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Rite-Hite is the world leader in the manufacture, sale, and service of loading dock equipment, industrial doors, safety barriers, HVLS fans, industrial curtain walls, and more - all designed to improve safety, security, productivity, energy savings, and environmental control.
Our Values
• We exist through the consent of our customers.
• We value and respect each individual employee as a primary asset.
• We strive for truly great versus merely good performance.
• We will be guided by honesty in deed, word and relationship.


  • E-Clipse dockshelter


    Getting a good fit around all sides of the trailers that come to a loading dock can be a big challenge – until now. In a single piece of equipment, the Eclipse Dock Shelter provides a tight, consistent seal all the way up trailer sides, across the top, and at the corners. Working together, the Eclipse shelter and PitMaster leveler-sealing systems provide the industry’s only complete, four-sided seal at the loading dock.

    Sealing the Sides

    Durable GapMaster™ hooks wrap around swing-open trailer doors, sealing hinge gaps that amount to over two and a half square feet of open air if left unsealed.

    Sealing the Top

    Along the top of the trailer, an exclusive weighted head curtain applies over 100 pounds of pressure across the full width of the trailer top. This gravity-based system keeps the curtain in constant contact with the trailer during loading and unloading, ensuring a tight, consistent seal.

    Sealing the Corners

    The Eclipse side curtains and weighted header work together to seal gaps that ordinary shelters don’t address. Innovative fabric corner pockets connect sides to top, providing a dark, complete seal when trailers back into place.


  • XL3 Fans

    Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is a major challenge in larger buildings. We all know the problem: the higher the ceiling the more varies the temperature from floor to ceiling. XL3 Fans from RITE-HITE are the best solution to solve this problem.
    With their particularly large diameters, the fan blades can move more air at lower speed, circulating the air more effectively over large areas. Available in diameters up to 7320 mm, a single fan covers areas up to 26 m from its center. Fans will intake air above the blades and move it down to the floor conically. Maximum air speed will be created under the fan blades.

    Cooling effect: In summer, increasing the air speed from 0.9 to 1.35 m/s will lower the effective temperature and have a cooling effect of 4 to 6°C.
    Heating effect: In cooler months, XL3 Fans are operated at lower speeds to move the warm air trapped at the ceiling downward, mixing the room temperature and creating a consistent and comfortable floor-to-ceiling temperature.
    Benefits of XL3 Fans
    Better room conditions Consistent temperatures in work areas improve health and productivity of your personnel.
    Lower costs Reduced energy consumption of the fan and less heating costs in winter help your company to save money.
    More environment protection Reducing CO2 emissions by saving energy for HVAC with the XL3 Fan will make you contribute significantly to environmental protection.
    The XL3 Fan HV (High Volume) is available in diameters from 2440 to 7320 mm for larger buildings. The XL3 Fan SP (Style and Performance) with all the same benefits of the original HV fan is designed for smaller spaces where aesthetics are important.
    XL3 fans are ideal for warehouses, production facilities, gymnasiums, health clubs, stadiums, large retail stores, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, theaters and other large buildings.


  • Fastrax snelloopdeur

    What drives FasTrax to be so versatile? So durable? So reliable? An innovative Rite-Hite door technology that puts a totally new spin on flexibility, performance and uptime. Rite-Hite® FasTrax Doors also reduce maintenance costs and increase safety by offering “soft edge” technology and impactability. High performance, high speed doors are fast becoming the industry standard.

    FasTrax® Features and Benefits

    Simple Design - Designed around a single operational platform, these highly versatile doors can match virtually any interior, exterior, wash down, high wind, cooler or freezer high cycle application - reducing the complexity of maintaining multiple door models in one facility.
    Versatile track designs allow the door curtain to store in multiple track configurations, unique from other roll up doors, and will fit in almost any application with fewer costly building modifications.
    The industry's safest door with multiple safety features including the standard Soft-Edge™ Technology, thru beam photo eyes and optional motion detection make FasTrax an easy choice for safety.
    The industry's highest operating speeds with operating speeds up to 100" per second (2.5 m/sec), the fast cycle time maximizes productivity and energy savings.


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