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Clean, fresh air is a fundamental element for the health and wellbeing of all people.

Originating from Scandinavia, we know what clean air is. Being surrounded by one of the most pristine environments
on Earth, we expect nothing less than to breathe the pure air that our nature provides.
We are a world leader in addressing specific environmental and health & safety issues, and we do this by providing
technology that refines and purifies air into the high quality you would naturally expect to breathe.

No matter where you live or work our job is to provide you with a clean air solution.

QleanAir. Anywhere.


  • QleanAir FS 70

    Healthier working environment
    • Healthier and more productive
    work force
    • Reduced environmental impact
    Profitable air cleaning
    • Reduced down time in production
    • Lower energy costs
    • Protects equipment and machinery
    • Cleaner products
    • Less cleaning
    The air cleaner QleanAir FS 70 has been designed for polluted
    environments and larger facilities and captures, cleans and purifies
    air using a high tech filtration system before recycling it back
    into the greater environment. Typical application areas include
    logistics, warehouses, production, food industry, hospitals and other
    environments with high demands for cleaner air. The QleanAir FS
    70 comes with a Lifetime Performance Guarantee which ensures
    that your solution will function every day, over time.


  • QleanAir Production office

  • QleanAir Smoking Lounge

    QleanAir’s Smoking Lounge is a large, screened, smoking area
    where smokers can spend time without surroundings being affected
    by passive smoking. It is a ready for use, flexible module, delivered
    complete in a lounge format.
    The Smoking Lounge uses QleanAir’s technology to capture, filter and
    clean the air before it is returned to the premises. The air cleaning
    makes it easy to place the lounge in surroundings where many people
    are in movement. The high filtration rate makes the atmosphere
    pleasant both inside and outside.
    The Smoking Lounge is also economic to install. Sectional flat pack
    modules are installed in around eight working hours and they are
    easy to move or restructure when changes are made on the premises.
    The Smoking Lounge is delivered complete, including lighting
    and independent handling system for ash and cigarette butts:
    QleanUp™. The circulation works using HEPA and gas filters and it
    functions completely independently from local HVAC system.


  • QleanAir QleanUp

    QleanUp™ is a freestanding ash handling and cigarette disposal
    system. The patented, fireproof design ensures that each cigarette
    is fully extinguished upon disposal, solving the smoke related issues
    of user finished, yet still burning cigarettes.
    The cigarettes are collected and contained in the patented, fireproof
    and scent free Aluminum bag (NiContain™). QleanUp complies
    with all regulatory guidelines. A matching table can be ordered
    for easy mounting (optional).


  • QleanAir SF Line

    QleanAir cabins capture, clean and purify air using a high tech
    filtering system before recycling it back into the greater environment.
    Our highly successful SF Line is the ideal choice for those looking
    to eliminate passive smoking in their workplace, without
    compromising on comfort, design or the social atmosphere. The
    powerful air filtering system has been improved and combined
    with an even more open and yet space-saving solution.


  • QleanAir Safety Line

    QleanAir cabins capture, clean and purify air using a high tech filtering
    system before recycling it back into the greater environment.
    Each S-Line Safety Glass unit is based on our patented air purification
    system, which guarantees smoke free interaction between
    smokers and non-smokers.
    In partnership with high demand clients, S-Line Safety Glass has
    been developed and adapted to meet their strict fire- andsafety


  • Qleanair Family products

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