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Belgium distributes his "heavy duty" mobile vision solutions in the Benelux and is the exclusive distributor of the no.1 in the French market in terms of Solutions for Security and materials management in civil engineering, material handling and agriculture. Access control, shock detection, tracking remotely securing your material, etc. The working environment and minimize risks:. Speed zoning in defined zones, People detection, Anti-collision beacon. Discover the new SPEED CONTROL system.
New item: the RED ZONE ALARM led light
Innovation: FULL VIEW camera system


  • ODCA (REFLECTIVE) Object detection / collision avoidance solution

    This new performant and rapid ( speed of light) solution can detect very precisely ( up to 60 meter with a precision of 5 - 15 cm) objects and persons and can activate up to 3 actions and this for max 3 different distances.
    Our newest addition to this system is the ODCA REFLECTIVE which detects reflective objects in a pre-set zone.

  • SPEED CONTROL: Speed zoning with high precison based on color recognition on the floor.

    SPEED CONTROL: Speed zoning with high precison based on color recognition on the floor. One can create different zones of low speed IN a warehouse or production hall. Or on the loading docks to slow down a forklift before entering the truck and then increasing the spead after exiting the truck.


    This new LED light gives a stripe (red or blue color). One can use it in stead of the blue spot but when fixed on both sides of the forklift, it can give a clear indication of the dangerous area around a forklift that should not be entered by pedestrians

  • Full View camera system

    See the pdf for explanation

  • All view camera system 270° / 360°

    See flyer /pdf

  • Proxy Solutions

    Protect the workplace and reduce risks:
    Speed zoning, Anti-theft, Fork Height Control, Acess Control, Anti Collision Beacons

  • GPRS/GPS tracking Solution: access control, shock detection etc.

  • Blue light spot

  • Range LED Worklamps up to 4000 Lumen

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