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Dalosy delivers mobile solutions for the optimization of your logistics processes. We offer a total package including software, wireless and hardware such as barcode scanners, RFID readers, mobile computers, rugged tablets, and (label) printers. Our software team develops native apps that meet exactly with your requirements and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. Furthermore, we offer maintenance and support on all our hardware and software. We have several maintenance plans, so you can choose which service level fits the best with your organization.


  • The innovative Zebra TC8000

    In the beginning of this year, Zebra introduced the TC8000. This innovative handheld terminal with a revolutionary design has been designed for a single purpose: increase the productivitiy of users with 14 percent! The TC8000 is light-weighted (33% lighter) to minimize fatigue. In addition, it contains a new scan angle which eliminates the constant tilting that traditional designs require to view the screen and reduces the wrist motion with 55%.

    With the TC8000, workers can choose how they want to scan: point to scan, or with Zebra's groundbreaking proximity scanning feature—an industry first in a handheld rugged mobile device—workers can wear the TC8000 in a hip holster or on a shoulder strap, or place it in a cart mount or desktop mount and simply pass items in front of the TC8000 for more comfort and productivity!


  • RFID

    Would you like to make use of RFID and go ahead in buying an RFID scanner? Than Dalosy is the right firm for you! Dalosy offers RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions to increase the efficiency in your shop, warehouse or port.


  • Voice

    Top-performing voice recognition technology solutions to increase the productivity of your workers with voicepicking. Voice technology solutions are perfect for environments where the worker needs to have his hands free and no distraction to do his job.

    Voice picking allows the order picker to work with their hands and eyes free, which means he can perform his duties easily, safely and with full concentration. The biggest advantage of voice solutions is the extremely high picking accuracy rate (up to 99.9%) which leads to less mistakes, lower costs and a higher reliability of delivery. Our voice technology is also easy to implement, very user friendly and easy to learn. This results in a reduction of the training period (for new employees) by 75%.


  • Wireless Network

    A reliable and secure wireless network, also called WLAN, is essential when implementing mobile solutions into your organization. Dalosy is specialized in installing and managing WLANs. By taking a WiFi Site Survey, we make sure you have maximum coverage for maximum productivity.


  • Mobile Printers

    Increase the productivity and accuracy with our wireless mobile printers. Using a mobile printer can cause a great improvement in efficiency due to the possibility to print at any given moment at any given location.

    A mobile printer is perfect for users that are constantly on the go and en route have the need to print barcode labels, receipts, proof of repair, or tickets. Through a (wireless) network, Bluetooth, or a cable, connection is easily made with your handheld terminal, smartphone, tablet, or computer. A mobile printer is compact, lightweight and thereby easy to take along. Some mobile printers are so small, they can fit in your pants pocket!


  • Mobile Computers

    Look up, add and adjust realtime data to increase the efficiency and productivity of your workers. To guarantee high quality products, we only offer mobile computers from the best producers such as Honeywell, Panasonic, Datalogic and Zebra Technologies.


  • Barcode Scanners

    A broad range of the best barcode scanners. Choose the barcode scanner that fits the best with your organization and Dalosy takes care of the rest. Along with the barcode scanners we can offer you repair & support services.


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