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Safety and Spray Technics NV is a company based in Haasrode.
We deliver our products to our customers in the BENELUX , France and Germany.

True our expertise we can help you find the right product for your need. Beside our wide range of products we also offer an exquisite level of service.
Wens desired we can also take care of the application at your company.

We can take care of the application of the whole range of products we offer. Products like road markings, , pictograms, speed bumps , Rooftop safety,...All obliged by law. We offer you tailor-made solutions including application if desired.

We stand for excellent service and customer friendliness. We try to deliver the best product at the best price.

Wenn you have questions about products, prices , offers ,... just give us a call or send an email. We will gladly help you .


  • Solar SIgnalisation

    We have developped a new type of solar signs made of stainless aluminium. They are covered with class 2 reflective tape. They have high visibility led integrated working with a solar batterie.

  • Steel barrier

    Heavy duty barrier ø 40 mm made of steel. They must be fixed on the ground thanks to 2 plates 150 x 150 mm with 4 fixations points ø 12 mm on each. Fixations are not included.

  • Anti slip products

    Danger of tripping and slipping accidents are at the top of the accident scene in Europe and are often equally momentous as expensive. Therefore products to prevent these accidents will gain more importance in the future.
    Due to the frequency and severity of slipping accidents, anti slip products will grow further especially within the market for occupational safety and health products.
    Mehlhose Antirutschprodukte GmbH is specialized in the development and distribution of products to prevent tripping and slipping accidents. The range includes a variety of self- provided/ developed or processed products from the product groups ground repair, floor coating, anti slip flooring, anti slip profile, anti-slip mats and anti slip footwear.

  • Parking Hoop

    Our new parking flexible hoop is made of polyurethane. Its 55 mm tube diameter, it has 2 anti-friction washes to facilitate the automatic locking and avoid scratches.

  • Easyline Edge Aerosol Paint


    Lasts at least 2 times longer than the best competitor*
    Saves time and money-extended life span and reduced need for re-painting
    Dries in 10 minutes, easy to apply, no mess, no wastage
    Highest paint content per can on the market-20% more than the rest
    Lowest Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) system on the market today
    Minimised environmental impact-non harmful to the environment and aquatic life
    Health and Safety focused-non toxic, non harmful and irritant free formula
    Aerosols are up to 50% stronger, each can is rated at 18 Bar minimum
    Utilises a unique propellant system to give consistent superior quality lines throughout the life of the can
    Complies with your legal obligations under European Directive 92/58/EEC
    Ideal for stencilling/free hand marking
    *Tested using the internationally recognised test ASTM D4060 using a Taber Abraser


    To guarantee pedestrian safety in town centers we recently developped a new range of flexible bollards made of polyurethane. In order to further save money by repairing or replacing bollards, using our new flexible bollards will keep them always straight.

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