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Intab Interface-Teknik AB

Intab Interface-Teknik AB

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Intab • Manufacturer and provides complete data loggers
and measurement instruments for analysis by computer.
With more than 35 years’ experience we can help you with
professional advice, training and calibration. Our technical
expertise and range of measuring instruments loggers,
remote sensors, alarm and metering makes it easy to tailor
professional solutions for all users.


  • Intab Flexible System

    Intab Flexible System is a versatile, powerful and cost effective system with up to 64 channels. The channels handle analog and digital signals with high resolution and speed. Despite high performance and high connectivity, the system is easy to configure and use.

  • Network logger

    Small powerful networked measuring devices with display. Several different models with or without display are available. Integrated network connector makes it very easy to install. Ideal for monitoring in warehouses, server rooms, classrooms, offices and more.

    Measurement data is transmitted in real time over your local network. Measurement data can be handled through a web interface, via the loggers IP address or in the software EasyView.

  • EasyView

    EasyView has passed from being a pure graphing tool for our line of PC-loggers into a full-blown data analysisEasyView and computational tool for all sorts of data. Its connectivity and intuitive user interface are immensely appreciated by its users. EasyView is unique. There is nothing like it on the market!

  • MSR

    Intab's MSR is a small powerful data logger with USB connection.
    It is started and stopped with a push-button. In order to save memory, this small logger can be set to only record values above or below a certain level.

  • Intab Wireless System

    Intab Wireless System is a competent and easy-to-use data logger system. The system reliability of these instruments is extremely good. The coverage is excellent even in inaccessible areas. The sensors also have internal batteries for operation. Can it get any better?

  • Tinytag

    Measuring has never been easier. Tinytags are small data loggers which over time record either temperature, relative humidity, voltage, current, shock, vibration, carbon dioxide, pressure or pulse. Some models are available with two measurement points (channels).

  • ComfortLog

    ComfortLog is an innovation in measurement techniques. This wireless datalogger is unique because there is no need to connect a computer to fetch data. It automatically, using GPRS techniques, transmits data to a server.

  • PC-logger

    High precision data logger with 8, 16 or 24 analog channels. Advanced technology together with low power makes the logger perfect for all types measurements. Several options for even more flexibility are available.

Product news

  • Tinytag Ultra - external temperature probe

    Tinytag Ultra 2 with an external temperature probe.

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