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FrontWay AB

FrontWay AB

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FrontWay is a company providing products and services based on process- and production simulation. We have our own products and we have been in operation 11 years. Most of our customers are heavy process industries, like pulp-, paper and steel.


  • PaperFront

    Typical users are

    The production and maintenance departments who need to optimize the energy consumption for the next years production budget.
    The trouble shooter, who wants to understand the water/fibre/filler flows and energy flows.
    The engineering company who needs to do material and energy balances, both at steady and dynamic states.
    The quotation department.

    PaperFront® is a library of blocks that in detail describes the infrastructure of pulp and papermill. This means pumps, chests and towers, mixing and splitting functions, and input/output of material. All unit operations in a paper and/or pulp mill is available. all in the one system.

    The PaperFront® describes the process in a flexible and unique way, where quality and quantitative components are handled in the same stream flow. Both material and energy balance are handled in the same balance.

    The PaperFront® is a user friendly tool which allows the user to enter his/her own functions based on graphs/tables or mathematics.

    The PaperFront® handles the most common flow, mass, temp and pressure units that are used all over the globe.

  • BenchFront


    BenchFront® finds your financial, marketing and production bottlenecks. BenchFront®
    identifies where you have weakness and your potential analysis.

    The target is not be perfect in the analysis, but to be “good enough” for a reasonable cost, so that this can be repeated on yearly basis.

    BenchFront® is the “top”-product of FrontWay, where you can easy see and compare all results from different simulation runs.

    BenchFront® – manage

    Pre/post-production calculation
    Power/Energy benchmark
    Machine investments
    Geographic optimization
    Several production units
    Break, stop, startup issues

  • PumpFront

    pump_graphThis is an effective add to our PaperFront® and ProcessFront applications.
    Some significant features.

    Compare different runs.
    Compatible with the Swedish energy council template for LCC-calculations.
    Scan Your old or new pump curve with an ease.
    Make the comparision and save money.
    Extremely easy to use.
    Can be used for any liquid material flow including the difficult pulp suspensions.
    High quality Scandinavian design.
    Despite the name, PumpFront can be used for other equipment than pumps. Actually all circulating power consuming units, like rolls or rotating screens.

  • ProcessFront

    Based on the ProcessFront, You can simulate and evaluate Your operations within:

    - Steel/iron handling and tempering.
    - Large scale pump and pipe systems in heating plants.
    - Chemical operations and flows, up to 100 components.

    Scenariohandling and control systems setups can be studied in advance to provide quick startups.

    The FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and SAT (Site Acceptance Test), is to be done within the ProcessFront.

    Linking to other systems, like maintenance and quotation systems has been done and is proven as a well working concept.

    The ProcessFront works in both continuous and discrete event simulation setup.

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