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Logi-signs, operates in three European countries (Belgium, Netherlands and UK), is specialized in the printing of BARCODES on all kinds of materials such as PE, vinyl, polyester, retro-reflective and even magnet. These BARCODE- and LOCATIONLABELS are used in a thoughtful signaling of warehouses and stores.
Furthermore, Logi-Signs is known for its expertise in BULKLOCATIONSYSTEMS. Besides floorlabels, for bulk it’s possible to work at height if using a simple grid. There is an unlimited selection of colors, shapes and materials for your location- and aisle signs. Lines can be conducted both indoors and outdoors, in paint or tape. Logi-Signs also provides icons, safety signage and safety protection for walls and corners. Logi-Signs is available to every customer to provide personalized advice. Its own installation team ensures safe and correct installation.
Using these logistic applications and signaling Logi-Signs guarantees its customers greater time saving and more efficiency.

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