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Since 2013, SENSOLUS develops products and services (STICKNTRACK) based on low-power communication networks for tracking of position (indoor and outdoor), status (shock, temperature) and other process parameters, which offer to existing industries the required tools to introduce new services within their existing customer network.



    SENSOLUS provides an all-in solution (STICKNTRACK) for tracking of location (indoor and outdoor (GPS)) and status (temperature, shocks, etc.) of non-powered assets such as equipment, trailers, pallets, dedicated packaging, and much more. STICKNTRACK is directly connected to the cloud and is unique as it provides a 100% do-it-yourself installation and lasts up to 5 years without charging. In addition, SENSOLUS provides all the required online tools for management, process integration and customer management, which allows you to setup business in no-time.

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