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Rotom optimizes your logistics thanks to a carefully selected range of logistical resources for transport and storage. Through one of our offices, Rotom provides any product or service at the right time and in the right location.


  • wooden pallets

    Rotom has more than 25 years of experience when it concerns wooden pallets. We sell 3 kinds of pallets: new wooden pallets, used wooden pallets and particle board (pressed) pallets. We always have a wide range of pallets available from stock.

  • plastic pallets

    Rotom can propose you a wide range of plastic pallets. The pallets can be used for export, internal storage, aircargo, displays, etc.
    We have a solution for all your needs because we have more than 100 types of plastic pallets that we can offer you.

  • collars

    Wooden or plastic collars offer you a flexible way of transporting your products in a safe and cost effective way. We can also produce custom made collars apart from the standard ones.
    These high quality products are always on stock.

  • rolcontainers

    Our rolcontainers can be used for all kinds of applications: distribution, security, hygiene, picking, fruit- and vegetable, textile, dairy products, frozen foods, furniture, plants,...
    We offer rolcontainers as well in sale as in rental.

  • storage systems

    We have the ideal solution for quick and/or seasonal storage capacity: Mobile Racks. We offer our Mobile Racks as well in sale as in rental.

  • plastic boxes

    We offer different kinds of plastic boxes for all applications thinkable. We have folding and stackable/nestable boxes, fixed and folding boxes with large capacity, boxes with/ or without lid. We can recommend our boxes for: distribution, pharmaceutical and hygienic issues, automotive, etc.

  • metal boxes

    Rotom offers all kinds of metal boxes and cages for the automotive industry and other applications. We offer fixed and foldable metal boxes and custom made to your needs.

  • internal transport

    We offer a wide range of dollies, warehouse trollies, pallettrucks, etc. for the internal transportation of your products

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