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Boplan - The Ultimate Safety Materials Manufacturer

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BOPLAN designs, develops and manufactures durable and extremely effective safety barriers for demanding environments. The focus is on the protection of people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure. We only use high-quality and extremely strong plastics, so the features of traditional raw materials become meaningless.

BOPLAN modular systems are the most innovative available on the market and are used to secure industrial buildings, warehouses, production halls, airports, drilling platforms and (petro)chemical sites. We offer a solution for any specific application.

Thanks to our passion for quality and sense of innovation, we have become one of the sector’s leading companies. All products and systems are manufactured in Belgium highest standards.


  • FLEX IMPACT® - The original Polymer flexible barrier system.

    FLEX IMPACT® has been specially developed to create a safe (working) environment in an economical manner. To ensure perfect protection of people, machinery, tools, goods, buildings and infrastructure in places where forklift trucks, carriages or other vehicles are used. After all, machine downtime or repairs after collision still result in excessive and unreasonable costs. Moreover, there are also the adverse effects in the event of human injury. Therefore, the FLEX IMPACT system has been tested extensively to comply with the strictest safety standards. FLEX IMPACT has been developed totally modularly so the separate highly valued.

  • AXES GATE - Fall protection for ladderway openings and platforms.

    The AXES GATE was developed as fall protection for ladders with safety cages and work platforms. The gate prevents you from stepping or falling directly out of an opening. The gate shuts automatically and is manufactured entirely from plastic.
    When working at considerable heights or in hostile environments optimal fall protection is vitally important. The openings of ladders with safety cages and access to machines and work platforms must always be safely screened off. With the AXES GATE nothing is left to chance. Our gates shut automatically, which means that the negligence factor is also eliminated. What's more they are made from plastic, which makes them highly suitable for applications in extremely salty environments such as on drilling platforms or in the vicinity of corrosive chemicals.

    Boplan AXES GATES are manufactured from high quality, reinforced plastic using unique technology. It makes them exceptionally light and extremely impact resistant. The absence of sliding bearings or electrical driving mechanisms ensures unprecedented durability and performance reliability. Rust or corrosion does not affect the plastic or the stainless steel mounts, which means that no weak areas appear over time. The AXES GATE can be used in the most diverse situations where reliable fall protection is a top priority. To optimally satisfy the requirements of the environment, of the job and of the working conditions, the AXES GATE is available in diverse dimensions, versions and opening directions. The systems are delivered fully assembled.

  • XTRA GRIP - Anti-Slip system designed to eliminate slip hazards.

    Skid and fall: it seems trivial but it still is the second largest cause of accidents in work places and public areas. The consequences reach from freight and embarrassement to serious injuries. XTRA GRIP strongly reduces skidding hazards in all possible risk situations near staircases, ladders, platforms, aisles, loading docks, passages, working platforms, access slipways, industrial flooring, etc. XTRA GRIP is a high-technological multilayer sheets made of strong plastic with lined non-skid particles that do not loosen when being driven on and that also remain their safe and reliable function when wet. XTRA GRIP is a durable, high-impact and maintenance-free sheet that excludes any kind of skidding.

  • LINE PLAN - Indestructible floor markings with an undeniably professional look

    LINE PLAN offers a superior system for floor markings, line markings and pictograms that spectacularly surpasses all other marking systems on the market.

  • Rack protection for an optimum in warehouse protection

    Rack protectors will not only save you from considerable warehouse damage, they will also help you prevent human suffering. Crashes between racking and forklifts are among the most common workplace accidents in warehouses. Warehouse operatives are often under severe time constraints and often have to manoeuvre quickly in a relatively small space. A crash against a rack is therefore an accident waiting to happen. Almost every time, these types of crashes lead to material damages with costs going through the roof, all because of rack collapse, often even aggravated due to an uncontrollable domino effect. In addition, this almost always causes life-threatening situations for the forklift driver as well as the other staff that happen to be in the warehouse at that time.

    Prevent workplace accidents with solid rack protection

    By installing Rack Protectors from Boplan’s FLEX IMPACT® family, you can almost entirely eliminate the chances of this type of disaster scenario. This impact-resistant series of materials for rack protection is extraordinarily energy-absorbing and flexible. After a crash, the rack protection will return to its original shape and retains its external appearance and properties, whilst leaving your racking intact.

  • Column & Corner Protectors - The best collective protection for load-bearing pillars and columns

    You can find the best protection for load-bearing pillars and columns in Boplan’s FLEX IMPACT® series. Our systems for column protection can be deployed as protection for collisions with walls, corners, machines, load-bearing pillars and columns, both inside factories and warehouses and outdoors. After all, collisions can endanger the long-term stability of your building’s entire construction. But also the unappealing sight of damaged concrete, walls and infrastructure after multiple collisions are a poor testimony to your company's professionalism. Our column protectors make that problem a thing of the past.

    Pillar protection with a large capacity for compression

    Our systems for pillar or column protection have a large capacity for compression. This is why our pillar protection can meet and absorb collision impact perfectly, safeguarding the pillar from structural damage. For smaller, non load-bearing pillars or columns, we recommend our more discreet corner protection.

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