EMDE sack emptying cabins
    4. Combined EMDE sack / big bag emptiers


  • Lump breakers

    Agglomerations, hard lumps and completely hardened container contents can be broken up with EMDE clump breakers.

    Long-term experience with various products from various sectors has gone into the design of our lump breakers. They form the basis for this innovative technology.

    Customer-specific variants and many options guarantee optimum adaptation to the respective problem.


  • Mixing/Breaking up

    First-class products can only be manufactured if the raw material and the product mixture are homogenous.

    With various mixing variants:
    1. Single screw mixer as batch mixers
    2. Continuous mixers
    3. Double paddle mixing screws


  • Empty sack compactor

    With the help of the EMDE LSV 400 empty sack compactor, empty paper and plastics sacks can be effectively and efficiently compacted to some 10-15% of their original volume.

    Loading is performed either via a safety-compliant collection chute or via a connecting chute to the sack emptier.

    The sacks are pressed into a continuous polyethylene hose by a robust, cantilevered compacting screw with progressive reduction. For better compaction the empty sack compactor is equipped with an adjustable brake slider. As a mobile version the empty sack compactor is mounted with a brake slider on a base frame. To remove the compacted sacks the polyethylene sack is tied up and detached. An electrically conductive polyethylene hose covering is used when deployed in Atex zones.


  • Big bag compactor

    Due to its compactness the EMDE BSV 800 big bag compactor can be set up directly next to the work area. This eliminates otherwise unavoidable dust formation when the empty big bags are transported within the company.

    Empty big bags are effectively and efficiently compacted. The container is disposed of via a generously sized filling opening with a gas strut-supported hinged lid.

    The sacks are pressed into an empty disposable big bag by a robust, cantilevered compacting screw with progressive reduction. The big bag compactor is also available as a mobile version. The big bag compactor can be connected to external dust extraction via an aspiration nozzle so that dust discharge is avoided and the big bags can be disposed of with a minimum of dust.


  • EMDE – LIFT flexible screw conveyor

    The EMDE – LIFT is a conveying system for the dust-free transport of bulk materials that has proven itself over a period of decades. This spiral conveyor is used primarily in the plastics, foodstuffs, chemical and construction material industries.

    The extremely low-maintenance, space-saving construction of the EMDE – LIFT screw conveyor and also the option of flexible screw extension are arguments in favour of using this conveying system in extremely small spaces.

    Bridgeable conveying distances of up to 50 m horizontally and up to 20 m vertically with a horizontal screw conveyor configuration are impressive.

    The conveying element of the coreless screw conveyor is a spring steel conveyor spiral which is connected to an electric motor with up to 1,500 rpm or a drive motor via a coupling. It runs inside a polyamide conveying hose which is available in food grade quality. Laying in a rigid pipe with pipe bends is possible for especially abrasive or hot products – the so-called EMDE – LIFT semi-rigid screw conveyor.

    Product features
    Our decades of product experience are the basis for the reliable design of the system. Optimum screw conveyor location and correct assessment of the bulk material are prerequisites for successful deployment of the system. The spiral conveyor is individually dimensioned for your application case.

    In addition, we offer the option of performing conveying tests in our technical centre to determine conveyability and conveyor capacity.

    Technical data
    Conveyor capacity up to 20 m³/h
    Conveying distances of up to 50 m with one screw conveyor
    Screw sizes from 30 to 100 mm
    Bend radii of 1.0 to 2.5 m
    Power input of up to max. 5.5 kW


  • Bucket elevators

    EMDE Wutra bucket elevators have been the epitome of efficient vertical conveying for many years.

    Trouble-free continuous operation of the belt and chain-driven bucket elevators is the prerequisite for deploying the conveyor in bulk material production facilities with the most demanding operating reliability and availability requirements.

    The minimal amount of maintenance required by our belt and chain-driven bucket elevators is an indication of their robustness. Our long-term practical experience and individual optimized modules guarantee quick maintenance and stable, continuous operation.

    Product features
    Applications in all sectors (construction material, stone/earth, salt, plastics, chemical and foodstuffs industries)
    Chain systems for the toughest use
    Belt bucket elevator for the greatest conveying performance and conveying heights
    Food-grade, antistatic and oil- and temperature-resistant conveyor belt variants
    Drive and deflector drums with elastomer coating or as a smooth or stem drum
    Ex-protected variant in accordance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC
    Type examination certificate for category Ex II 1 / 2 GD c IIB T X
    GOST-R certified for deliveries to the Russian Federation
    Low-maintenance system concept with all-round stairways and maintenance platforms

    Technical data
    Conveyor capacity up to 800 m³/h
    Conveying speeds of 0.5 – 4.0 m/s
    Bucket widths from 125 to 1,250 mm
    Axle distances up to 80 m


  • Vacuum conveying systems

    The newly developed vacuum conveyer is available in two different variants as a Type VFS-G granulate conveyor or a Type VFS-P suction conveying system for powder.

    The Type VFS-G granulate conveyer
    Has a sintered metal filter disc built into thehead which is very easy to clean and replace. The device cover, into which the dedusting nozzle holder is also integrated, is secured with a quick-release clamp. This can be quickly removed for cleaning purposes.

    The VFS-P suction conveying system
    The VFS-P suction conveying system designed for powder and flow-resistant products is disassembled just as quickly. The product container is simultaneously the conical strainer protruding downwards which can be completely fluidised and thus guarantee reliable product discharge.

    Product features
    Filter dedusting after an emptying cycle or pressure pulse
    Ex-protected system to Directive 94/9-EC for dust and gas Ex area
    Filter system made completely of sintered stainless steel, CIP-cleanable

    Technical data
    Conveying capacity up to 3.000 kg/h
    Conveying distances from 5 to 100 m
    Gasproof and pressure surge-protected variants up to 10 bar


  • Dust extraction systems

    EMDE dust suction systems in mobile and stationary designs are the ideal solution for the effective cleaning of complex industrial plant. These offer safe, environmentally friendly technology, high-quality manufacture and problem-free, impeccable quality.

    Large systems and buildings are ideally provided with a central piping network. By using EMDE dust extraction systems, you can be assured thatdust deposits are picked up and disposed of dust-free in even the smallest cracks and corners.

    To extract explosive dusts, the filter system can be provided in a10 bar shock pressure-resistant design in accordance with VDI 2263 DIN EN 1127-1, or alternatively in a reduced-pressure variant (1.5 bar) with a relief valve. The piping network and the roots blower are decoupled by means of corresponding protective equipment.


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