VIB - Vereniging voor Inkoop en Bedrijfslogistieken Bedrijfslogistiek)

VIB - Vereniging voor Inkoop en Bedrijfslogistieken Bedrijfslogistiek)

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VIB is the Belgian Association for Procurement and Logistics Professionals. She offers networking opportunities, professional courses in procurement, logistics and supply chain management, seminars and organises 2 large annual events.


  • Course: Senior Logistics management

    Course consisting of 6 modules, which can be followed separately (Warehousing, Transportmanagement, Inventory management, Production planning Core Management Skills and Supply Chain Business proces & project management). This course is meant for middle managers,responsible for a particular part of the logistics process, whom want to evolve towards integrated logistics management throughout the internal supply chain. It forms the best preparation for the European certificate on Senior logistics management from ELA.

  • Efficient Warehouse Management

    In 5 sessions (4 in class and 1 digital) you acquire a thorough hands-on training about the importance of the warehouse in the supply chain and how a warehouse should be managed and optimized. You look at the warehouse and its functions in a step by step way, and you always can make the link to your own situation. By extended interaction with the teacher and the other participants and case examples, the "theory" revives. On top of all of that, you will visit 3 well organised warehouses.

  • Opleiding Voorraadbeheer en optimalisatie

    In 5 dagen (4 klassikaal, 1 digitaal) leert u alles over:
    • De rol van voorraadbeheer
    • Het statisch bestelmodel
    • Het dynamisch bestelmodel en forecast technieken
    • Strategisch voorraadbeheer
    • Voorraadbeheer en planning in een distributie-omgeving
    • Voorraadbeheer en planning in een productie-omgeving

    Deze opleiding richt zich tot personen die verantwoordelijk zijn of worden voor strategisch voorraadbeheer en voorraadoptimalisatie, zowel in een distributie als in een productie-omgeving

  • Training Core Management Skills

    The kind style of leadership required to motivate a team and to organise teamwork is crucial for an optimized workflow and the desired flexibility and commitment of the logistics team members.

    1) Human and Organisation
    2) Teamwork
    3) Manage people

  • Opleiding Transport en distributie management

    Aim of the training: the leading team members with responsabilities for the planning and organisation of transport and distribution acquire an insight in the new techniques and practical solutions of the transport optimisation.

    Target audience: this training is focused on those who play a role in the management of external flows of transportation and those who would like to upgrade their insight and practical knowledge of the subject

  • Training Lean Production management

    During this training you acquire an insight of the principles of lean production management and you learn how to plan and how to organize the flow of goods in the best way possible.

    Target audience:
    * Middle managers who are responsible for a part of the logistics process, as for instance transport managers, inventory managers, warehouse managers, IT managers for a logistics function, middle managers in the production process, etc., who would like to grow into a thorough approach of the logistics in their company
    * Senior managers, active in several corporate processes, who would like to grow towards the logistics department
    * Candidates who have obtained the ELA certificate of EJLog

  • Training Supply Chain Business, Proces & Project Management

    The modern logistical organisation should have the client as the central focus; this requires speed of the transmission of commodities and informations, cost management, flexibility, perfect quality and added value. The integration of corporate processes and of IT systems, both internally as with other partners in the supply chain, is the key to your success.

    1) How do you set up a business plan
    2) Process management
    3) Change & Project Management

  • Training Cycle of Purchase in Transport

    As a transport purchaser you should constantly be up to date about new trends and new regulations, and be able to handle them in a flexible way. The stakes are high, the complexity grows because of the volatility of petrol prices, the growing importance of the government (infrastructure, free traffic of services, more strict regulations...), the shift to multimodal transportations, and the new initiatives in the field of sustainability and "greenn logistics" will be presented in the training.

    Target audience: buyers of transportation, transport manages and purchase managers of shipping companies and logistical service providers

    The training cyle "Purchase and outsourcing of transportation" is composed of 7 parts. In the first 2 parts you acquired an insight in the setup of a well-founded purchase strategy for transport, and in how, where and when you should check if your subcontractors are in line with the fiscal and social regulations. In the other parts we have a look at the several ways of transportation.
    * Market analysis and purchasing strategy for transportation
    * Fiscal and social legislation about transportation
    * Transportation by road (city distribution, small packages, etc.)
    * Inland waterway shipping and SSS - sea freight
    * Train transportation - air freight
    You can subscribe for each part individually, but it is best to combine the first 2 general modules with 1 or more specialised modules

    "The training Purchase in Transport is a wonderful initiative of VIB and makes the connection between the purchase and the niche industry of transport. I believe it is an enormous added value to have several experts highlight the different ways of transportation. The training has introduced me to new insights about our purchasing strategies and has allowed me to focus on how we would like to manage our range of logistical service providers", David Hofmans, Head of Import Departement, Colruyt Group - Dreamland

Product news

  • Energy Procurement - Uncertain Future

    VIB-seminar on October 7th at Salons Romrée- Grimbergen on Energy Procurement.
    What can energy buyers do to protect their companies from electricity shortage, rising energy prices, volatile energy policy?
    With best practices from Coca Cola and Colruyt.

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