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The Pack bvba

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The pack has over 17 years of experience in packing of dangerous goods and tailored solutions for all your packiging problems.

We are specialized in all packing equipment and accessories. As well as packing and repacking your dangerous goods in our warehouse or yours.

Next to providing 4G en 4GV cardboard boxes for transport of dangerous goods we look for solutions for any packaging problems. (not only for dangerous goods). The latest product we have designed is our Flexbox. This, in frames buildable, cardboard box is the ecological replacement for wooden palletboxes.

The last service we provide is building tailored wooden boxes for transport of all heavy goods in our own sawmill. This we can also do at your warehouse.


  • UN-certified cardboard boxes for transport of dangerous goods

    The pack produces 4G and 4GV boxes for transport of dangerous goods.

    4G = tailored boxes that, after the necessary tests, exactly fit your dangerous goods inner packagings.
    4GV = These boxes are tested with glass inner. This makes the box multifunctional and can be used for packing and transportation off almost all dangerous goods.

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