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Müller GmbH - Innovation in Stainless Steel
Your partner to turn to in all questions around drums/containers and handling

In the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food products and fine chemicals, the modular container and drum systems from Müller have long been synonymous with creative skills and the highest quality levels for a host of universal applications.

At Müller, state-of-the-art CAD systems and automated mass production lines go hand in hand with the traditional skills of the coppersmith in working stainless steel. The result: always the best solution for your specific duty, just as up to date tomorrow as it is today, since our designers always think one step ahead.

Our manufacturing operation is primarily geared to producing quality: sound ideas with no compromises - whether in small job lots of one or two items or series manufacture, meeting the most stringent specifications in pharmaceutical grade with a product range beyond compare. All necessary standard articles are available ex stock at all times. And modular construction means that individual wishes can be fulfilled promptly and cost-effectively.

Müller offers a system that can be extended, from creating a prototype right through to series manufacture, and we can provide solutions for your special applications. We have inquiring minds and are always open to new ideas. Your objectives become our mission. The best approach is to ask us right at the start. Because as our customer you can expect a wholehearted partnership: from the first strategic briefing on a joint approach to meeting your user requirement specifications right through to system commissioning. With results that can be quantified. You will see how much we still value personal contact in a high-tech world.

A basic Müller principle - flexibility for your benefit
Manufacturing is the touchstone for product development. Product design and functionality are put into effect and put to the test. Your individual wishes are converted into optimized hardware. Well established manufacturing structures enable us to meet your requirements efficiently and offer you maximum flexibility.

Müller quality- for your safety
•Quality management to ISO 9001
•certified to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/523/EG Module
A1. Approved manufacturer to AD 2000 Code HP 0 and TRR
100 in conjunction with DIN EN 729-3
•Atex-compliant design possible for all machinery and
•Fabrication of type-tested vessels subject to inspection by
Monitoring Association for Metal and Fiber Packaging

Packed full of ideas in stainless steel.
Each one a Müller original.


  • Stainless steel drums: lidded drums and tight head drums

    Powders, pellets, tablets, pastes or liquid media: nothing ever stays very long in one place – everything is moved, stored, transferred and processed before being filled into retail packages. Müller containers are not fazed by any of these tasks. We have the right container in the right quality to match all your needs.

    Multitasking with system
    • Stable, lightweight and durable
    • From 0,1 L to 2000 L
    • From 80 mm to 1200 mm diameter
    • Lidded drums and drums with bungs, cylindrical and conical
    • Polished surfaces for optimum product discharge
    • GMP pharmaceutical standard
    • Modular design


  • Mobile and stationary handling systems

    Equipment, containers and handling methods must all be harmonized to work together. Our handling technology takes good care of your manufacturing process - from the receiving dock right through to the shipping department.

    For perfect production methods
    • Lifting, weighing, mixing, pallet transfer
    • Mobile or stationary
    • Manual or fully automatic
    • Loads up to 4000 kg handled
    • Hygienic stainless steel
    • GMP-compliant design
    • ATEX conformity


  • Müller Containment Valve MCV

    Transferring highly potent or toxic substances with no contamination?
    At last a stable and robust split butterfly valve system for emptying and filling your highly potent or toxic media. Light to handle and safe to use. You can rely on the Müller Containment Valve to safeguard the health of your employees even as you maintain the purity of your product and protect the environment.

    The Müller Containment Split-Valve MCV is in two halves: the active and passive disks. The active disk incorporates the mechanical system for locking both halves together and a manual lever or actuator for opening and closing the valve. The active half of the valve is fitted to the vessel filling or emptying nozzle, and the passive half to the intermediate bulk container. The two halves of the butterfly valve (active and passive disks) must be docked together in order to open the valve. The ruggedly constructed and GMP-compliant locking device ensures accurate location and the safe docking when the two halves are connected. When both halves of the valves are locked together, the system is closed to the atmosphere and the valve can then be opened – manually or automatically, whichever way you prefer.

    By adopting the Müller Containment Split Valve MCV in your production processes, you ensure your staff's health and that the product stays 100% pure.

    The valve system can be cleaned quickly and simply, thus reducing production line downtime. A valve disk can be replaced in less than two minutes.


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