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Egemin Automation designs, implements and maintains automated material handling solutions to improve the intralogistics in warehouses, production and distribution centers. Our solutions increase the efficiency of internal transport, storage and distribution processes.

We deliver leading-edge automated guided vehicle systems (AGV), automated warehouse and distribution solutions, in-floor chain conveyor systems and all-inclusive life cycle services to maximize system availability and life of material handling installations.

AutoStore is an efficient storage and order picking system that's ideal for small items and packages. AutoStore can be integrated into any type of warehouse, both existing and new. By using standardised bins, stored in a framework, you
can use AutoStore to maximise your available storage space and double your storage capacity, without increasing your footprint. This makes AutoStore one of the most efficient goods-to-man systems on the market.


  • AutoStore; compact and efficient storage for small goods

    AutoStore is an efficient storage and order picking system that's ideal for small items and packages. AutoStore can be integrated into any type of warehouse, both existing and new. By using standardised bins, stored in a framework, you can use AutoStore to maximise your available storage space and double your storage capacity, without increasing your footprint. This makes AutoStore one of the most efficient goods-to-man systems on the market.

  • Automatic warehouse systems

    Egemin Automation supplies turnkey warehousing and distribution solutions for the automatic storage, handling and distribution of your goods.

    We integrate custom-made quality solutions based on own products and other suppliers' systems. We manage the entire process of your automation project, from design through implementation to lifecycle services. What's in it for your operations? Lower costs, higher returns, increased efficiency and improved security

  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

    Automatic guided vehicle systems are fully automatic transport systems using unmanned vehicles. AGVs safely transport all kinds of products without human intervention within production, logistic, warehouse and distribution environments: the clear way to reduce costs and to increase efficiency and profitability.

    Egemin’s AGV systems consist of reliable off-the-shelf components. However, we always tailor our AGVs to meet your requirements. Automatic guided vehicles lift, rotate and shift your goods, fetch loads from racks, store products in deep lanes, transport product across long distances, deliver them onto conveyors, etc.

Product news

  • Egemin CEO Jan Vercammen: “Huge opportunities from KION Group’s acquisition of Dematic”

    “The purchase of Dematic by the KION Group will provide huge opportunities for Egemin Automation in terms of cooperation”, said Jan Vercammen, CEO of Egemin Automation, commenting on the acquisition. “First of all, Egemin will be able to further extend its existing offering in automated warehouse and distribution solutions. Secondly, we will further grow as leading provider of automated guided vehicle systems and in-floor chain conveyor solutions”, he added. “Egemin will also benefit from a broader customer portfolio, a wider sales and service network, an extensive material handling equipment, solution and software offering, joint procurement, and R&D cooperation, etc. And last but not least, Egemin will benefit from an important competitive edge in future project business.”

  • Egemin delivers its third AutoStore® system in France

    Investing in an automated AutoStore® order picking system is not limited to large groups. Today, it is possible to make a limited investment in an AutoStore® solution with a few hundred thousand euros. It is in any case the choice of a small French SME specialising in textile distribution via e-commerce, which was facing a strong growth in sales. Egemin Automation will implement an AutoStore solution for this SME, the first AutoStore® installation for Egemin in France after two installations in the Netherlands and in Belgium. The system will be commissioned in January 2017.

  • Smart, connected, global - Intralogistics 4.0

    Egemin Automation presents its new slogan "Smart, connected, global – Intralogistics 4.0". The slogan holds a clear offering to the market. Egemin delivers intelligent and integrated automated material handling solutions that interconnect logistics, production and distribution processes of customers worldwide.

  • KION brand Egemin Automation strengthens warehouse systems expertise in North America with acquisition of Retrotech

    The KION Group and its automation brand Egemin Automation further strengthen their expertise in the fast-growing market for automated warehouse systems in North America by acquiring Retrotech, an established US systems integrator of warehouse and distribution solutions. The KION Group has signed an agreement to purchase the company, which is valued at around $US 40 million, with Savoye S.A. of France. The transaction is subject to the usual conditions precedent and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2016.

  • Active Ants doubles storage space in new warehouse with Egemin’s AutoStore system

    Logistics service provider Active Ants will deploy AutoStore, a compact storage system for small goods, in its new warehouse in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. The company has contracted the services of automation specialist Egemin Automation to design and integrate the system. Active Ants provides warehousing services to various webshops in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. It has enjoyed strong growth over the past few years. AutoStore will provide the operators with automatic means to make the optimum use of available floor space in the warehouse and the goods. This will allow Active Ants to store up to twice as much volume as with any other storage system and to work more efficiently and safely. The installation is to be completed by April 2016.

  • New in-floor chain conveyor project at Sinotrans helps Egemin strengthen its position in China

    Sinotrans, one of the largest logistics players in China, has asked Egemin to automate its new distribution centre in Kunshan. This investment is to make the company's operations more efficient, significantly increase the productivity of its employees and help attract new customers. It is a major strategic project for Egemin Automation. The Chinese industry is experiencing a real wave of automation and this installation is therefore an important reference project for Egemin. The automated transport system should be fully operational by China's National Day, celebrated on October 1.

  • Optimised crown cork handling with AGVs

    The machines at Delmenhorster Kork-Fabrik Arthur Linck GmbH (DKF) produce up to 5,000 crown corks per minute in three daily shifts. This kind of volume is only feasible with structured production process sequences. To make sure the business is equipped for the future, DKF has opted for an automation solution from Egemin Automation.

  • Pinzgau Milch automates cheese ripening with Egemin AGVs

    Pinzgau, an Austrian based dairy producing company, has commissioned Egemin Automation to
    implement an automatic transport system for its cheese ripening warehouse. The system will handle a
    total of 800 tonnes of cheese per year to be processed in accordance with the Pinzgau recipe. To meet
    these exacting requirements, Egemin will develop an automated guided vehicle system (AGV) based on
    its proven concept solution for cheese transport and handling.
    In future, the AGVs will organise transportation between the four cheese ripening rooms of the warehouse, the
    processing machines and goods-out. The AGVs will also take care of the storage and retrieval process. Egemin
    Automation's AGV management software E’tricc® will be responsible for the entire cheese management process
    and monitoring of the maturing process – 365 days a year. The project is scheduled to commence operation in
    the summer of 2015.

  • Egemin Automation hoists 39-metre-high cranes in Crop’s new deepfreeze warehouse

    Today Egemin Automation hoists one of the five automated stacker cranes in the new deepfreeze
    warehouse of frozen foods producer Crop’s in Ooigem, West Flanders. The new high-bay warehouse is
    being built next to the existing freezer warehouse and production plant. The investment in the
    expansion of the site must support Crop’s growth plans in the coming years. Crop's new warehouse will
    become operational early 2016.

    Egemin delivers a total concept for Crop’s and is responsible for the complete construction and
    logistics organization of the warehouse. The construction works include the foundations, insulation,
    roofing, cooling, oxygen reduction, fire detection, lighting and electricity. The logistic part includes the
    clad rack construction and all automation technology including five AS/RS stacker cranes, the conveyor
    system and the higher-level WMS software to control all material flows.

  • Kubota Europe automates assembly line with Egemin’s E’tow® system

    Kubota Europe, subsidiary of Kubota Europe, the Japanese manufacturer of tractors, mini-excavators,
    riding mowers and motors, has placed an order with Egemin for an E’tow® chain conveyor system.
    Kubota operates a 18,000 m2 production hub in Cavaillon to assemble the tractors included options for
    all Kubota tractors, which are distributed in France and Italy. Until now it has been using an assembly
    line with fixed assembly areas.

    The E’tow® transport system, which is a driven chain embedded via a rail into the floor, will
    automatically transport Kubota tractors at constant speed through the 9 workstations on specially
    designed carriers.

  • Egemin Automation to build 44-metre-high deep-freeze warehouse for Belgian company Agristo

    Egemin Automation will build a new automated deep-freeze warehouse for Belgian producer of frozen
    French fries Agristo on its production site in Nazareth in East Flanders. The investment needs to
    support Agristo’s projected growth. The new high-bay warehouse will be 44 metres high and eight
    AS/RS stacker cranes will be deployed to store frozen French fries.

    With its 15 storage levels and eight crane aisles it will provide space for 24,000 pallets or 17,000 tons of frozen
    fries. Egemin already did a similar project for Agristo in Tilburg, the Netherlands, in 2012. The completion of the
    deep-freeze warehouse in Nazareth is planned for March 2016.

    The deep-freeze warehouse will be built next to the existing plant. Egemin Automation is responsible for the silo
    construction of the warehouse and a complete conveyor system with pallet lifts and cranes for all logistics
    movements to and from the warehouse. Egemin will also perform the installation and management of the
    software systems.

  • KION Group acquires Handling Automation division of Egemin Automation

    Antwerp/Wiesbaden, 7 May 2015 – The KION Group has signed an agreement with the Belgian automation specialist Egemin Group to purchase its Handling Automation division for an enterprise value of approximately € 72 million. The transaction is subject to a number of customary conditions precedent and is expected to be closed in the course of the third quarter of 2015.

    The KION Group is one of the world's two largest suppliers of forklift trucks, warehouse technology and associated services and increases with this acquisition the number of brands in its portfolio to seven. The Wiesbaden-based company is thus significantly expanding its expertise and capabilities in system solutions for intralogistics and automation, fields that are seeing increasingly strong demand.

    Egemin’s Handling Automation division offers customized solutions for the automation of logistics in warehouses, distribution centres and factories. It delivers automated warehouse systems, automated guided vehicles and in-floor chain conveyors solutions. In fiscal year 2014, the Handling Automation division of the Egemin Group generated approximately € 76 million of revenues with over 300 highly specialised employees.

  • Egemin invests over 100,000 euros in new production and test centre for AGVs

    Egemin Automation, specialist in material handling automation projects and world leader in AGV systems, has opened a brand new production and test centre for AGVs, called the E'gv® Factory. Here, Egemin is going to build and test its AGV vehicles before delivering them to customers all over the world. AGVs, or automated guided vehicles, are unmanned vehicles used for transporting goods mainly in warehouses, distribution centres and production environments. The capacity of the new production and test centre is more than three times the capacity of the area it replaces and is therefore able to meet rapidly growing sales. Egemin has invested over 100,000 euros in the new centre.

    Every E’gv® – as Egemin calls its AGVs – leaving Egemin is submitted to one hundred hours of test trials before being deployed to the customer. It has emerged from general statistical research that 85% of all failures manifest themselves within the first 100 hours of production. As Egemin is producing increasing numbers of E’gv®s and the range is being expanded, it was clear that the existing production and testing area was simply too small. From now on, up to nine vehicles can be tested simultaneously in the new testing hall that covers an area of 2,200 m².

    The testing hall at the E’gv® Factory has been designed so that it can closely simulate the operational environment of the customer. It includes a station where E’gv®s can automatically exchange their own batteries. The hall also contains racking systems to allow the E’gv®s to simulate storage of pallets on very high rack shelving. It includes a slope and loading bays, which are important for testing the ATL (automatic trailer loading) function. Previously, this had to be done on the customer's own premises. Last but not least, Egemin has also created space for stocking certain products for when a specific customer orders new E’gv®s. If, for example, a customer works with exceptionally large rolls of paper or uses special storage cages, Egemin will use those during the simulation tests. Space used to be a limiting factor when carrying out simultaneous testing on different types of systems.

    “Because our test room is much bigger now, we can simulate the actual conditions existing on the customer's premises more easily. This has resulted in shorter start-up times, even higher quality and improved efficiency," according to Gunter Van Deun, Product Manager E'gv® Systems at Egemin.

    The new E’gv® Factory has potential for even further growth and will be able to test around 200 E’gv®s every year. The testing hall is located near the production hall where Egemin installs the cabling and switch boxes onto the chassis that have been delivered. The production and test centre in Antwerp delivers AGV systems around the world, with the exception of the USA. US customers are looked after by Egemin's local branch in Michigan.

  • Pallet exchange systems increase product safety

    Product safety is important, both in the food industry and in the pharmaceutical industry. The details need to be taken into consideration, but a continued emphasis on production efficiency is key.

    Because of recent problems caused by products being contaminated by fumigants on pallets, many pharmaceutical companies have prohibited the use of wooden pallets in their production. They prescribe plastic pallets within the production area, but transport of raw materials from suppliers and distribution to end customers takes place on wooden pallets. Egemin Automation offers the solution to this with its automatic pallet exchange systems.

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