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Economical strapping of pallets in upright position, without bending down and without walking around the pallet

Wether large, small, wide or high: ErgoPack strap the packaging absolutely securely and reliably. Nothing wobbles or slides around, nothing falls to pieces. With ErgoPack you make the greatest possible contribution towards safety in the transport of package goods and pallets.
The system with the patented Chainlance is absolutely ingenious: The Chainlance slides under the packaged goods carrying the strap with it, and feeds it back to the operator. The operator has only to take the strap and fit the closure device, and the strap is then automatically tensioned and welded - finished.


  • ErgoPack E-conomy Line 713E, 726E, 745E

    Ergonomical pallet strapping system with electrical drive.

    Strapping without bending, comfortable in an upright position with ideal working height. The pallet can be strapped comfortable by one person from one side. This works length- and crosswise the pallet. Floor clearance requested is only 8 cm (special design possible from 5,0 cm floor clearance on).

    Central power supply with battery for strapping machine and sealing head. With the novel aluminum keypad, optimal setting of tension force and welding time possible. The display shows you at any time the set tension force and the welding time. So you are mobile and always and everywhere on standby.

    - 712E / 725E / 740E with electrical drive via joystick
    - for PP-, PET Straps
    - with sealing head (tension force 1200N / 2500N / 4000N)
    and Tool-Lift

  • Plastic Straps - PP and PET

    Plastic Strap for ErgoPack 600, 600E, 700, 700E - 740E

  • Mobile Overheight Module for pallets up to a height of 3,0m

    This additional device enables the strapping of pallets up to 3.00 m in height. It is also ideally suitable for the reliable and careful strapping of projecting packages or pallets containing sensitive goods (such as painted surfaces).
    Attachment to the ErgoPack by detachable quick-connection which can be detached from the ErgoPack in 30 sec. - preserving your maximum flexibility.

    - This module is perfectly suitable for re-fitting the already existent 700 models.
    - Quickly detachable
    - Made to measure (passend auf Ihre Gegebenheiten)
    - for PP- PET- Straps

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