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CityDepot is the first company in Belgium to offer a total solution for sustainable distribution of goods to and from the city. We deliver both parcels and pallets, we operate both locally and nation-wide, we drive ecological vehicles, we serve both retailers and (inter)national carriers ... For a better and healthier world!


  • Eco Delivery & Collect

    CityDepot receives your goods on the outskirts of the city and delivers them in an efficient and eco-friendly way to the end destination in the city centre. We have solutions for extraordinary volumes and offer exceptional delivery modalities, with a guaranteed performance of at least 98%. More room for scheduling and flexible delivery times are just some of the advantages. It is possible to track & trace your shipments via our ICT platform.

    • No more trouble with restrictions in the city (vehicle restrictions, allowed delivery times, etc.)
    • Optimisation of the use of own vehicles
    • Increased quality of deliveries by a specialist in the city
    • Reduction of the ecological footprint
    • Flexibility in scheduling
    • Cost savings.

  • Local Hub

    Do you need more? Coupled with our delivery or collect services, local hubs are also available on the outskirts to cross-dock goods, temporarily buffer them or store them for a longer period. Our local hubs thereby add flexibility to your last or first mile transports, allowing us to be on the ball even more. We ensure professional storage of (part of) your stock for a desired period and a light (e-)fulfilment service.

    • Additional proximity advantage for your distribution network
    • Extension of your distribution network to urban areas
    • Optimisation of own vehicles, infrastructure and staff
    • Cost savings
    • Flexibility
    • Total solution together with our delivery and collect services
    • Reduction of the ecological footprint.

  • Eco Comfort Delivery & Collect

    You direct your own last and first mile via our user-friendly ICT platform. We bundle your goods on our floor, collect your goods in a flexible way or deliver them to any location in the city. As regards the delivery, you decide yourself what, where, when and how: partial delivery, delivery by appointment, collection by appointment, etc.

    • Delivery and collection tailored to your local needs
    • Buffering and anticipating unexpected events in the city
    • Smarter use of space by smartly managing advanced stock
    • Buffering and temporary storage
    • Better use of own staff.

  • Active Stock Management

    CityDepot takes care of the storage of your stock...

    ...or a part of it. And with the online CityDepot order and stock management system you always have a precise overview of your stock volumes. Enjoy the highly competitive rates of CityDepot and stop sacrificing expensive square meters to storage. Goods are delivered when you want and stored under optimum conditions (security, insurance). They can be stored and delivered all over the country, thanks to our close network of warehouses in Flanders and Walloon.

  • Flex Collect

    Sending parcels
    CityDepot collects your parcels when you want and sends them to the final destination of your choice. Never again in a queue at the post office and you even enjoy more competitive rates.

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