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Coor Industrial Services

Coor Industrial Services

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Coor Industrial Services is one of Sweden's leading players with long experience and expertise tailored for the industry. We develop and deliver equipment for customers' production in order to achieve safe and efficient production.


  • Equipment for testing

    Jernbro develops IPV (in process verification) and EOL (end of line) stations and facilities. Our concept discovers potential faults early in the production process. This means that problems can be rectified quickly so costs associated with quality and guarantee issues can be slashed.

    IPV – efficient quality assurance throughout the process

    Discovering quality flaws late in the production process or, in the worst case, faulty products reaching the customer, is costly for all parties. IPV is a quality-assurance method that repeatedly tests products throughout the manufacturing process so faults can be discovered early.

    Continuous testing during production

    The IPV concept is founded on a number of stations for continuous testing. The data processing method used is known as signature analysis. This means that the station registers stages, leaks or sounds that are then presented in the form of a curve – a signature – and compared to a predetermined ideal curve. In this way, it's possible to quality-assure products during the production process and fine-tune individual products.

    Jernbro IPV improves quality and cuts costs

    Using IPV, some customers have increased the number of faults identified during production by as much as 600%. This means they can monitor the production process with high precision, improve product quality and slash the costs associated with guarantee issues. IPV also cuts lead-times and generates significant environmental benefits by reducing emissions of pollutants such as nitric oxides.

    Jernbro IPV generates financial and environmental benefits

    IPV stations are currently used for processes including testing internal combustion engines during assembly, a process known as cold testing. This minimizes the need for warm testing, which generates financial and environmental benefits in production. This can cut emissions of nitric oxides and other hazardous substances by up to 90%. In the automotive industry, IPV systems can also be used in the production of equipment such as driveshafts and gearboxes.

    Advantages of Jernbro IPV concept
    •Ensures high-precision monitoring and analysis of key functions, mainly in engine assembly.
    •Quality control during the production process, plus the facility to fine-tune individual products.
    •Shorter lead-times and reduced maintenance costs.
    •Improved quality and fewer guarantee issues.
    •Significant environmental benefits through reduced emissions of nitric oxide and other hazardous substances.

    In process verification and end of line:
    •TDC/piston protrusion
    •WEST—hot snap/cold test EOL
    •Leak test
    •End of line final test, engine testing
    •Force/distance pressing
    •Engine testing equipment
    •Online systems for monitoring

  • AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles

    Our wide range of AGV solutions streamline assembly and handling systems for your process. We have since year 2000 delivered more than 600 AGVs worldwide. We deliver everything from a simple manually operated carrier to advanced systems that can handle hundreds of AGVs in various systems.

    High reliability and efficient production
    With our modular AGV system you get a flexible equipment with high reliability that makes your operations more efficient and increase profitability. Our control system can communicate with machines, systems for material handling and quality assurance, and it is easy and quick to install.

    Our AGV-systems provide improved ergonomics and increased profitability
    The AGV-system provides a safe and ergonomic work environment. It takes into account the environment which provides safe and effective unmanned transportation.

  • Gantry Robots

    Jernbro designs gantry / gantry robots with any number of controlled axles.
    The gantries are adapted to handle both light and heavy loads with hign positioning accuracy.
    Our standard control system is Siemens NC, but other brands are of course available.
    The gantries are used primarily to serve CNC machines and can do everything a conventional robot can do, but in advantage servicing a bigger area.

    Example of delivery:
    Gantry robot for loading CNC machines and washing machines.
    Accuracy better than 0.2 mm in all positions.
    Handled load: 350 kg.
    Travel length X-axis of 22 meters, Lift Z-axis 2 meters, Rotation C-axis 180 degrees, Tilt B-axis 360 degrees.

    Our machine systems are CE-marked, operate safely at all times and meet or exceed the requirements of the European Machinery Directive.

    Don´t hesitate to contact us to find out more how we can solve your handling issue with a gantry.

  • Conveyors

    Jernbro supplies automatic conveyor systems for various production and handling processes. Customers are offered a turnkey solution with all the necessary peripherals such as handling equipment, safety and communication interfaces.
    Our design team has extensive knowledge and long experience of conveyor systems with customized solutions according to specific customer demands.
    Jernbro has roller conveyors, pallet conveyors, straight lined and curved, as well as conveyors for In-floor installation.
    In addition we provide turntables, shuttles, lifts, product guiding and collecting of liquids and debris / chips, all to suit different products, layouts and environments.
    Our conveyors are available in aluminium and powder coated steel versions to transport everything from products with sensitive surfaces to big and heavy products. Products are named Precision Roller Conveyors and Heavy Duty Conveyors.
    The conveyors come with section drive and accumulating variant for buffering.

    All our conveyors are based on standard concepts, providing high reliability and low maintenance needs.

    Conveyor systems are CE-marked, operate safely at all times and meet or exceed the requirements of the European Machinery Directive.

  • Robot Systems

    Jernbro develops and delivers robot systems for process, assembly, gluing, deburring, inspection, testing and verification etc. Customers are offered a turn-key solution with all the necessary peripherals such as handling, security and communication interfaces.

    Our engineers have extensive knowledge and long experience in designing robotic systems with customized solutions according to specific customer requirements.
    Jernbro uses a standard concept for the robotic system with an open architecture where the PLC is the master in the system and all other equipment such as robots, vision systems and other equipment are controlled as underlying devices from the HMI and PLC.
    We place great emphasis on ease of use, reliability and maintainability.
    Jernbro is working with the market’s most common controllers such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, Bosch and Mitsubishi, to provide the precise solution that suits the customer.

    We offer high-performing, cost-effective robotic solutions.

    Our machine systems are CE-marked, operate safely at all times and meet or exceed the requirements of the European Machinery Directive.

  • MGV - Manually Guided Vehicles

    Jernbro supply carriers that are manually run via a joystick. The picture shows model TC70, with a load capacity of 2 tons.

    We manufacture MGVs according to our customer’s special need and requirements.
    Load capacity can be from under a kilo and upwards.

    Don´t hesitate to contact us for more information.

  • The Multipurpose AGV TC55

    Let us present our transport AGV - TC55.
    There are various areas of possible use because units for transport, handling and assembly can be applied on top.
    TC55 has its origin from our well proven models with high reliability, but give a great number of other opportunities.
    Its PLC-based system has possibilities to communicate with systems for material handling, assembly and machines.
    Custom made systems including large number of AGVs can be made for Stop and Go-functionality or continuous motion.
    TC55 can also be delivered as a stand- alone manual carrier controlled via joystick and no communication system.

    Speed up to 1 m/s
    Maximum load: 700 kg
    Power supply: Batteries with floor charging device

    Why use the AGV TC55?
    It is reliable and has high availability
    A flexible system that can be easily changed for the future.
    Saves costs for material handling.

    Our AGVs are CE-marked, operate safely at all times and meet or exceed the requirements of the European Machinery Directive.

    Don´t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Product news

  • Coor Industrial Services receives Quality Award "Volvo Cars Quality Excellence Award"

    Coor Industrial Services has been awarded the prestigious VQE Award - Volvo Quality Excellence Award - Volvo Cars for the delivery of a new production line at the Volvo Cars factory in Torslanda, Sweden. To earn this award requires a well-executed project with a high quality product delivered on time. The award was presented during a ceremony at the Volvo Cars on November 27, 2014.

    The equipment has been delivered from Coor Industrial Services unit Automation in Skovde, a device with substantial experience and expertise adapted for the manufacturing industry. To earn this award requires a well-executed project with a high quality product delivered on time. In addition, there are criteria that must be fulfilled in several areas, such as sustainability, finance, suppliers, quality management and after-sales strategy.

    - We are very pleased with the award. It gives us proof that we deliver what we promise and proof that we are among the best in the industry. Our cooperation with Volvo Cars is developing and innovative, and we attach great importance to acting professionally and listen to customer requirements to meet and certainly exceed customer expectations, "says Patrik Sahlberg, Director of Automation in Skovde.
    The award was presented during a ceremony at the Volvo Cars November 27, 2014 where Patrik Sahlberg and project leader Fredrik Carlsson received the award.

    Coor Industrial Services has supplied automation solutions for the safe and efficient production at several customers for many years. Main application areas are in final assembly, handling and processing. In deliveries prioritized high availability, quality and maintainability.

    Caption: "Patrik Sahlberg and Fredrik Carlsson Coor Industriservice, third and fourth from the right in the picture, has just received VQE Award of representatives from Volvo Cars."

    Coor Industrial Services
    Coor Industrial Services is one of Sweden's leading players, with extensive experience and expertise tailored for the industry. We develop and deliver services and solutions for the safe and efficient production.

    Our service areas:
    Industrial Maintenance, Strategic Production, Cleaning and Waste Management, Manufacturing and Project & Logistics

    Coor Industrial Services take more responsibility for their activities in relation to the company's customers, but also in relation to employees, suppliers, environment and society at large. Coor Industrial Services has a turnover of SEK 1.4 billion and our 1,000 talented employees are from Söderhamn in the north to Helsingborg in the south. Our clients include numerous companies mainly in the Nordic countries, but Coor Industrial Services involvement of customers in Europe, Asia, USA, Canada and Brazil.

  • Coor Industrial Services - now an independent company

    From June 16, 2015, Coor Industrial Services operate as an independent portfolio company with Cinven as owner.

    On May 22, Coor and Cinven announced via a press release the decision to separate the industrial services division and the facility management (FM) division, and to prepare for an IPO of Coor’s FM division. Assessment made was that both the FM business and industrial services business will perform better as two different companies. The decision is enforced today in connection with the listing of the FM-business on Nasdaq Stockholm.

    - Our opportunity to develop our business and organization even faster will increase as an independent company focused on industrial services. Our goal is to be the leading actor in our industry, and we will continue to work to ensure safe and efficient production for our customers, says Per-Arne Forssander, President of Coor Industrial Services.

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