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ETIC’s at work®, a network of seven independent companies that complement each other. We are partners in security, safety and welfare at work.
Our network includes over 100 professionals across Belgium who can combine their strengths and talents to respond to your needs in training, consultancy, information, sales, rental, and maintenance of safety equipment.


  • Internal emergency and evacuations plans

    Creating internal emergency and evacuation plans

  • Medical equipment

    Nursing equipment
    (Semi) automatic defibrillator (sale and maintenance)

  • Personal protective equipment

    Chemical suit

  • Gas detection

    Gas detectors

  • breathing apparatus

    Self-contained breathing apparatus
    AIRPACK breathing apparatus
    Filter unit
    Oxygen masks
    Cartridge masks
    Anti-dust masks

  • Fire-fighting equipment

    Hose reels and hydrants
    Fire detectors

  • VCA Training and exams

    Basic VCA (Safety Certification for Contractors) training
    VCA training for Operations Managers

  • First Aid

    Industrial first aid
    Refresher courses for qualified first aid providers
    Use of an external automatic defibrillator when administering first aid

  • Training for Truck drivers

    Cargo Securement

  • Fire fighting

    Introduction to fire extinguishers
    1st intervention team
    2nd intervention team
    Team leaders
    Evacuation exercises
    Refresher courses
    Fire Truck® and Fire Trainer®

  • Moving and handling school

    Forklift operators
    Tower operators (cabin/switch/radio command)
    Handling loads
    Boom lifts
    Crane operators
    Construction vehicles
    Manual handling
    Refresher courses

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