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b.Alert delivers professional solutions for tracking and securing vehicles and load.

b.Alert is based on patented vibration technology.

Special applications are a anti-theft system for fuel and a management system for tires of trailers.


  • Quality tracking for a fair price

    b.Alert Connect protects your trailers and their cargo wherever they are.

    If your trailer is stationary, whether or not connected to the tractor, you will receive an alarm with every serious break-in attempt or when the trailer is unwantedly coupled or starts to drive.

    When your trailer is coupled and driving you know exactly where it is. In case of theft, you will quickly recover the trailer with cargo.

    However, b.Alert also helps you to manage your trailer park. Which trailer is true? How many kilometers was covered? How efficient is each trailer used? Online and for taking management decisions b.Alert provides the necessary information.

    Finally, b.Alert Connect easily integrates into planning and maintenance software such as TMS systems.

    Quality for a fair price.


  • Fuel protection

    Secures fuel tanks against fuel theft
    b.Alert Fuel is fitted near to the mouth of the tank and detects suspicious activity by detecting vibrations.

    Opening the lid, drilling holes, knocking etc. will all trigger an alarm.

    The default alarm consists of a loud sound and lights but a silent alarm sent to email/SMS is also available.

    A universal product
    b.Alert Fuel is universal and can be fitted to the fuel tanks of trucks, field machinery (agricultural, construction etc.) or to fixed storage tanks/bunded tanks.


  • The new generation of tyre management

    The newest technology makes it possible to determine, even driving, small losses if air in tyres.

    In this way preventive alarms are sent long before a problem occurs. Vehicles do not have to stop, interventions can be planned and tyres repaired instead of replaced.

    This technology also helps with tyre maintenance. Together with an efficient communication, the inflation and maintenance program is supported to get a maximum of efficiency with a minimum of work.

    Transport is expensive and every cost reduction is welcome. b.Alert TPMS V2 will reduce the maintenance work with more than 50% and deliver a cost reduction per vehicle upto 500,- €/year.

    b.Alert is independant and works with all brands. So, you will also be independant.


  • b.Alert Basic Plus

    b.Alert is an intelligent system
    B.Alert Basic plus will show you the place where a container is parked the moment it is parked and can send an alert the moment it moves. Only relevant information is reported.

    b.Alert protects your containers, waste containers, other assets and their contents
    With dynamic geo-fencing, you will get an email or text message the moment the asset is moved unexpectedly. "Hot tracking" makes it possible to track the stolen assets minute by minute and arrange an urgent interception.

    b.Alert is easy to install and easy to use
    b.Alert is an independent tracking unit. It can be fixed with magnets, adhesive or bolts. There is the choice of a long autonomy unit with fixed batteries requiring no maintenance during its life. Or there is a smaller unit, with changeable batteries. There is the choice of opening up the case to change the batteries or a separate battery block which is simply swapped with a new one.

    b.Alert helps with your billing
    If your assets are rented by the day or by the week, b.Alert can keep track of how long assets remained at certain places enabling you to bill your rental customers accurately. The system can also interface automatically to your billing systems. The time will be exact to the minute.

    A unit powered by batteries. High performance GPS so that the internal antenna can work with a covert installation. Different models with autonomy range of 3 months to maximum 7 years, depending on the configuration. Individually replaceable batteries / replaceable battery block / fully integrated lifetime use product.
    Fixing options are magnets, adhesive or bolts.
    ADR compatible options available.
    The communication is limited both while driving and when stationary, making it almost impossible to detect the unit from its transmissions.


  • b.Alert Machine

    Manage and protect a machine in the field
    b.Alert Machine tracks and traces your machines in the field, enabling easy arrangement of pick-ups, giving useful information for billing, and more.

    Alarms can be set for "improper" or suspicious use e.g. usage at weekends. If the unit is mounted on the fuel tank, then it can also detect fuel thefts.

    The unit detects very precisely the running time of the engine, critical to the maintenance planning of many machines used in agriculture, construction and other field activities.

    Fixing options are magnets, adhesive or bolts.

    Power is supplied from the machine's battery (12V or 24V). There is also an an internal battery in case of tampering.

    There are 2 versions available: an ABS case or a polyurethane moulded block.


  • Intelligent tracking and securing (direct and indirect)

    Tracking, security and control are best done as automatically as possible. Every human intervention is a risk.

    In addition to the standard tracking b.Alert offers indirect tracking with RFID tags or with active tags, which can also follow temperatures.

    Together with the necessary intelligence solutions are developed whereby loads are followed, doors can only be opened under certain circumstances, in the vicinity of certain people, in certain places, ...

    The combination of tags, people and tracking ensure that various actions are automatically logged. For example: when maintenance was done.

    A mass of assets such as waste containers can thus be followed cost-effectively.

    The applications are infinite.


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