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The Corneel Geerts Transport Group stands for reliability, safety and flexibility.

Our vision on transport is that it is an extremely important element in any business. Reliable deliveries, correct responding times and thorough specialization imply a lasting, personalized and flexible approach. Our services are effective, on time and always handled with care.

As a leading provider with more than 50 years experience in transport, distribution and logistics, offering 3 strategic hubs in Belgium as a gateway to Europe and 12 depots and offices in the Benelux and subsidiaries in Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria we are the transport specialist on Scandinavia, the UK, Switzerland, Central and East Europe, the Balkans, Turkey and Morocco.
We can offer you a broad range of complementary services and innovative solutions for all your transporting challenges.

Our mission is to offer transport and distribution throughout Europe with an emphasis on reliability, quality and cost-efficiency with flexible and customer-oriented solutions. Together with our sustainable and strategic partnerships we offer a fleet of 10.000 trucks and a broad range of complementary services to cater to the special needs of our customers:
* Wine transport services
* Economy and Premium services
* Local express delivery
* Warehousing
* Packaging and labeling
* After sales support
* Web Portal
* Pro-active reporting
* Real-time tracking and tracing
* Cross docking
* Order picking
* Safety trailers meeting the latest safety requirements with a capacity of 33 euro pallets, suitable for transporting high value goods such as wine, electronics, pharmaceutical goods and tires.


  • Rail freight and/or combined rail-road

  • Maasmechelen, Antwerpen, Brugge (beernem) en vilvoordegistics infrastructures

  • Non stop door-to-door transport

    The Corneel Geerts Transport Group offers you non-stop transport of your shipments from loading dock to place of unloading without transshipment or addition of other goods.

    * 24/7 service
    * 365 days a year
    * Money back guarantee
    * Tailor made solutions in critical situations
    * Ultimate solution when speed is the only factor
    * Single point of contact - one call, one company
    * Flexibility
    * Real-time status/location of your shipment
    * Immediate solutions anywhere in Europe
    * 30 minute quotation time
    * Satellite tracking & communication

  • International Freight Association

    The Corneel Geerts Transport Group is part of the International Distribution Network offering Economy and Premium services in 30 European countries with + 10.000 trucks and 114 international departures/week

  • A great way to think and act in a flexible, efficient, accurate and safe way like never before

    Distri 24 provides high quality express freight deliveries in 24 hrs for Benelux countries.
    Especially for companies looking for a strong and sustainable partnership to handle and distribute their goods in the Benelux.

    * 98 Groupage departures per week from/to Europe
    * 12 member depots
    * Daily overnight connections
    * 800 trucks operating every day
    * Over 600 staff members
    * ADR trained driving staff
    * 100.000 pallets per week

  • Warehousing & Logistics

    The Corneel Geerts Transport Group hub in Maasmechelen Belgium offers you a strategic regional distribution center equipped with an online and real-time follow-up system and a personalized cargo care with an excellent customer service.

    * Located in Maasmechelen Belgium
    * Connected with an excellent European distribution system
    * 20.000m2 logistic capacity
    * Online in & outbound system
    * Real-time stock control
    * Customs depot

    Location Maasmechelen, center of Europe

    Radius 250 km
    Brussels, Zeebrugge, Kortrijk, Lille, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Venlo, Gelsenkirchen, Aachen and Luxembourg

    Radius 500 km
    Paris, Dijon, Metz, London, Calais, Dover, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Hamburg, Basel and Bern

    Radius 750 km
    Nantes, Lyon, Nice, Milan, Venice, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Poznan and Copenhagen

    Radius 1000 km
    Barcelona, Bilbao, Rome, Firenze, Bologna, Budapest, Warsaw, Goteborg, Dublin

    Radius 1250 km
    Madrid, Leon, Kalinigrad, Vilnius, Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen, Skopje and Sofia

  • Innovative Real-time Tracking & Tracing

    The Corneel Geerts Transport Group proudly presents her innovative real-time Track & Trace system to service you even better offering you the following services:

    * Booking confirmation
    * Real-time shipment follow-up
    * Pro-active reporting
    * Exact arrival time
    * Exact loading time
    * Exact delivery time
    * Shipment tracking history
    * Client access to FU of shipments
    * Opportunity to inform consignee before delivery
    * Opportunity to inform shipper before collection

  • Specialized wine transport services

    The Corneel Geerts Transport Group offers you over 50 years expertise in transporting wines from all over the world.
    As a service we can offer you :
    * Competitive rates
    * An excellent customer service and customer experience
    * Tracking of special instructions
    * Anti-theft systems and Safety trailers
    * Box Trailers
    * Consolidated deliveries
    * Delivery to retail and hospitality and catering industry
    * Real-time tracking and tracing system
    * Customs handling

    Importing wines of the world LCL/FCL from:
    * Chili, Argentina, California, South-Africa and Australia

    We would be happy to offer you a tailor made quote

  • Our new safety trailers

    • Safety trailers meeting the latest safety requirements with a capacity of 33 euro pallets, suitable for transporting high value goods such as wine, electronics, pharmaceuticals goods and tires.

Product news

  • Anti-crisis in 6 steps

    An article in Sterckx magazine where CEO Marc Geerts explains a 6-step anti-crisis plan.

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