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Expert in mobile safety innovations for forklift trucks, heavy-equipment and global machinery, import and distribution of after market forklift cabins and separate elements for all brand and type of forklift trucks, TruckLOG TK5 driver access control & vehicle management systems, TruckLOG speed zoning systems, Motec heavy-duty camera solutions, SIS Cy-Sens ultrasonic anti-collision reverse driving systems, Icnita PAS proximity warning systems, Nordic Lights heavy-duty LED & HID work lights, INS Intersoft hydraulic weighing solutions, Brigade back-up alarms and BatMon Electronic battery controllers,...


  • TruckLOG TK5 | Driver Access Control & Fleet Management System

    TruckLOG is a fleet management system for forklift trucks designed for use in demanding materials handling management environments. TruckLOG improves safety and productivity levels of forklift truck fleets in warehouses.

    The TruckLOG forklift truck fleet management system is installed with a range of software options that can tell you all about the safety of your forklift truck fleet and give you live feedback to help monitor productivity. With TruckLOG you are in control of driver vehicle access, pre-operational checks, vehicle shock and impact reporting, driver training needs, speed control zoning, vehicle service and maintenance schedules.

  • INS LI400 Hydraulische weegindicator voor heftrucks en stapelaars

    INS Intersoft LI400 hydraulische weegindicator voor heftrucks tot max. capaciteit van 99T ! Afwijking van max 2% van de nominale capaciteit van de heftruck, eenvoudige bediening, eenvoudige en snelle installatie, bijzonder interessant geprijsd !

  • Hydraulic weighing systems INS INTERSOFT

    INS Intersoft develops and manufactures mobile weighing systems for forklifts and wheel loaders, with absolute priority for accuracy, reliability and robustness under harsh conditions.
    LI400, TC2000 and TC3000 hydraulic weighing system for forklift trucks and wheel loaders:
    - Capacity <99999 kg
    - Application to forklifts and wheel loaders (TC2000)
    - Highly accurate weighing through dynamic (TC2000) and balanced (TC3000) weighing, e.g.

    TC2000 accuracy <0.25% of the capacity of the forklift (forklift 2T deviation max 10kg at all weights)
    TC3000 accuracy <0.10% of the capacity of the forklift / loader (e.g. forklift 2T deviation 2 kg at all weights)

  • NORDIC LIGHTS® Lights for Heavy Duty !


    The success of NORDIC LIGHTS® products is based on their durability. This is the number one criterion for our customers. Hence, our slogan: “Lights for Heavy Duty”. All our products go through extensive test procedures before their release on the market. Our products utilize our patented dampening solutions.

    The NORDIC LIGHTS® work lights are used in the most difficult and demanding working environments all over the world. The visibility offered by the high quality optics of the lights supports your machines in maintaining high working efficiency during dark working hours while the lights themselves need very little maintenance.

  • SIS Ultrasonic Reverse Driving Collision Avoidance System

    is an active collision avoidance system which avoids the risk of collision during maneuvers and offers the possibility to slow down and block the movement of the truck in two critical situations: reverse maneuvering, load lifting.

    The lack of visibility or the operator’s distraction are often the main cause of accidents which can have serious consequences.
    SIS-MINI 1.0 collision avoidance system is an active maneuvering system for forklift trucks and industrial vehicles which detects potential obstacles in the operating range of the forklift truck.

  • MOTEC Heavy-Duty Camera Solutions

    Higher efficiency and greater safety : MOTEC Heavy-Duty Camera Systems for heavy vehicles and industrial machines.
    NEW ! 180° Wide angle camera for reverse driving !

    Individual system solutions for an ideal visibilty and greater security.

    Motec has grown over the last 20 years from a camera manufacturer to a privileged and esteemed system supplier. Motec stands for intelligent solutions that are exactly tailored to the requirements and applications of the users. Motec’s goal is to always provide you with the best solution for your visibility problems.

    Guarantee robust quality with the highest reliability

    Quality and reliability are the cornerstones of our work. Motec complies with all international industry and quality standards and is a vertically integrated manufacturer-just 100% "made in Germany". Our goal is to always be the best and the most reliable product supplier..

  • Abertax battery monitoring system

    The Battery Monitoring System (BMS) gives essential battery information which includes: the number of charge/discharge cycles, temperature and electrolyte low level timings amongst others. All this information can then be downloaded to a PC for further evaluation.
    e2BMS - Battery Monitoring System
    The e2BMS is a state-of-the-art wireless technology for operation cost-cutting and providing a quality service. It opens new opportunities in material handling applications, saving up to 20% costs. It uses the same functionality as the BMS and can as an option also display current related information using a hall effect sensor.

  • BMX rechargeable and magnetic signaling LED lamps

    Professional rechargeable magnetic safety and signaling LED lamp.
    LED lamp in polycarbonate housing with 40 high power LEDs (24 horizontal and 16 vertical shining LEDs) and yellow PVC protection band reflectors, that can withstand being run over by vehicles! The lamp is fully epoxy molded, 100% waterproof and can thus be used in rain or snow.

  • Claitec Safety - PAS Pedestrian Alert System

    Of all workplace accidents 17,6 % are accidents involving trucks. Over 25 % of these accidents involving trucks are incidents and collisions with pedestrians!

    The PAS Pedestrian Alert System minimizes the risk of accidents between trucks and pedestrians in the same working environment. Pedestrians wear electronic RF tags that are detected by the RF receiver on the truck, which informs the truck driver of an eminent danger.

    The Pedestrian Alert System is a solution that notifies the truck drivers when the system detects a pedestrian at an adjustable distance between 1 and 6,5 meters. Pedestrians are at all times required to wear a transponder (tag) to alert the truck driver in case of danger.

  • ComNovo D2Sense-SR200 Proximity Warning System

    COMNOVO D2SENSE - 360° Pedestrian detection system around moving vehicles.

    Accidents involving pedestrians and machines, often lead to serious, even fatal injuries. Until now, an appropriate technical solution to reduce the risk of accidents was not available, although the legislative requirements concerning safety requirements for machinery are continually getting stricter.

    Comnovo's D2SENSE fills this safety void. Enhance the efficiency of your company now and allow your drivers to focus on their main task!

    Our solution: D2SENSE stands for Distance-to-Sense and is the new pedestrian detection system for the danger zone of mobile equipment. The system consists of two devices: The KEEPER is installed in the machinery. The BEEPER is carried by people. As soon as people approach with a BEEPER, a warning is issued by the KEEPER - on both sides. Thereby, dangerous situations can be detected and avoided early in advance.

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