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Stow is one of the leading suppliers of storage solutions. Our core activity is the development and manufacturing of top-quality racking systems for the storage of palletised or small goods and longer items, as well as mezzanine structures.
We aim to supply added value in warehouse racking and shelving. Over the past 35 years, we have focused on high quality yet affordable equipment, and flexible system solutions.
Stow is an international company with three production plants, affiliated companies and an extensive distributor network.
As part of the Averys Group, we are able to provide solutions for your needs in more than 30 countries – with the know-how of over 600 employees worldwide and customised, creative engineering.


  • Stow pallet racking

    When it comes to maximizing your warehouse space, Stow supplies you with a pallet racking system that guarantees easy and quick installation.
    Our heavy duty pallet storage system Pal Rack® consists of components and accessories to fulfil all your needs. Goods of all sizes and weights can be safely stored with our innovative pallet racking system.

  • Stow Atlas pallet shuttle system

    The pallet shuttle system from Stow, Stow Atlas®, is a deep lane storage and retrieval system. It is a carrier used to move pallets within a specifically designed racking structure, thus optimizing the storage capacity.
    The pallet shuttle system consists in a specific rack and a mobile shuttle. This shuttle is a self-powered device that runs on rails in the storage lanes for the loading and unloading of pallets. It is transported to its location at the front or the back of a lane (in case of open back side) by a standard forklift. Once at its home position, the shuttle performs the loading and unloading tasks without any human intervention.

  • Stow Mobile pallet racking system

    Stow Mobile is a high-density storage system designed to install pallet racking onto automated mobile carriages, allowing opening and closing of the aisles. Conventional static racking requires fixed aisles between racks, causing quite some redundant space. A mobile racking system is very efficient and only needs one aisle, creating a much higher warehouse industrial storage capacity. Where compact storage is required whilst keeping a high degree of accessibility to the stored products, mobile racking may be the best solution.

  • Stow Drive-in racking systems

    The Stow Drive-in racks are designed for storing large quantities of similar pallets and increase the storage space utilization compared to conventional pallet racking systems. This is achieved by eliminating picking aisles. The system provides safe block stacking for goods, that are too fragile to be stacked one on top of the other.
    Stow’s Pal Rack system is particularly suitable to build drive-in installations. The upright widths of up to 140mm allow Stow to build very high installations.

  • Stowshelf shelving system

    Are you trying to find the perfect storage solution? The Stowshelf® shelving system can be applied in any environment, from offices to industrial warehousing. It is designed for light to medium heavy loads of up to 230 kg / shelf by virtue of its built-in box beam design. Multitier installations are also available as the frame can take loads of up to 4000 kg.

  • Midi Rack long span racking

    The fully adjustable Midi Rack® longspan racking system is designed for storage of light to medium loads. It lends itself to use in almost any situation: shelving racking, long span racking, multitier and high rise constructions. The system offers the benefits of quick assembly, good stability and low cost.

  • Mezza-Stow flooring systems

    Stow’s Mezza-Stow® mezzanine flooring system has been developed for the construction of system floors. Unlike other systems, it can be easily expanded, moved or modified. Combined with a full range of accessories, such as staircases, handrails and safety gates, you can use these mezzanine floors in almost any situation. Multitier flooring systems and pallet racking systems can be combined with mezzanine flooring.

Product news

  • Biggest Stow Atlas installation yet

    Recently Stow Poland built a satellite racking system at Dawtona, Poland’s market leader in the food processing sector.
    The Stow Atlas installation has been designed to store up to 7000 euro pallets weighing 1150 kg or 5500 industrial pallets of 1350 kg each.

  • Stow builds highest automated deepfreeze warehouse for Crop's

    Crop's is going to build a new deepfreeze warehouse at their production site in Ooigem. The clad rack construction will be 41 metres high, making it the highest in the Benelux.

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