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We are the world leader in X-ray analysis systems – with the world's largest installed base, an extensive product range and an unrivaled sales and service network.

As such, we are able to offer you cutting-edge and comprehensive insight, knowledge and tools as you strive to improve process and quality control and to improve materials research. And in this way, as your partner, we can do much to bring about a healthier and safer world and a better life for all.
Science for the real world

PANalytical was founded half a century ago as part of the Philips organization. We quickly gained a growing reputation for utilizing highly scientific X-ray analysis technology in order to add proven and demonstrable added value for customers in science and industry.

The process of harnessing science to real world needs is central to our activities, and is achieved by working closely together with scientists and professionals in research and industrial laboratories.

This open and interactive approach of 'Winning by Sharing' gives us a unique ability to anticipate and respond to the constantly changing demands of society.
Better lives, worldwide

Consequently, we see our X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction systems being used in more and more industries – in order to deliver ever-improving levels of accuracy and efficiency.

Together with our customers around the world, we are contributing greatly towards the drive for better housing, safer cars and airplanes, more effective medical therapies, easier and cheaper communications, and a healthier environment. Every day, billions of people use an incredible range of products that have been improved with the help of materials characterization through X-ray analysis.

In 2002, we were incorporated into Spectris as one of their autonomous operating businesses. Our core values remained unchanged, and we continue to be committed to leadership and innovation, customer satisfaction, safety, environmental health, ethical standards, integrity, fairness, trust and mutual respect.


  • Zetium

    X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) is capable of elemental analysis of a wide range of materials, including solids, liquids and loose powders. Designed to meet the most demanding process control and R&D applications, the Zetium spectrometer leads the market in high-quality design and innovative features for sub ppm to percentage analysis of Be to Am.

    Building on years of experience and success with our extensive analytical X-ray portfolio, Zetium represents a revolutionary step in materials analysis. The platform embodies SumXcore technology – an integration of WDXRF, EDXRF and XRD. This unique combination of possibilities puts Zetium in a class of its own with respect to analytical power, speed and task flexibility in multiple environments.

  • Epsilon 1

    Small and powerful

    Epsilon 1 is a fully integrated energy dispersive XRF analyzer consisting of a spectrometer, built-in computer and touch screen, offering dedicated application solutions.
    The system is pre-calibrated and is an out-of-the-box solution with guaranteed performance. Epsilon 1 produces fast, cost-effective, precise and accurate data with minimal operator dependence and sample preparation. The total running cost is therefore relatively low at about only €1 per sample. This is far less than techniques such as AAS, ICP and wet chemical methods that are costly and also require a dedicated skilled operator.

    Epsilon 1 is built for specific markets requiring cost-effective analytical solutions often for a limited number of elements. Dedicated solutions are available for specific analytical needs:
    • sulfur in fuels in compliance with ASTM D4294 and ISO 20847
    • additives in lubricating oils in compliance with ASTM D6481
    • milk powder
    • research and education
    • mining.

  • Epsilon 3

    Epsilon 3XLE is a benchtop energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer that is used for elemental analysis from carbon (C) to americium (Am) in areas from R&D through to process control. Easy to operate, reliable and highly flexible, it is ideally suited to a broad range of industries and applications. The instrument is powered by the latest advances in excitation and detection technology, delivering excellent analytical performance. The SDDUltra silicon drift detector fitted in Epsilon 3XLE enables ultra light element analysis of even carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.

  • Eagon 2

    Eagon 2
    Safe and simple fused bead preparation system for XRF analysis

    Eagon 2, an XRF furnace fusion system, features simple push-button control over the complete fused bead preparation process, including: fusion temperature and time, oxidation steps – with up to 3 different pre-fusion temperatures, mixing and cooling. The result is the perfect fused bead sample, every time.

  • Empyrean

    The multipurpose solution for your analytical needs

    With the Empyrean, PANalytical has set the new standard for a multipurpose diffractometer. In developing the ultimate X-ray platform for the analysis of powders, thin films, nanomaterials and solid objects, the PANalytical R&D team has redesigned all key components of the X-ray diffractometer from the ground up.

    It is PANalytical's answer to the challenges of modern materials research, where the lifetime of a diffractometer is considerably longer than the horizon of any research project.

  • OBLF QSG-750-II

    QSG 750-II
    The ultimate analytical tool

    The QSG 750 spark emission spectrometer can also be called OBLF’s flagship model. This single- or multi-matrix model is ideal for all applications demanding the lowest possible detection limits, the highest degree of reproducibility and additional metallurgical information about the analyte.

  • CNA Pentos-Cement

    Real-time process control for the cement industry

    The CNA Pentos-Cement is the fifth generation of the world’s most advanced online elemental analyzer. Like its predecessors, it is based on the Sodern neutron technology, pulsed fast and thermal neutron activation (PFTNA). The Pentos is the latest release of the CNA and reflects the continuous product improvement efforts of both Sodern and PANalytical:
    • CNA Manager – a new user interface
    • Belt load flexibility
    • Calibration flexibility
    • Improved reliability
    • Improved detector design
    • Improved neutron flux regulation
    • Enhanced maintenance tools

    The CNA Pentos provides high-frequency analysis of the bulk of the raw material. The net result is stable and on-target kiln feed which promotes efficiency and stability throughout the rest of the process. The high-frequency control is accomplished without the need for costly sampling equipment and laboratory staffing.

  • CNA3

    A rugged, simple and versatile solution to your process control needs

    CNA³ is one of the latest generation of the CNA family. It has been entirely redesigned to be suitable for tough environments such as underground mines, but still features the cutting-edge Sodern neutron technology with unmatched lifetime and neutron output stability (PFTNA).

    CNA³ provides high-frequency elemental analysis of the bulk material on the belt. No sampling is required as material is measured in real time on the conveyor belt.

    This compact and rugged design is completely underneath the belt -- variation of belt load and particle size common in the mining industry doesn’t affect the performance of the system. This is a key design feature to provide stability and representativeness for an efficient process control.

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